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Active Sports Bra


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  1. 75 KK-KK ... (34 :17-:17)

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    I wanted to wear this a bit before I wrote review.

    For reference my UK size is about 34J/JJ. I have short, narrow roots, low set. very projected needing immediate projection.

    I've not worked out in it but I wore it while painting a room in the house" alt=":P" /> For reference, I've never had a sports bra and the only one I've tried before is Bravissimo Apollo which was the opposite of this one.

    It's still a bit bouncy like when I walk but it's not really a bother for me, I don't do intense work outs anyway. I think just wearing like a ... compression tank top over it would stop that if that's a concern for anyone else.

    SO! The wires are really narrow! they're almost too narrow for me but they're juuuust there. The band fits me perfectly, I don't need an extender. The straps are half adjustable but long enough for me and I am 175 cm tall. They have those metal/plastic rings on them where the straps meet in the middle, which is a little annoying depending, and the straps are a little wide on the back, they could be moved in at least an inch maybe.

    It's really really comfortable, the wire on one side is a little wonky and can rub my arm when I move my arm there but I'm going to bend it to fix that. I think it's a construction error possibly, the wire channel on the left side doesn't allow this, idk. but when I wear it I don't really notice it at all so it's fine. You can see it in the 2nd picture even.

    The gore tacks! it's a medium height gore, it's a bit hard to see it because it's like double or triple layer fabric in there, and there's like a workout mesh on the inside, I'll attach a picture of it.

    The cups have padding on the outside? It's a little strange but okay, doesn't really matter. feels like wearing an armored vest hehe.

    The fit is sick, tbh. This has such a front and center push, more than any other of my bras. There is NO squishing the boobs back into your armpits here, it's all being forwarded and really center, I get cleavage in this actually, and it's amazing to not have your chest in the way for your arms etc.

    Overall it's super comfortable and really good fit for me. if you need narrow wires and don't want to be squished into your sports bra, definitely try this!

    I realize it's probably hard to find it. I got it from their own website but I think they only ship to european countries. But if you can find it I definitely recommend.

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      that's so cool - I actually looked into this bra a few weeks ago. I'm in Canada though, so they don't ship here! I'm on a quest for a sportsbra...

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      congrats on this! Looks great on you and finally a sports bra that fits. What a success! those wires are super narrow, and that is for size KK?! That's extreme. I think I be sized out then. But Apollo which you hated was not that bad on me. We are like opposites in bra fitting...

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      alisa yeah sadly it only goes to an L cup on their end and you definitely don't need to size up in the band on this, so you can't sister size up either :(

      It's probably my polish genes making this such a perfect fit for me :D

    • Does it fit bigger than 34J Apollo? Would L cup be like JJ?

    • I think you should stick with polish brands then. KL works well and Nessa was okay too?

    • I'm gonna measure it later if I remember but I feel I can't quite compare the sizing easily because this one is so forward and no squishing anywhere but apollo was squishing me like crazy where my tissue was being pushed to my armpits etc. I think apollo was too small.

      I think this size is like a 34JJ, based on the other 75kk Brillant versus how well my nessa fits in 36J/80M (that i sister size up in the band because they're snug). It's hard to say but i do think their K is like a J and KK like JJ. So L is probably like a K.

    • And yea i can get nessa cheap on ebay and splurge on KL from their website so I'm all set now with polish for the future I guess. It was funny to order from KL though because I had to make a bank transfer and in order to do that I had to phone my bank and they'd ask me a ton of questions, it's all for money laundering, scams etc I think, but I'd have to do that every time I'd wanna do bank transfer lol. So probably won't do it often.

      Ofc there's also ewa which I might give another go when shipping is back to normal because I wanna try SM cut.

      Anyway yay I have a successful sports bra!

    • alidieux , I just tried out a padded sports bra (padded on the inside), it's this one from Syrokan, which is on amazon canada.

      Anyway, I have some thought as to *why they have the padding on the outside.* I think it's A) for modesty purposes. aka, to not show nipples through fabric. and it also could offer some cushioning if your playing sports?

      B) I wonder if having the padding on the inside makes it less supportive. Like I wonder if it's better to just have the fabric directly "squishing the breast" to provide support on these compression sports bras..

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