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Bras » Keia » Ella (936A)

Ella (936A)

This bra is discontinued.

I have one of these

Size range

5 6 7



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  1. 30 E-F ... (30 :6-:7)
  2. 32 DD-E ... (32 :5-:6)

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    Didn't fit

    I used two bra extenders with this, as I got it just for the cup size, which I thought would be wider. So it's obviously not a big enough band for me, but I tried it on to see how the cups fit.

    I like the plunge fit much better than the high gores, it feels much more comfortable at the gore, though I do get some extra fat or breast tissue that kind of melds together right above the gore, I don't know if I'm wearing it too low or what, but I get the feeling that in a bra with wires that were my shape this wouldn't ... be an issue.

    It gives me some insane quad boob but there is also some empty space right at the front of the cups, I guess because the shape is too pointy, but I wonder if I went up one cup size if it would be the right shape, like the quad boob would go away and instead fit inside the cup?

    There is a *lot* of armpit fat or tissue going on in this bra, I tried to show it with the pictures but I still don't think the pictures even show quite how much armpit fat there is. I think this is because of the low and narrow wire, and cups that are just too small for me. The wire on this is quite short, so I thought that maybe even though it's a too-small 5.5" that it might be a very flat wire and create a sort of shelf for my boobs, but the wire curves up too much for that theory at the sides.

    The feel is comfortable. I think I like the plunge shape a lot.

    I also like the look of the plunge shape on me. It gives me cleavage which I have never had, but the size/shape of this bra is about the same as my 38Bs so I still don't think it's enough of an improvement that I would wear it. I am curious what going up a cup size would do, but I still think the wires would be too narrow even if the cup fit was better.

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    Didn't fit

    I think this would be a good fit, if I had ordered the correct size. Don't know where my head was that day! I really needed a 30FF in this. It's very pretty, pink with polka dots. A pretty lace detailing with ribbon across the top of the cup. Kicking myself for my mistake, and the seller does not have the 30FF, go figure, and this is not returnable. Definitely not in my right mind that day. It does give a bit of a pointy look, but I wonder if that is not also because of the cups being too small.

    This bra is not owned any more

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  3. Didn't write a review

    Added on Jul 11, 2013