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Bras » Freya Active » Moulded Sports Bra (4892) » 32E 32:6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage78.7
B. perimeter25.0
Stretched Band78.4
Band Length69.1
Bust perimeter0.0
Cup width16.1
Cup depth22.9
Wire length27.3
Cup height21.6
Cup separation2.0
Gore height10.8
Wing height10.2
Strap width2.3

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  1. 1

    Didn't fit

    Well, this is quite an odd bra. It's my first proper sports bra - I used to wear a too-small cotton wireless from Tescos when I ran, which kind of worked as a compression bra - and maybe it's just because I'm not used to sports bras, but I do find it a weird fit. It was on sale though so I went for it... It's also a size too small, an F cup might work better for me, so that explains some of the issues I experience with it - e.g. the gore doesn't tack, and the cups cut in at the top, causing minor quad boob ... - because they're cut pretty tall it's not to bad, but if the cups were shorter the incline would be a big problem for me

    Onto general construction of the bra - the spacer foam is comfy and lightweight, but it doesn't hide my nipples, which is something to consider if you want something you can wear without a top over it. I probably will wear it on its own because life's too short, but ideally I'd like some more coverage there. The wires are extremely wide and I get a very, very east west look on this bra, and flattening of profile - it's shallow and wide basically. The wires are firm, but I don't feel like I get a lot of support from this bra - possibly because the wires are too wide? It's an encapsulation bra, but I don't feel encapsulated, if that makes sense. This is obviously partly due to the gore not tacking too - but I'm not sure if going up a cup size will help - the even wider wires would be too much of an issue. But it was cheap so it'll have to do for now!

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    Cherry Glow colorway

    Updated on Nov 27, 2017 Flag this

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  2. 0

    Didn't fit

    This is a lightly lined, seamed, molded, wired, back close sports bra.

    * $50.30 on Amazon with free Prime shipping & returns
    * Also available with Amazon Wardrobe.
    * Available in black (with white trim), beige (with peach trim), gray/teal, red/gray, and navy/blue print.

    * One layer of a smooth, opaque, stretch knit.
    * Wing support: seaming.
    * Full band - band is straight beneath wires.
    * Back close with FOUR columns of hooks.
    * Narrowest part of gore is not at the top, but 4 cm below the top.

    * front: padded, non-stretch
    * back: smooth elastic
    * soft (don’t stand up on their own)
    * partial adjust (limited by padded straps & J-hook)
    * leotard ... back
    * center pull

    * one vertical-ish seam (creates side support), body of cup is seamless and molded
    * full cup
    * Side support built-into cup seaming AND inner encapsulation in a donut shape.
    * unpadded, average strength underwire
    * Inner and outer top edge of cup has stretch seaming.
    * Cup is constructed of thin padding sandwiched between two layers of a stretch, opaque knit.
    * Inner encapsulating “donut” formed with two pieces of a non-stretch knit.

    ABOUT ME: petite with wide, horizontal oval, slightly conical breasts
    * average projection (not shallow nor super projected)
    * average-set (one finger width of space between breasts)
    * wide roots (extend to the mid-axillary line)
    * even horizontal fullness (just barely outer full)
    * short root height, average vertical placement
    * mix of firm & soft tissue (front molds to shape of bra, sides push wimpy wires away)
    * conical shape (but will squish to round)
    * full on top (2/4 shape, not even or very full) - BUT functionally even to FoB due to short roots and soft tissue
    * petite (5'3") so have narrow frame
    * front (anterior) rib flares (not usually a fit issue, but I like that longlines make them disappear)


    * length: Band is tough to fasten and strains hooks. Bottom of the band stays in place with wear and is comfy. Top of band is loose (so outer end of wire is unsupported)
    * wings: height good, smooth line

    Gore: Floats, because so wide that it sits of breast tissue. Not painful. Height fine.
    but wireless so acceptable.

    * Not too far apart.
    * Adjust short enough.

    * Wires enclose tissue nicely AT FIRST, but tissue migrates backwards with movement. (Wires can’t keep breast inside cup.)
    * Breast pushes wimpy wire away from body.
    * Top of cup: smooth because so much boob is smashed into armpit and escapes past unsupported wires.
    * Bottom of cup filled (enough immediate projection at wire)
    * Cup apex: not deep enough (boob smooshed into armpit).
    * Cup apex: doesn’t match my natural apex (too low and lateral)
    * Wrinkles in lateral part of cup because it’s in my armpit. (Likely not designed to make that curve).
    * Outer edge of cup cuts into Tail of Spence.
    * Side view: round, some lift
    * Front view: wide (east-west) – side support seaming doesn’t do much

    * Fabric very soft.
    * Sporty look.
    * Thinly lined cups do NOT prevent erect nipple show through.
    * Fit was so crummy that bra could not prevent bounce.

    * Shape mis-match. STOP.
    * Didn’t plan to try this bra. Was sent this model by mistake. Will return and re-order the other Freya wired sports bra that is supposed to have a more projected shape.

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    Carbon (gray with teal trim) colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jul 27, 2019 Flag this

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    Hasn't set fit

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    Smoke colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Jun 06, 2019

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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    Nero colorway

    Added on Jun 08, 2019