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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Smn Fetysz Czarny (1331) » 60FF 28:8

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage65.5
B. perimeter22.4
Stretched Band67.3
Band Length55.6
Cup width13.3
Cup depth23.4
Wire length21.6
Cup height14.8
Cup separation2.0
Gore height5.3
Wing height8.9
Strap width1.3

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    Forewarning: This review includes descriptions and pictures of erotic wear on my body, including explicit descriptions of female anatomy and theoretical sexual activities.

    Onto the sexy stuff! This review is going to be a 3-in-1 overview of the SMN Fetysz Czarny (I'm just gonna shorten it to "Fetysz" in this review), the Why not? briefs, and the Why not? harness. Once again, these are more my first impressions than an actual review. PS: You can see all the photos including those of the briefs and the harness if you go to the full review page, rather than just expanding the adventure on the front page.

    Let's start with the ... bra! I have already owned the closely related SM Ty Wiesz for a while now, and gotten a handful of use out of it, so I'll be comparing the Fetysz to that mostly. First of all, I love the black mesh, and I love the black straps over the cups, which have a super unique placement, and are easy to adjust (check out Ewa's video on this bra's page on her website on how to adjust it!). The only thing I need to be wary of when adjusting them is to not tighten them too much, otherwise it creates creases and bulges in my breasts that could potentially translate through clothing. The adjusters also show a bit through clothing, but it's not too noticeable under thicker sweaters or layers. Compared to the Ty Wiesz, I love that this bra has thinner shoulder straps, but maintains the V strap attachment in the back. I think the thinner shoulder straps blend in better with the overall aesthetic for this bra. This band is really comfortable. It started out pretty short and firm, but after just a couple hours of wear it has relaxed. I am most impressed, however, by the overall projection of these cups! Take a look at my photos, especially the angle and side pics. I am shocked at how much projection this bra has, both at the apex of the cups, and at the wire. So it's definitely a more natural shape that it gives me, rather than compressing me slightly and giving me a very round appearance like a lot of my BM's do and like my Ty Wiesz does. I've been wearing this bra today for a solid 5 hours or so, and before writing this, I took my shirt off to check the fit after several hours of wear, and there were no wrinkles or folding near the wire. Outstanding! Take note if you're someone who needs this level of projection. Overall, very happy with this bra.

    Next, we have the Why not? briefs and harness. My first thought is, strappy sexy delightfulness! I got this set in size 36, but I'm sure you can special order it smaller or larger than the listed sizes if needed. I have a very ample butt, and I find that a lot of underwear cuts into my buttocks, thus creating unsightly panty lines under clothing. However, seeing as there are so many straps on this set, plus a distinct lack of any fabric covering my buttocks, I figured I'd go for the smallest size to cater to my small waist (I have about a 25" waist, vs. 38" (ish) hips at my widest point). The topmost horizontal straps on the briefs, that sit just at the top of my hipbone, are juuuust short enough for me if I tighten them as far as they will go. However, it would be a super easy alteration to shorten these straps further if I want to in the future. The only part that is not adjustable is the brief part itself. This fits me well. Now, I know what you're all wanting to know. "Where does the crotch fabric end??" For me, it covers most of my vulva, and stops just short of my vaginal opening. So my clitoris is covered, but I could theoretically have vaginal intercourse (and also pee!) without having to move these briefs. I haven't tried either of these activities yet, but I'm pretty confident that it can be done. As you'll see in my pictures, the briefs came with a size tag attached to the end of the crotch fabric on the inside. I thought that was pretty unsightly, and maybe also uncomfortable to keep it attached while wearing these briefs, so I cut the thread that was attaching it and removed it. I did the same for the size tag that was attached to the back of the harness. Speaking of which, not much to say except that everything's adjustable once again (I looked up pics on Ewa's website to figure out how to attach it to the briefs), and yay straps! Even if this set doesn't get a ton of use like my day-to-day underwear, it was only like $35 CAD during the Black Friday sale, so totally worth it IMO.

    Overall, I'm super happy with this purchase, and look very much forward to getting more use out of it!

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    Updated on Dec 17, 2018 Flag this

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    • 4

      Wonderfully thorough review, as always. I'd like to thank you for the panty details, as I was quite curious, but wouldn't have asked. :-D
      Looks like the perfect date night pairing!!

    • 3

      Thank you MamaPagan :) I'm glad I could provide those answers!

    • 4

      Wow, what an exciting set! I’m glad that someone decided to give this set a go.

    • 2

      excellent review! Bra looks great. I did try it before but didn't really like it. I love the fetysz panties tho and im sure i'm going to love my Why Not? one even more :D they should arrive this week - cannot wait!

    • 2

      Are the straps on the bra detachable?

    • 1

      Thanks for the thorough review!

    • 2

      Thanks for the review - I only bought the panties but its good to know what to expect! I bought a different SM that was on sale in a 75K - the one with the triangles of black lace over the bottom. Cant wait until they arrive! Hopefully the panties work on my more apple-shaped body, too. and i'll be ready to remove that awkward tag lol

    • brasaremean No, the straps are not detachable.

    • 2

      Thanks sherrach898 I've ordered this bra three times so far and keep changing my mind and changing my order, driving Kaska crazy! Mostly I was afraid it wouldn't be deep enough in the cup (and there was so little information on this bra) but your review sounds promising!

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