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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Sm Tattoo » 60JJ 28:14

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage66.0
B. perimeter35.6
Stretched Band75.6
Band Length58.1
Cup width15.6
Cup depth31.1
Wire length28.3
Cup height21.3
Cup separation1.7
Gore height9.8
Wing height12.1
Strap width1.9

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  1. 3

    Used to fit

    My shape: semi-conical, splayed, narrow width, tall shallow roots. My breasts don't conform to bra shapes very well and are quite short.

    SM Tattoo is a sheer mesh bra with black embroidery. It comes with detachable cleavage straps in a small pink bag. I found this bra on Zathiya by luck while I was looking for clearance items. I have been wanting to try this cut but was unsure that it would work with my breast shape. I am surprised at this one. For a bra with no stretch on the top section, it fits, and it lies flat. The shape I get isn’t the best shape as my ... breasts aren’t round and can’t be mounded up. It looks like the shape I get in an S, except without the floppy cup top. This is deeper than the 60K S that I have, otherwise the two models don’t seem very equivalent. The gore on this is a bit wider than other EM bras, possibly due to the loop for the cleavage straps. I read other reviews that the SM is shallow at the wire, but I haven’t seen any wrinkling while wearing it.

    This bra is very delicate and I feel too clumsy to be wearing it. It is difficult to put one’s hands in the top to swoop and scoop. I will try to be careful with it but it does seem that the top would be easy to stretch out doing the swoop and scoop.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Mar 22, 2018 Flag this

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    • 1

      I havent tried an SM in several sizes . . . that is lovely tho

    • 2

      Gorgeous! Fit "Surprises" are so lovely :-D

    • 1

      There seems to be a lot of empty space on top though, aren't the cups just too large?

    • 2

      @Alex-ah For those of us short-waisted, short breasted, compression-averse bra wearers, what looks too large is sometimes the best fit we can find. I wish Sovavosi had joined Bratabase earlier because she has demonstrated why I, too, have wrinkles in the top of the cup even when I'm painfully compressed in the bottom of the cup. Fit challenges. Phew!

    • 2

      Alex_ah Anything under 12" causes my tissue to be compressed backwards into my armpit, under the wire. My breasts are conical and there is always a gap on top.

    • 2

      I should also add my breasts don't squish upwards. They are firm and the only way to get them to go up is to squash them completely flat.

    • 2

      I learn something new everyday :) thanks for taking the time to explain!

    • 3

      This is lovely, and as I was looking at the pictures I was thinking it looked like a good fit for you. You fill out the top better than I do in most of mine. As I read the comments about wrinkled top and compressed bottom I was thinking "Yep, that's me, that's me too." I'm so glad I'm not the only one dealing with these fit issues!

    • 2

      This looks amazing on you & an excellent fit for your shape! Definitely a win and a keeper. I hope mine looks as good. :-)

    • 2

      Thanks all. Is it helpful to have pictures of an uncommon shape? I have the PL Lovely but again, it looks too big because of the shape issue. If it would be helpful for folks I'd post them.

    • 3

      Sovavosi it's always helpful to have reviews from many different breast types. I'd love to read your review of the PL Lovely. I'm not in your exact cup range but I'm a 60 band and the Lovely is definitely catching my eye :)

    • 2

      SO glad you're happy with it! Man that's gorgeous, I ordered one from Ewa during her sale and have been patiently waiting for it to get here lol.

      You are correct about the wider gore being related to the cleavage straps, I have a few of the strappy SM bras and they all have wider gores, I think they need more space to be able to sew the loops/attach the straps (some of them are non-removable). Every other Ewa I've ever gotten has had a gore that overlaps at the top (which is amazing for me, lol).

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