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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Sf Royal Blue (944) » 75G 34:9

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage86.4
B. perimeter35.6
Stretched Band88.9
Band Length66.9
Cup width15.3
Cup depth28.9
Wire length30.4
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height7.7
Wing height12.0
Strap width0.0

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    MY SHAPE: Narrow, projected, short roots, close set, center full, even fullness (not FOT or FOB)

    FIT: I love the shape SF bras give! It's almost as round as Cleo Marcie, uplifted and centered like Ewa's S cut bras, and even though it's a soft cup bra it conceals nipples very well. I am currently breastfeeding and tried this one when one side was very full and the other side was very empty, and it accommodated both equally well. There was no quadding on the larger side or gapping on the smaller side. The band on this feels a little stretchier than my 75G - Ewa Michalak ... » Sf Gładzioch Beż (849), which is good since that one is on the verge of being too tight. This feels more like a typical firm 34 band. The straps are less of an issue on this one as well, but still need to be adjusted almost as long as they'll go. I have a super short torso and usually have the opposite issue - straps are too long - but so far all my SF bras could really use just another inch or two of strap. The SF bras are all a really good match for my shape - wires sit right in my IMF, ample projection at the bottom and near the gore, and the gore itself stays out of the way of my center fullness.

    APPEARANCE/QUALITY: I am not typically a huge fan of the black/blue combo, but I really love the shade of blue used here. I wouldn't have called it royal blue; it's got more of a purple undertone. It's like a dark/bright periwinkle color. I wasn't sure from the stock photos, but the blue lace overlay is the exact same shade as the blue straps. The gore is really nice as well - I'm not sure how to describe it. It's got crisscrossing ribbon and a see-through mesh section; almost like a keyhole design with bows on top and bottom. The blue lace is only on the cups and about an inch past them to the vertical wing seams; the rest of the bra is a single layer of black material. I like that the blue lace is a more abstract floral design; nothing against floral, but must ALL the bras with stretch lace use the same oversized floral motif? The black (floral) lace panel at the top of the cup is stretchy, similar to the Panache Envy/Jasmine models. The lower part of the cup itself has some seriously strong mesh backing, which is where (I assume) this bra gets its lifting power.

    OVERALL: I was on the fence about this particular SF bra, but now I'm happy I ordered it because it's really quite stunning in person! I'm glad I picked up the matching briefs in the Black Friday sale as well, this is definitely worthy of owning the matching set.

    Update - I like this bra so much I ordered the matching briefs in Ewa's Black Friday sale, and I'm glad I did because the SF Royal Blue set has disappeared from her site! I'm very short, and most of my shortness is in my torso (normal length legs), so I usually stay away from high-waisted briefs because they basically come right up to the bra. These briefs have me rethinking that strategy - the lace isn't super stretchy, so I am careful when I pull them on because they feel delicate, but they are so flattering! The do have the double-layer of tulle on the butt with a slight ruffle effect, so I can't use them under fitted skirts etc, but they'll be nice for flowy dresses or other high-waisted pants/skirts. Possibly TMI, but I've had 2 cesarean sections and I'm a US size 14 in pants; I usually just deal with the way my underwear rolls under my scar-flap and gets trapped there. That's not an issue with high-waisted briefs, and these feel much sexier than your typical high-waisted Hanes. Really a stunning, gorgeous set - I'm wondering if Ewa has other plans for that material, since she pulled the SF Royal Blue off the website?
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    Royal Blue colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Dec 14, 2016 Flag this

    • That is gorgeous! I am also concerned about the short straps, as my boobs are very low on my torso - like they come down to the bottom of my ribcage. I went up a cup size, tho, for my purple, so hopefully that'll help - i'm FOT

    • Yeah, I'm kind of surprised EM didn't fix the straps on this second round of SF bras - surely she has gotten feedback about them? I can't be the only one with this issue! All my other EM bras are totally fine, strap-wise; it's just the SF.

    • 1 FWIW, royal blue often (though certainly not always) has a purple undertone. This is a stunning color and I'm definitely going to get my new BM as Royal Blue after being given the choice between that and Kleks.

    • rainbrasspetals interesting! Thanks for the link. I guess in my head I was assuming royal blue would be a color more similar to cobalt, but this has more purple.

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