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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Sf Gładzioch Beż (849) » 75J 34:13

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage85.9
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band84.3
Band Length65.9
Cup width17.8
Cup depth32.4
Wire length35.0
Cup height23.3
Cup separation1.7
Gore height10.4
Wing height11.0
Strap width2.6

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  1. 14

    Didn't fit

    Very first impression - this could be a great thing!

    Fit - I wear a 32 band in Panache but a 75 band in EM because sometimes they run tight - yeah, this runs tight. I can fasten this on the loosest hook, whereas most 75s I tighten right away on the 2nd hook, and soon on the 3rd. Definitely consider going up a band for this.

    This is supposed to be a roomier cup - but not so much, for me? Well, my BMs occasionally quad a little on my bigger side, too - but this was a small day. I'm hoping it ... will stretch out a little - and I failed to try it with a shirt to see if the quadding is visible - but definitely there was a small amount of quadding on my bigger side.

    Note - some pics are taken in the mirror and some are not, but the red tag is on my larger side in all pictures.

    I did loosen the straps a bit to accommodate my slight quadding. Now, i'm short (5'2, almost) but my breasts are low-set . . these straps are almost all the way let out. Could be an issue for tall people who dont have very high-set breasts.

    Fabric, as other reviewers mention, is definitely thicker and stiffer than, for example, the fabric in my BMs (which are all single-layer BMs). It feels coarser than my beloved Floris, possibly thicker. I do like a firm fabric. The stretchy fabric on the top portion of the cup is very light and sheer feeling - almost like tights? The cloth is doubled over so the top of the cup is basically a fold, which obviously can cut in a bit.

    The buttons kinda freak me out - i want to unbutton them lol. But I suppose they are interesting!

    Definitely high and round. Really curious how this will hold up over time.

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    Updated on Jul 04, 2016 Flag this

    • 3

      Thanks for the back photo! Those straps don't look too wide set at all which is what I'm always afraid of. They might actually work out really well for me-the plunge cut usually doesn't work for me because of how far apart they are on the back. I keep meaning to give this a try but then I see something shiny or brightly coloured. It looks great on you besides the little quad and I hope that goes away once you break the bra in.

    • 1

      I havent tried any plunges - i'm so soft I can fall out of anything w less than 4 inches of gore. and i dont seem to have trouble w wide-set straps. I must have wide shoulder compared to the circumference of my underbust.

    • 3

      You review was great :) I think that the EM website suggested that it was compared in cup to a bm and looking at the measurements it looks to be so but your not the first review to say it runs a bit smaller in the cup compared to the bm . I am worried though about the one I ordered in a 70 hopefully I can breathe ,we will see.

      You pointed out details like the buttons I didn't notice before and the folded over stretch tulle upper cup . The buttons at least are easy to remove if they end up driving you nuts lol .

      Looks really good on you and you don't get that wrinkly strap thing ..but the main thing will be how does it feel after a few wearings . I can never tell if I like a bra until I wear it a while . I hope it works for you it looks like a great everyday bra that you should be able to put on and then not think about all day (my dream bra i.e. not sure it exists) sure does match your skin tone well too.

    • 1

      Thanks Ivp!

      I tell you, i still think that picture from underneath looks creepy. It seems really weird - like, it looks like my breasts connect above the gore? idk, something about that freaks me out. it just looks wrong

    • 3

      Ok, after my first all-day wear - well, I got sweaty within an hour of putting it on - summer. So the band was a little uncomfortable, but not bad, really.

      The bra is slightly too small for me, but reverse-swooping does stop the quadding.

      I feel like this elastic material really does a good job of keeping the girls IN the bra, like they cant climb out because they've got a lid on them. The shirt I wore wouldnt show quad, so its hard to know about that.

      Also, because the girls are not able to climb, it is not a cleavage bra at all. I mean, its not super-high coverage- i wore my lowest cut top and you could only see the bra if you looked straight down - but my boobs stayed somewhat separate from each other - which is GOOD for me. It means less sweat, less rash. My boobs basically touch, so keeping them apart is normally what I want a bra to do.

      Still hoping it stretches out a bit more, or, you know, i lose some weight lol

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Oct 04, 2019