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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Sf Gładzioch Beż (849) » 65H 30:11

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band76.5
Band Length57.4
Cup width14.7
Cup depth28.7
Wire length27.8
Cup height20.1
Cup separation1.7
Gore height8.3
Wing height5.9
Strap width1.9

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  1. 3


    Measurements to be added...

    I can't quite decide if this bra is too large for me or not. The tough thing about being in between sizes is exactly that... the 65GGs really are too small. 65H....slightly too projected for my size. I was hoping getting an Sf would actually alleviate this issue that I anticipated with 65H--I had a feeling a Bm would have been too projected, but Sfs are kinda known for being less projected than Bms... not sure if it's the bra or if it's the size.

    That being said, this is one of the most comfortable bras I own right now. Except for one thing--I cannot ... loosen the straps as much as I'd like to and it freaking HURTS. It's not that they're not long enough, it's that if they're any looser, the bra has no support. Or maybe it just feels that way to me.

    Part of the issue is that the stretch mesh on top is not very sturdy. I kind of expected it to be though! I feel like if it were it would have done a better job.

    And of course, I get the infamous wrinkling along the wire, but it's no big deal, I expected this.

    Overall, not quite sure what to make of this bra. I did *just* get my period so perhaps I'm at my smallest right now.

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    Updated on Aug 01, 2019 Flag this

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      Doesn't look too big (but i know looks are deceiving).
      I find my SF more projected than my BMs. At the gore especially. I don't even get wrinkling at the wire right now.
      I agree that the stretch mesh isn't sturdy. The lace on the top of others isn't either, really.

    • At the very least I would have expected it to be as sturdy as Rubin but it's not :/

    • 1

      IMO it looks really good except for those straps. Is she making the mesh cheaper now? All of mine feel more or less the same.

    • I don't know but it's miles different than the one on Rubin. It is very very flimsy.

    • I think the mesh is more exposed on the SF than it is on the BM Rubin?

    • 1

      You can pull the lace down on Rubin, it has nothing to do with that. It's just not the same quality imho.

    • My 60KK Rubin had firmer mesh on the cups than my 60L Rubin so I believe that the mesh has changed.

      Being between sizes does suck, I feel your pain as I have been there a few times thanks to hormones and body changes this past year. Big hugs hon. 💕

      I agree that it looks like a good fit though!

    • I feel you on the straps have to be tight for support, but they hurt. Support or comfort...what will you choose? Can you find the teensy hidden spot where you magically have both comfort AND support? 😂 The struggle is real!

    • 2

      Honestly it feels so good wearing it (no compression, nothing bothers me except for the straps) that I don't even care if it looks a little too large.

    • 3

      Feeling good is all that matters really!

    • 1

      Sovavosi AMEN!!

    • Maybe you could add more strap to it from and old bra that doesn’t fit you?

    • They are long enough, I just need to tighten them a lot

    • I see. Well that sucks.

    • Maybe you can sew on some padding or cushioning to them for comfort, or replace them with cushioned straps? I know they exist, as I have a few bras with them. In fact Ewa uses them for a few of their S style bras (multiways and the extra strappy black S style that I can't remember the name of. ) So maybe you could order a strap switchout from Ewa directly? Just order replacement straps and switch them yourself?
      Or get those silicone strap cushions that clip onto the strap, which can be found on Amazon.....

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