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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Sf Blueberry (1420) » 70FF 32:8

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage76.4
B. perimeter28.2
Stretched Band75.2
Band Length61.5
Cup width13.7
Cup depth25.0
Wire length24.8
Cup height18.1
Cup separation1.5
Gore height6.7
Wing height11.0
Strap width1.9

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  1. 6

    Used to fit

    My first SF bra. Keep in mind I got it a couple days before my period, and my boobs today in particular feel HUMONGOUS as it goes.

    I took a big big chance and ordered my new Ewas in a band smaller than before... however, I've been worrying and sweating over it thinking it will be too tight as SF Blueberry has a lacy band, however, I needn't have worried. The band is actually stretchier than my BM Fluo I got in the same package (and same size).

    There are a couple of things I dislike about SF cut (just from first impressions), but I will talk about that later.

    SF ... Blueberry in 70FF has 4 parts in the cup (I believe to add more structure, not sure if that is the norm for the cut or if it's the norm for the size). The bottom of the cup is very sturdy... at the seams. The fabric between the seams is not so sturdy honestly, but it's manageable. Important thing is it does not give me any cutting in the cup and that's all I can ask for at this point. The top of the cups is finished off with elastic tulle and lace that molds nicely to the breasts. The colour of this bra is just astounding. It's a rich dark blue and the black compliments it so nicely.
    The bottom of the cup feels like it's empty. I had my mum evaluate this for me because I just couldn't do it myself and she says it's not empty, but the lace over the cup is very loose and makes it feel like it's empty when you touch it.
    The cups (seams and lace) are visible under thin shirts.

    The band at 70 definitely doesn't *feel* like it runs tight (I am a EU 70H but everyone says to size up in EM bras), it feels like it runs *tight enough*. When I move the band stays put and this is how I like my bands. I think once the fiber molds to the body and stretches out it will be perfection (this has been an issue with Ewa bands for me... the band on Bibi Black 80E stretched out so much I have to use a Rixie clip with it -- it's not optimal but it works, and on Bibi Bezova Perla 75F I have to fasten it on the tightest hook already).
    My big, big, huuuge gripe with the band is that at this size it is 2 hooks. I'm not sure why, as on the one photo of the back of the bra on the website there are three hooks. The Fluo in the same size has 3 hooks. But on Blueberry it's 2. This is, imho... awful. I can get over it, of course, but I wonder why she would do this? I feel betrayed, lol. My boobs (and I assume any boobs in this size) are pretty heavy, they *need* that 3rd hook to give the extra stability to the band. This worries me a little bit.
    But other than that the band really does feel perfect. The lace is definitely not making it any tighter imho.

    The gore tacks beautifully, lies flat against my sternum. There's a little faux keyhole design on it and it's beautiful.
    The wires are pure perfection. They wrap around my breasts perfectly, follow the root, I can barely even feel them to be honest. I was worried at this size they will be shorter but it is not an issue.

    The straps are my personal horror story. I think (hope) they will stretch out as they are so so so short. I'm not kidding. The straps are so short I'm considering returning this bra. I definitely feel them digging into my shoulders, and I'm getting some slight neck pain too.. I think from here on out I will just add the extra 20pln to make the straps longer. For once I would like a bra that I can make the straps tighter on it, rather than making them completely loose and still have them dig into my shoulders.
    The straps are also very wide set. I'm not sure if it's because of the size, the cut, or the model. Hopefully the discomfort will just go away with wear as it did with my other Ewa bras.

    Now, the SF cut. I feel like my asymmetry is a little more obvious in this cut, can't quite put my finger on it but it's something about the shape of the cups I believe.
    The shape is a teensy bit pointier than in my BMs which are perfectly natural shape.
    Not sure if 2 hook is the size related standard for this cut but it's very very annoying.
    The strong seams are not as comfortable as BMs, so I would not recommend this cut to anyone who has sensitive nipples or sensitive skin on their breasts.

    final notes: I don't think I need to size up in cup as my smaller side feels like it's almost about to not fill out the cup in the deepest part of it. I do wonder if straps being so wide set is because I went down in band size... tho I don't see any wire distortion and the 70 band is definitely a good fit. It's the length of the straps that is making this bra a 3/5 in comfort for me, it has to be.
    Or, maybe I'm just in that overly sensitive period of the month and everything bothers me. So I will follow this review up with an update in like a week or so to see how it feels then.

    side note: this bra gives me some serious cleavage. I'm not usually looking for cleavage and I gave up on it a long while ago because the only bras I get cleavage in are the ones that are really small, but I'll take it when it's free like this!

    side note 2: I don't know if I will be ordering any more of SF bras, not unless there is something that is really really pretty and I can't live without. BMs fit me very very well and they are comfortable. I would argue with the fact that the description for SF says: Perfect for soft and less firm breasts. My breasts are very soft, and more than less firm, they are extremely malleable, and the structure of SF cups makes them just sorta flop in the cups like pudding and get shaped by them rather than working with the cups to get the right shape. This is an issue I also encountered with Panache Jasmine and Envy. Luckily, the shape SF Blueberry gives me is passable, I'd say even more good than bad, while the Panaches gave me extreme pointy boob. Anyway, not to ramble on and on. Maybe SF bras are made for soft boobs, but not very soft. The plus side is that the top of the cups doesn't seem to be quad boob prone (unless you're in the wrong size, I guess) even if you have very very soft tissue like me. I will at some point try the S cut... once I get over my fear of ordering the wrong size in it. But for now, I will stick to BMs.

    Update after wearing it a while:
    No matter how much I try, I cannot make this bra work for me. The narrower cups coupled with not enough immediate projection make for a very bad fit that I have to keep adjusting during the day. I think I should have sized up in cup for this one.

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      All Ewa's bras have wide set straps. The SF feels really bad because the stiff fabric comes up so high.

      I think it looks great on you though!

    • 2

      the short straps are really concerning to me in general. I'm short - 5'2 - but my boobs are low set and on my larger side, i generally have the straps all the way out - how could a taller person possibly fit?

    • Sovavosi I did notice that actually, it's just on this bra it is actually somehow noticeable for me. It could be, like you said, because of the stiff fabric (and it IS stiff).

      dbmamaz I'm about 5'6 (171cm) AND low set. The straps on most bras are a living nightmare, not gonna lie, but this is one of the rare cases where I'm actually feeling the effects of straps being so short. Twice I have asked in comments to have the straps made longer and twice they have convinced me not to do it but I really really think I need longer straps on these bras. If I wear these straps further out, they don't cut in as much for some reason, but they also feel like they're about to slide off my shoulders, lol. I wonder how much of a pain it would be to just make them shorter myself without having to send the bras back to have the alteration done.

    • I've noticed Ewa is making her straps shorter all the time! I usually have normal bras adjusted 75% (more than the average person) but I have to let her straps out almost all the way for some of the bras.

    • Gah, I was afraid of that because they have gotten exponentially shorter on each new bra I ordered. I figured it might be cause each new bra is also a sister size down of the previous but maybe not :/

    • Gah, I was afraid of that because they have gotten exponentially shorter on each new bra I ordered. I figured it might be cause each new bra is also a sister size down of the previous but maybe not :/

    • Super thorough review! Thank you for sharing so many wonderful details!!!

      I agree with Sovavosi, the stiffness makes the straps more noticeable. I also feel the armpit curve is too straight which makes the straps eat the area more as well. If that curve was lower/more angled like a J instead of a /, the straps wouldn't feel so bad.

    • 1

      I've been wearing it all day and I have to say I think whoever said (I think it was you MamaPagan ) that the cups do not have as much immediate projection as BMs was 100% right. The cups have been not only collapsing but also sliding down all day... bummer! It's beautiful, but not for me, I think.

    • I think most of us have said it but I'll gladly take credit for it here. :-) It is noticeable in many/most of Ewa's stock outside of her sister Gosik wearing them, so it is the norm in my opinion.
      I still personally love the fit, comfort, and extra support they offer over the BM. BMs are still my favorite but SFs are a close second. Sorry it didn't work for you.

      Also, for the S style go up a cup but keep the same band as your BM style size for the best fit.

    • 1

      That is what I was leaning towards!

    • 1

      I actually found I had to go up a size in SF compared to BM.

    • I do find the wires a little more narrow than on the BM Fluo, I feel like that might make up for need in size difference. The cup seems deeper too, than BM.

    • 1

      Per Kaśka at EM, the cups on the full lace BMs are slightly more spacious than the half lace BMs, which are slightly more spacious than the SF style. Generally this is true, but does seem to vary by model, and possibly size &/or seamstress, too. Haha.

    • 1

      Yay inconsistency :)

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