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Bras » Ewa Michalak » S Syrena (790) » 60KK 28:16

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage70.4
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band74.2
Band Length55.3
Cup width16.0
Cup depth32.7
Wire length31.3
Cup height21.3
Cup separation1.2
Gore height10.7
Wing height11.5
Strap width2.3

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  1. 3

    Didn't fit

    I'm going to preface my next four reviews with a few points:
    -I ordered these bras at the BF sale, which was well over two months ago
    -my breasts have had a lot of growth lately
    -I knew, thanks to several BtB users and their suggestions (but I'd like to shout-out to Mamapagan for her phenomenal amount of help, time, and insights) that none of these bras would fit due to what Mamapagan and I are dubbing as the Teapot Effect.

    Teapot Effect Explanation:
    Because my breasts are large, pendulous, and Omega shaped, it can be a little difficult to gauge one's correct size. So while it may seem like a too-small ... bra works, it still has some somewhat manageable fit issues. My breasts can "fit" into a J cup just fine, right? But here's what's really happening. The cup is lifting only a portion of my tissue (important to remember the REST of my tissue isnt even in the cup) which still gives me that signature EM rounded look. But the cups soon begin to sag under the weight of my breasts. In turn, this causes my band to slide up my back and the underwires on my bras to slide down and dig into my ribcage. Finally, my excess tissue that was never in the cup to begin with, starts to escape from the tops of my cups, much like pouring tea from a teapot." alt=":)" />

    Onwards to the review!

    The bra was too small. Plain and simple. I found it amusing how that bow we were all joking about looks tiny in between my cleavage. This is my third time owning Syrena, and it's just way too small. The materials are so beautiful. It's honestly just a lovely color combo.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Feb 01, 2019 Flag this

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    • 2

      Syrena is beautiful. I'm sorry this didn't work.

    • Sovavosi Isn't it though?! 😭 Such a shame as it's one of my favorites. It's alright! At least I know I'm definitely bigger than a KK in an S shape if ever I want to try one again :)

    • 2

      They make the S up to an M cup! 🙂

    • 3

      Woohoo! I'll wait for my L and LL BM's to come in first! :D

    • 1

      I think youre going to have more success with your BMs DerangedDragons19 I find them the most forgiving and supportive. I'm yet to fit into a PL or S...although, I HAVE ordered another S to take a second crack at it.
      It's a shame it doesn't fit, because this colour REALLY suits your skin tone and would look sooooo good on you!!
      The Wenecja she is planning to release next month will suit you too!! That nice dark teal. And it's a BM!!

    • 1

      Haha, that's so odd. Two years ago I wouldn't touch a BM with a 10 ft pole, much like your SM dilemma 😂 Weird how time changes things. Ooh, I'm excited to see your review on your S! I love seeing how the same bra shapes fit on different breast sizes.
      Hey thanks! It's definitely one of my favorites 😍
      It's on my bucket list! I'll probably end up forgoing that plaid mesh one though. Not sure how well the mesh band will hold up for me

    • 1

      You have NO idea how many bra reviews will be coming up from me in the next month...I've got more Krislines (Softcups and 2 different padded styles), EMs (2 S coming), and Gorsenias (2 soft cups in 2 different forms) coming.
      I would steer away from mesh bands if I were you. I can only get away with them because of my implants I am pretty much self-supporting and light!
      You COULD get brave and ask (ahem beg Kaska) her to put a knitwear band on it for you - the Marzipan or Princessa pinks would probably match ;)

    • 1

      Good! The more the merrier! I love seeing bra mail! 😍
      Haha, I have 5 EM's coming and a KL. It's SO hard not to order more KL bras, but I really want to make sure it fits/works for me first.
      Ooh! Lucky you :D ha, yeah good point. My breasts are quite heavy.
      I could go that route, but I'd much rather spend the money on something else (looking at you Owocki who Kaśka may or may not have hinted of dropping next month in limited qualities. Surprise.)

    • DerangedDragons19 I hear you. I'd rather spend on something I REALLY want too - I'm waiting on the cupcakes, which is also supposed to released in limited quantities next month. I also LOVE SF with stretch lace on top -more than the tulle topped ones. And I find the printed satin of my Maryna is more forgiving also and I'm hoping the satins for Fruits and Cupcakes will be the same.

    • 1

      AprilGoulding exactly :) oooh! I hope you're able to order one for yourself! More reviews! Woohoo!
      I love that stretch lace. I *think* the royal blue I tried had the tulle lace.. I hated it.

    • 2

      Sorry these didn't work out, but they have been a learning experience for sure, right?

    • 1

      MamaPagan Absolutely 😁

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