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Bras » Ewa Michalak » S Przeplatanki (716) » 70F 32:7

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage77.8
B. perimeter25.8
Stretched Band79.0
Band Length60.5
Cup width13.3
Cup depth22.8
Wire length23.4
Cup height16.3
Cup separation1.5
Gore height5.8
Wing height9.4
Strap width2.4

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    I'm re-reviewing this bra because, after revisiting the straps on a whim, I've finally figured them out. I hope I can demystify this bra for anyone else who comes to its bratabase entry hoping for some clarification.

    I really wish Ewa would have released this with some form of instruction. A video of how they assembled the looks in the promo pics or a series of pictures or just some text instructions sent with the bra or anything at all. The design was clearly very thought-out from all the little features that allow you to do the different strap looks. But she didn't explain them at all, just... here ... you go, figure it out yourself, and you have to reverse-engineer her design thoughts from looking at the final product.

    The basic strap attachments are: 2 small rings on the back band, a loop on the gore which is looped around the buttons when not in use, and on the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are wide and padded, which is quite nice when you're wearing it as a regular bra, and they have a piece of the same material as the detachable straps sewn on, tacked down at several heights so you can hook on the straps at several positions.

    There are 5 straps, each different lengths. The longest one is adjustable. I really wish she had included doubles of the shorter ones because it would make doing the star a lot simpler. Another problem is that with the shorter straps being fixed lengths, they won't fit everyone. For me, they are too long, so I have to wrap them around the shoulder straps and then hook it.

    The long adjustable strap is meant to go from back ring to gore loop to back ring, making a V. This is the basis of the layered strappy look and the inverted star. For the layered straps, after making the V you attach the other straps from shoulder, through loop, to other shoulder, one below the other. Pretty simple. The star is more complicated, I've done my best to explain, and taken pictures for reference. I start with the bra on, with the shoulder straps off, and pull the shoulder straps on after step 1.

    1. Hook the longest strap (the adjustable one) onto one of the rings on the back band next to the hook tape. Take the other side of the strap around the front and feed it through the loop attached to the gore. Hook it to the other ring on the back band. Adjust it so it is taut. So this strap should be going from back to gore to back, creating the "V" that will be the point of the star.

    2. Take the shortest strap and put it horizontally, low near the cups, only leaving room for the diagonal straps to attach below it. You may have to wrap the ends of the straps around the bra strap and then hook it if the strap is too long.

    3. With the 2 medium straps, attach them below where you put the short strap horizontally. Then go diagonally across and hook it on *the strap that you formed the V with*--NOT to the bra strap! Get it hooked and then push the hook back along the long strap as far as you can--this will pull it around your neck creating the choker-like look.

    I wore it out with the straps in a star and I was surprised to find it never unhooked. Occasionally I had to push the diagonal straps back, but there were no dramatic strap-popping moments like I anticipated.

    Overall, I really like this bra. It's extremely versatile as it's both an everyday black bra and... whatever else you want it to be. And I'm glad to have something in my lingerie collection that fits authentically into an alternative wardrobe and isn't an overly feminized or cheapened version of goth. Being of a less feminine gender expression, it's cool to have something that feels like it fits my self-image but is still detailed and sexy.

    This got longer than I expected but I am really glad I revisited this bra. I just wish Ewa would have told us how to use it so it didn't take a year for me to start appreciating it!

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    Updated on May 11, 2017 Flag this

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      Jj Ha! I swear it's about that complicated..

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      I've decided to get myself this bra for my birthday, which is in 3 months. I hope I can figure it out too!

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      It looks like she did some wrapping of straps around each other to get it to make a star: - its down there somewhere

    • thanks dbmamaz ! I didn't think to wrap it around the strap.

    • I haven't worn this bra with the extra straps since I got it a year ago. I'm interested to try this pentagram. Where are the step-by-step pictures of how to do it?

    • I haven't worn this bra with the extra straps since I got it a year ago. I'm interested to try this pentagram. Where are the step-by-step pictures of how to do it?

    • I use the longest strap and the shortest strap. Pull the longest strap through the loop at the core so that it is about equal length on both sides. Then, pull each side through one of the loops towards the top of each shoulder strap so it forms a v-shape. Then, cross the straps in the front and hook the straps to one of the lower loops on the shoulder straps. You may have to shorten the strap by using the sliding adjuster. Use the shorter strap to create the bottom part of the pentagram by attaching it straight across your chest and attach each end to one of the lower loops. You may have to wrap each end around the shoulder strap a few times before attaching the hook, especially if you are narrow from shoulder to shoulder. I hope this helps. If not, let me know and I'll try to send step by step pics.

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