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Bras » Ewa Michalak » S Przeplatanki (716) » 60L 28:17

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage65.2
B. perimeter39.4
Stretched Band72.9
Band Length55.8
Cup width15.8
Cup depth36.1
Wire length33.2
Cup height22.9
Cup separation1.7
Gore height11.1
Wing height12.4
Strap width1.9

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  1. 1

    Used to fit

    This one is a very strappy black padded bra in the S style. The cups have 4 parts to them, 3 lower vertical sections and 1 upper horizontal section in this size. The cups are lightly foam lined, but also have cookie pockets and removable cookies.

    The shoulder straps are also padded for comfort, and measure .75” wide where they attach to the cup but increase to 1.5” wide at the shoulders so these are so super comfortable! They also are lined with a ribbon that is sewn in a way to make loops for the extra strappies to attach to.

    The extra straps are stretchy, and remind ... me of bikini ties. The bra comes with 5 total, 4 that measure to 11.5”, 13.25”, 15”, & 17”, and an adjustable one that measures 20.5” to 38.5”. They all have hooks on each end to attach to the ribbon at the gore and on the straps, or to the metal loops on the band in the back.

    The band has the standard 3 hooks, and 4 rows of eye loops at this size. It measures 22” and stretches to a max of 29”.

    The cup depth measures 12.5” (hovered between the knees with the tape measure just placed into the cups without any resistance) and stretches to 14.5” over the knee. The width is 6.15” with the gore at 4.5” tall and .7” wide.

    I ordered this one simply because they had it listed under the standard dropdown, so I just had to buy it. (My size is always a custom order, so I’m not sure why this was available in the standard drop down, but woohoo! I got it without the custom size fee so I was happy!) Currently, I only have 1 true S style in a 60L and a FC/S in a 60KK, though I have tried 3 other S styles in a larger band prior. My S Zielony is an awesome fit until I hit high tide, at which point it becomes a bit too bulgy, and the FC/S Belladonna Nununu can only be worn at lowest tide before becoming bulgy (though the extra lace hides that quadding well.) This one measures like my other S 60L, but fits more like FC/S so great for lower tide, but won’t be wearable during most of the month. This one had perfectly spaced straps so not too wide set and they don’t eat my armpits!!!

    With the comfort of these straps, I am very tempted to try & buy it again in a 60LL for the higher points in my cycle.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on May 09, 2018 Flag this

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    • 1

      It looks like it fits great, and the straps look super cool. Yay for a win!

    • Thank you veggiechic : -)

      At this point lowest tide in this one actually gets a bit gapy, and at highest tide a bit quaddy, but otherwise good and the shoulder straps are super comfortable! The joys of my ever changing boobs!

      This one isn't available any longer, but I do believe their multi-way one has similar padded comfort straps. You might like it too!

    Entry closed

  2. 0

    Didn't fit

    The band on this one felt tight, which is why I think there's so much more quadding in this one. Decent cleavage, but just a bit too much muffin top going on in it" alt=":p" />
    Also, it's still got that really, really round shape with my breasts. I'm not sure I like it ha
    This bra's measurements have been altered
    Altered straps, Armpit curve lowered, straps moved in

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Feb 26, 2019 Flag this

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    • 1

      But weren't the straps comfortable? That was the thing I loved about it. 💙

    • 1

      Yesss! The best thing they did for this bra was the straps! I actually thought that was your addition to it! Now I'm even more surprised and impressed :D

    • 1

      Nope, the straps are standard. I just lowered the curve and moved them in slightly.

      I wish all her bras had those cushioned straps. They are dreamy and so large boob friendly (which is more than I can say about the style in general.)

    • 1

      Well dang it, that's just awesome.

      I agree! The width of them is also incredible. They fit GREAT.

    • 1

      If only the cups were comfortable, those straps would make for an all day wear of comfort. Like pillows on your shoulders. 💙💕💙

    • 1

      Absolutely :)

    • 1

      aw man, it's too bad about the fit..those straps do look comfortable...

      I'm wondering how my 65KK S will fare now :/

    • 1

      Fingers crossed that your S experience will work well for you Frazzleberry. The multiway bras are supposed to come with a set of these cushioned straps as well. 💙

    • 1

      Frazzleberry haha, right? I haven't had much luck with an S shape since I had my second child though ;) All the luck to you!! I hope it works out! ❤️

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