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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Pl Onyks (196) » 65E 30:6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage70.1
B. perimeter22.9
Stretched Band72.0
Band Length54.3
Cup width12.8
Cup depth20.6
Wire length20.8
Cup height13.3
Cup separation1.6
Gore height4.1
Wing height8.5
Strap width2.1

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  1. 5

    Didn't fit

    General comments:

    I ordered this bra together with the HM Gold and the CH Onyx -- all in the same size 65E -- on October 2nd. The package arrived on October 5th, which really is exceptionally fast, in my opinion. Of the three bras I mentioned above, this one fits best. Considering the fact that I completely guessed my size I'm pleased to find that SOMETHING more or less fit, however, it goes to show that there is some size discrepancy between the different models. I will also review the other two bras.

    Bra description:

    A sleek, black, matt satin bra with black, shiny satin binding along the cup edge. Two ... shiny, faceted, black buttons whimsically decorate the centre gore. the cups are lined with black cotton jersey. The lining contains pockets for the included sturdy foam 'cookies'. The bra comes with two kinds of detachable straps: regular 12mm wide straps and padded, 32mm (at their widest) wide comfort straps made out of the same matt satin the cups are made of and edged with shiny satin bias binding. The comfort straps are only partially adjustable.


    I wasn't looking for a padded bra and even less for a plunge, so I was amazed to find that this bra fit me ALMOST perfectly. I was even more amazed at the shape it gave me: exactly the kind of shape I've always wished for -- lifted and round, the way my breasts are when I cup them with my hands. In fact, the bra is so comfortable and soft that it almost feels AS IF I'm cupping them with my hands. This bra gives me impressive cleavage without being tacky -- it's definitely the sexiest bra I've ever had, yet it's sleek, understated appearance makes it rather chic.

    I find the cups fit better and more comfortably without the thick foam cookies in place, but they do indeed help to even out the asymmetry between my larger right and smaller left side. However, a slightly thinner pad would have been better, I think, as this one is almost overcompensating. Also, the pads don't help with the only fitting gripe I have with this bra: it fits perfectly when I'm standing up straight, but as soon as I reach ever so slightly forward the cups are gaping at the very top. I'm assuming this is because they're ever so slightly too big, yet when I pull my shoulders back I get definite quad-boob. Maybe the cups just come up too high where they meet the straps for my high-on-chest boobs? Furthermore, on my larger right side I'm also ALMOST spilling out at the side of the cup -- the sides simply don't seem to come up high enough on this bra -- and I don't think I can have narrower wires as this one really is only just wide enough. It's better when I 'scoop and jiggle' my breasts in place, but they don't really seem to want to stay that way -- I have wide-set breasts with a very wide base -- and they tend to move back to their original position.

    The band on this 65E Plunge is nice and snug. Of the three bras I received it definitely is the snuggest. New out of the package it feels perfect for my 69cm underbust, but it is quite stretchy, so fingers crossed it won't stretch too much too soon. However, there are four hook positions to fasten it, so it shouldn't really be much of a problem.

    The straps placement is very wide, although I somehow don't experience the problem of cutting into my arms the way other bras do. I have wide and straight shoulders, so they stay very well put, but I think that on someone with narrower shoulders they may slip.


    This bra has the tightest band of the three bras mentioned above and is quite perfect for my 27"/69cm underbust. The cups fit very similar to the CH Onyx, but only as long as I don't move. They gap at the very top and I'm not sure whether that is due to a size or a shape issue. The underwires at the sides come up lower than in the other bras -- too low for me, I think, as my larger breast wants to spill out of the side of the cup despite it being the right size.

    I'm torn whether to keep this marvel of a bra and accept the slight gaping, or return it and possibly exchange it for a smaller cup size. The problem is that I doubt my shape is entirely compatible with this otherwise glorious bra and that a smaller size won't solve the issues I have (and possibly make some of them worse). However, although of the three it is not my favourite, I do like this bra. Maybe I'll have another stab at it at another time.

    Edited To Add:
    I've tried all the three bras on again this morning and for some reason MOST of the fitting issues I noted yesterday evening have disappeared. I think my breasts are fuller in the morning than in the evening (breastfeeding).

    I'm still in serious doubt about keeping/exchanging the PL Onyks though. Standing up straight it fits BEAUTIFULLY, but moving my arms forward makes it gap at the top. The point where the straps meet the cups simply doesn't stay flush against my skin -- and I'm not sure whether this is due to a sizing issue or a matter of (incompatible) shape. I also get a bit of quad boob when I pull my shoulders back, which doesn't happen on the two other bras. The side spill issue seems to have disappeared almost completely though, so that may have had to do with the fluctuating firmness of my breasts throughout the day.

    Edited To Add II:
    Argh, call me instable, but I have just decided to keep the Plunge -- tore off the tags and am wearing it right now. Fitted it a dozen times now and really, it's just perfect -- don't know what I was complaining about earlier. It's just so comfortable and although I've never been one for cleavage, I have to admit that it DOES look good" alt=";)" />

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  2. 1


    Me: soft, FOB, kind of empty on top

    My very first thought on putting this one one was: What a comfortable bra! It is the perfect snugness (not too much, not too little), the fabric is so smooth and supportive, and the comfort straps are like little pillows on your shoulders.

    I swapped out the straps for the regular ones for funsies and found I liked the cleavage better however.

    I have very soft breasts, and this is a plunge I can wear fairly securely with very little readjustment during the day. The key is not scooping and swooping too aggressively - otherwise the nipples ... start pointing too far towards center and I get a lot of spillage. I need to make sure that my nipple is in the apex of the bra and then it is smooth sailing!

    Bra is one of the best constructed Ewa bras I've come across. It is double layered at the band (mesh and the matte black fabric), has built in pockets for included pads, the elastic is perfect, the details are very subtle and sexy.

    I don't get that same crazy cleavage that others are getting (I never will, lol), but my breasts round up nicely in this bra and it doesn't show under low shirts. I tried the 65DD (I'm sorry I forgot to measure it before I sent it back) and had fantastic mounding but the wires were a little too narrow (cup too small). So if you're just between sizes, the smaller one will give you the best cleavage.

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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on May 30, 2013

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    Hasn't set fit