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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Chp Gazeta (447) » 65GG 30:10

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage73.7
B. perimeter30.6
Stretched Band74.2
Band Length57.7
Cup width14.4
Cup depth26.4
Wire length25.8
Cup height17.2
Cup separation1.6
Gore height8.8
Wing height10.9
Strap width1.7

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  1. 1

    Didn't fit

    Brand new, wear testing. Very firm band for a 65, with very little stretch. Has cute detailing at the straps that is horribly uncomfortable. Material is pretty, much prettier in person. Inside stitching is not pretty at all, I'll try and get a picture of it.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Mar 18, 2014 Flag this

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  2. 0


    The inside of the cups is horridly sloppy, with those black ugly stitches out in the open like nobody's business.
    I love the newspaper print and overall design of this bra, it's very unique - but unfortunately the fit isn't great. Which is weird, because other CHP's in the same size are perfect.
    The straps are too-wide set, a problem which I never ever encountered in any bra, be it Ewa's CHP or any other. This fucks up the fit and comfort of this bra for me. I still wear it occasionally because it's so pretty, but can't manage to keep it on more than a couple hours. I should sell it on really, but I'm sentimental and I like pretty things.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on May 23, 2015 Flag this

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    • I thought that this one is discounted did you buy from ewa directly?

    • 1

      No, I bought it from a person on the FB swap group a while ago.

    • 2

      I know how tough it is to let go of bras that you're in a love/hate relationship with! Pretty things that don't fit are The. Worst.

    • 1

      Right?! I try to convince myself that "well, maybe it isn't so pretty after all" but that's just a lie. Then I try to convince myself that comfort and fit come before beauty but that's a lie too.

    • There's a FB swap group???

      Your last comment cracked me up. It's why I'm having a hard time convincing myself to sell my Alice. It's so stupidly beautiful.

    • Yes, it's called Clothes for Boobs Buy/Sell/Chat/Share.

      Let's make a deal: if/when I end up selling my Gazeta, you should sell your Alice too! ;-)

    • 1

      (It'll be like a support group: Bralove/hate Anonymous)

    • Ooh, I'm gonna look that group up! I've almost talked myself into selling Alice, but I'm going to wait until my ice blue Rhea comes in first, assuming it fits. I stumbled across it on r/braswap. Alice is my only blue bra, and even though I find myself avoiding it, I love the color so much I think I'll feel better about it once I have another blue bra in my closet hahaha I'm such a spazz!!!

    • If you do ever decide to sell it, I'll take it... but I'll probably need to do something about the wide straps.

    • I wonder if this is the one I originally had.... I passed it on to someone in Australia on the FB group.
      I am very interested in your comparison to other CHPs. I had completely given up on that style after the Gazeta fail. For such a pretty bra I have to wonder what on earth they were doing.

    • I did buy it from someone in Australia, and looking at your photos I do think it's your bra that I have! Ha.
      In comparison with other CHP's, this one has much tighter band, wider wires, and possibly less projection? I should make proper measurements to be sure, but you should totally try another CHP, as this is definitely an odd one out.

    • bybabysrules if you made the transfer here on the site it will be very easy to track if it's the same bra :)

    • I wonder if the fucked-up fit is a general issue in this model, or perhaps it's just this specific one bra that was born into misery and despair.

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  3. 0

    Didn't fit

    Soooo much fun, but it runs big.

    I bought this bra in this size because my CH bras in 65G were now too small, and the S bras I had bought in 65GG were a good fit, but this bra is just too much too big for me to wear." alt=":-(" /> The wires are wider than I'm used to in EM bras, so the straps rub under my arms, and I have nowhere near enough upper fullness to fill it out, so the cup wrinkles to the point where I think it's visible under my clothes. I really wish this one worked for me, but I think I'd need it at least one cup size smaller.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Apr 12, 2014 Flag this

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  4. -

    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Mar 05, 2015