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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Bm Wersal (1310) » 60KK 28:16

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage66.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band71.7
Band Length57.7
Cup width15.7
Cup depth40.0
Wire length31.5
Cup height25.4
Cup separation1.4
Gore height10.5
Wing height11.5
Strap width2.2

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    Didn't fit

    BM Wersal 60KK
    This is my second attempt with Wersal, having tried it prior in 60K. While the 60K wasn’t a terrible fit, it didn’t tack and based on the other BM’s I’ve tried in both 60K & 60KK, I was confident I would get a better fit with the 60KK here as well.

    BM Wersal is a beautifully bright blue laced BM with beige lining. The cup construction is the typical BM style, with 2 lower vertical sections (1 seam) and 1 upper horizontal section, with a wedge area that connects the straps to the cups securely. The upper horizontal section is always made of a stretch lace, ... and this particular model has the upper lace section lined as well, which can vary by model. This lining doesn’t provide bulk, just modesty so you can’t see the nipples through the bra but does not stop them from showing through a shirt on a cold day. The BM style bra is not padded and provides full and separated coverage.

    The band measures 22.75” and stretches to 28” so, like the 60K, it’s firmer than the typical no lace band. One odd feature for this model is it has 3 hooks but only 3 rows of eye loops. Every single Ewa bra I’ve gotten so far has had 4 rows of eye loops, so I was surprised this one only had 3. The stock photos reflected this as well though, so I knew it was a possibility before receiving.

    Cup Depth as measured by:
    1 Hovering the cup between the knees, then placing the tape measure into the cups without any resistance.
    This measurement is: 12.75”

    2 Placing the cup over the knee and stretching it similar to what a breast would, to the maximum resistance.
    This measurement is: 15.9”

    I feel these two figures give you a general idea of the minimum and maximum depth that the cup can accommodate, just like the flat and stretched band measurements do with bands. Since Bratabase only has one cup field, I enter the larger of the two, as it’s this larger number that determines if a cup is going to fit me or not since I am on the max end of the cup scale, but do realize that some may need the lower number to determine fit for their needs, so I will always include both figures in the reviews for full disclosure.

    The cup height is 10”, width is 6.25”, and the gore .55” wide with 4.15” tall. To compare, the 60K had a depth of 12.5” to a max of 15.85”, height of 9.85”, gore .5” wide with 4.15” tall.

    While I cannot tell yet if there is more depth below the apex to justify a 60KK, it is clear that this one measures far too similar to the 60K, and disappointing based on measurements. All 4 in this order were 60KK bras that I’d tried prior in 60K, and all 4 did not have enough of a difference to make them a cup up from the 60K, in fact, one (Kawa) was actually smaller in the cup than the 60K.

    As for fit, the band is super comfortable on the tightest hooks, which is about normal for me at this point. The gore sits 1.5 fingers off the sternum, so exactly the same as the 60K Wersal. The cups themselves are a nice full fit and are comfortable. So while there is no improvement in fit compared to the 60K, this one is still wearable, at least at my current low tide. I will keep the 60K in my dead bra bin in case I need a smaller cup in the future (so I don’t stretch them out), but plan on trying to get some use out of this one now so it’s not a total loss.

    So, with this order, I got 2 that fit better in the cup, one that fit the exact same, and one that that fit smaller/worse. I am taking it that the seamstress was having an off day and hopefully this isn’t an indicator of future orders to come. It is orders like these that shed light on the fact that discrepancies within our database here aren’t always measuring differences, but indeed can/do reflect manufacturing differences.

    This order marks 44 bras I’ve attempted with Ewa, of which 22 have been BMs, of those 1 being 60JJ, 11 being 60K, 10 being 60KK so I am confident now that I should be going with the 60KK, and that aside from this rogue order, the style is consistent otherwise.

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