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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Bm La Gloria (1173) » 65JJ 30:14

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band74.4
Band Length53.3
Cup width17.3
Cup depth30.5
Wire length30.5
Cup height24.1
Cup separation0.5
Gore height9.7
Wing height11.2
Strap width2.3

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  1. 4

    Didn't fit

    My band measurements right now: 27" tight, 27.8" comfortable, 29.2" full exhale.

    I absolutely love the color of this bra. It's stunning in person.

    Upon measuring, I thought the band ran and fit quite tight for this model. I also think the cups look quite pointy, but maybe that's just the silhouette I'm rocking right now? I also think that it would be ideal to try a 60KK/65K in this bra, as I have quite a bit of quadding on my left (larger) side given the right angle. The strap placement is always an issue for me.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Dec 17, 2018 Flag this

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      I definitely agree you need to size up in cup. You shouldn't be squeezing your larger side into a smaller cup when it's quadding so much. I can relate to why you're trying--it's hard getting used to not as much support on the smaller side, but eventually you don't even notice it.

      As for the shape, I agree it looks a bit pointy. It could be the bra, or it could be your own shape (I can't confirm it being the bra because my La Gloria is not pointy, but it's also 5-6 cups smaller than this, so who knows.) How does it look under a shirt? What happens if you tighten the straps a little bit?

      Again, not really relevant cause I'm so much smaller than you JJ-K cup ladies, but in 70G I find I lack upper fullness to fill out the cup completely and it gives me a slightly pointed shape rather than a nice round one I get in a cup size smaller. That being said, it still looks really nice under a shirt and it's not hardcore pointy Madonna boob (which I've been known to get in Panaches and such).

    • 1

      To explain, I think it looks way pointier in photos with just the bra on because you can actually see the whole cup and your brain cannot unsee that. With a shirt on it might be a bit better!

    • 1

      brasaremean I agree. *Sigh* I should just return it that way I don't have to squeeze my way into it every. Single. Time.

      I added a picture under a shirt. It looks about as bad. I've never really had an issue with this before, so maybe it correlates a little to what happens to you? I can't really say for certain either. Maybe it's what happens when I wear too small of a BM.. maybe my tissue squishes into it so much. Eh *shrug*

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      brasaremean I actually compared it to my Sofia in terms of measurements and the gore is half an inch lower.. and the unstretched cup depth was also half an inch less. Heck, the band measured more like a 60 as well. Maybe the bra was just made too small.. maybe it was more like a 60JJ?

    • 1

      Maybe it's the case or rogue seamstress again! I do agree it does look still pointy but not as pointy as in the pictures without a shirt. Still if you're not okay with that, you shouldn't have to put up with it. Is the bra returnable?

      I'm surprised at such discrepancy in measurements, it sounds more like it's some in-between size than either 60 or 65 with a JJ cup.

    • 2

      brasaremean Maybe you're right! Eek! And I just don't like it. Luckily, it is returnable, so I'm going to return it and the shop owner is going to order it in a 60KK for me instead :) although, trying this 65JJ is confirming my suspicions though.. the three 65J BM's I ordered will probably not fit either. :(

      Indeed.. the measurements sure seemed odd to me!

    • 1

      Hopefully the 60KK works better for you!

    • 2

      brasaremean hopefully! It'll be a long while before I'm able to get my hands on it though. Likely not until February we're guessing.

    • Oh dear. I was going to suggest to go to a store and try it on yourself (foolishly thinking the holidays would be the holdup) but they more than likely just have to order that for you direct from Ewa, don't they? They dont have 60KKs available just like that. Sorry :(

    • Oh dear. I was going to suggest to go to a store and try it on yourself (foolishly thinking the holidays would be the holdup) but they more than likely just have to order that for you direct from Ewa, don't they? They dont have 60KKs available just like that. Sorry :(

    • Whoops, double comment. Sorry

    • 1

      Yeahhhh, 60KK isn't a common size, so she does have to order from Ewa directly :)
      And no worries to the double comment. The more the merrier 🤣🤷

    • It's okay DerangedDragons19 I will gladly welcome you into my 60KK club. :-D This also gets me convinced you should be doing the 60Q Comexim, as wonky as that cup tends to be.
      I agree, our rouge seamstress strikes again!! I am getting more nervous about my pending orders with each passing day (and added reviews..... :-/)

    • 1

      MamaPagan woohoo! Thanks! My darn boobs I tell ya what.

    • 3

      If you are full on top you could get a pointy look from a cup not being big enough or tall enough, causing it to smoosh the top of your boob. That’s my diagnosis for this bra.

    • La Gloria does have a more rigid/sturdier lace than any of my other BMs so that's a god possibility!

    • 1

      The BM gives a more natural look for the most part, and less rounded than the SM or even SF styles. If you look at all the entered photos for La Gloria, there's more pointy natural than rounded ones in the mix. It's also about capuring the right angle, haha, as in my photos some look more rounded while others more natural. That being said, you could be spot on with your diagnosis cupandahalf.

      And yes brasaremean, The tulle tension is greater with this one, even compared to it's sister model, Crazy. Crazy had the looser more open top like the full lace Bibis, at least on the one I tried. I was surprised that the two didn't fit/wasn't constructed the same. It's these differences within construction of the same style that frustrates me most. How can we know if the style will work-or a particular size with in it-if they don't keep the construction the same and universal for that style for each and every model? You've got really rigid (Sofia, Kawa) Semi Rigid (La Gloria, Rubin) midway (Antonina, Wersal) and Soft/more open (Bibi Black, Bibi Flamenco) it's impossible to get a perfect fit in them all with these variants. Then you add the rouge seamstress, and you get these odd ball fits that don't match the normal pattern, like Klejnot... These bras are too pricey to have so many inconsistencies.

    • 1

      Don’t forget about BM Grace with her 6.5” wires. Yikes!

    • Yes, that one is crazy too!

    • 3

      I agree the bras are too expensive not to have a standard of sorts.

      That being said our loss is someone else's gain -- BMs that don't fit me for a reason might fit someone else *because of that reason*.
      Which I think is a fine tradeoff as everyone can find something for themself.
      I just wish someone would tell us... this is like this, top lace is very rigid/soft, the wires on this one are a bit wider etc.
      They are pretending theyre all the same! Look at what DerangedDragons19 got. A size that is neither here nor there, a shape she didn't get with Sofia. These things shouldn't be a thing!

    • Exactly brasaremean. Exactly.

    • 2

      I just wanna make an informed purchase you know?
      This way someone has to get one that doesn't fit in order for the rest of us to know.

    • 1

      Yes, like the listings that say "band runs quite tight", why not state the lace variations the same way? "Top of cup is more open than standard BM" or "lace is firmer than usual" etc. So we can adjust size by detail or avoud what we know isn't compatible with our shape and firmness.
      Same with the Full lace vs half lace vs SF. Why not have it stated how the sizing varies, and hold to that, instead of telling one person one thing and another something diiferent, or just specifying that the differences vary by band/cup combo? Give us something solid to guide us, please!!
      We won't even bring up our rouge seamstress again, or how she is really mucking it up for us....

    • 2

      About half lace BMs, I will say that one thing I've noticed is that there are most fit issues with those out of all BMs.
      Why won't they just come out and say that denser, heavier tissue will not benefit from that bra? Don't get me wrong, my boobs are not heavy at all, they are very deflated and malleable, so I don't have these issues to that degree (unless I loosen the straps for comfort in which case cups collapse on me), but for heavier ones there is just not enough support in that single layer of fabric to carry the weight of the boobs. Like you say, bra vs boob, the boob always wins!

    • 2

      I'm just saying, it would most likely result in a lot more customer satisfaction if they just informed us about 'what this bra can and can't do'.

    • 2

      brasaremean On the flip side they don't say that SF isn't really good for firm boobs. All her write-ups on the site say "good for soft boobs". Mine won't take any shape so the stiffer the bra, the more the bra fails. Not all SFs are as stiff as Blueberry though. 😒

    • brasaremean On the flip side they don't say that SF isn't really good for firm boobs. All her write-ups on the site say "good for soft boobs". Mine won't take any shape so the stiffer the bra, the more the bra fails. Not all SFs are as stiff as Blueberry though. 😒

    • 3

      See even that. "the lining of this bra is a little softer/stiffer than our SF standard'.
      Just little things like that that would make it so much easier for us. Like I don't care, I bought all the BMs I wanted, some fit, some don't, some fit weird, some fit really good, but there's people who save up for months to buy one single bra and imagine buying one and it's just awful, simply cause you weren't informed.
      And if I didn't try all these BMs maybe I'd be telling a different story, but each and every one has something that's unlike any other. That should be noted in the description methinks.

    • 1

      I think you have all noted very sound and important fit quirks that really should be noted to the consumer.

      For us to get as much satisfaction, and confidence in the product we're buying (from both a business and consumer point of view) we need to know what works best with it and what doesn't.

      It's, at the very least, a good thing we have bratabase where we can determine/view how a particular bra may fit. But even then, that's all dependent on the information that is already there.

    • 2

      Sovavosi Blueberry is just an off fit IMO. I think my fav SF fit wise is Princessa, even though it is not a color I am particularly fond of. Comfortable though and shaped nicely-& I love that smooth top yet lace bottom. It's a nice backwards from normal bra. I'd love it more if it was a better color-blue, purple, green, brown, or even black would be nice.

    • 1

      It had to be my first Sf gosh darnit lol

    • Just your luck, right? ;-)

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