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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Bm La Gloria (1173) » 60KK 28:16

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage66.3
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band72.5
Band Length56.8
Cup width15.5
Cup depth38.3
Wire length32.2
Cup height25.4
Cup separation1.4
Gore height11.0
Wing height11.9
Strap width2.1

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  1. 6

    Used to fit

    I'm currently measuring a 27.0" underbust, which I find to be quite surprising. The band on this bra stretches to 27.5" before there's wire distortion. I'm wearing this bra on the loosest hooks, but I feel like I could get away with the third hookset already due to slight sliding.

    I think that the cups fit amazing. I feel like I've got a fantastic happy medium going on with it. My smaller side has a bit of gapping at the top of the lace, while my larger side is straining a bit, but isn't bulging. Pictures don't show the straining as much, but as I'm sitting here writing (and ... admiring my breasts), I can feel my larger side cutting into the lace a little bit. This affirms, to me at least, that I'm in between a KK/L cup. I think when I hit high tide, this bra is going to be too small. You'll also notice that on the side view on my larger side, not all of my tissue is encapsulated by the bra cup, but it's pretty close.

    I'm pretty happy with the fit, albeit it's not perfect, but it's 10x better than my current 65J bras that are digging mercilessly basically everywhere.

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    • 1

      Hurray!! It looks good.

    • 1

      Sovavosi Thanks! I think this is why Brownie fit so weird to me. It must have been 1.5ish cups too big on my smaller side and just right to .5ish cups too big on my larger side. I think high tide would be a fantastic time for a 60L BM 🙃

    • 1

      Woohoo, now you know :)

    • 1

      This is great! Really glad it worked out for you

    • Sovavosi Absolutely 😁

    • 1

      Frazzleberry Hey thanks! I was a little bewildered at the measurements of mine compared to, MamaPagan 's La Gloria, but I'm just ecstatic I have a wearable bra!

    • 2

      Ewa is consistently inconsistent. I just re-ordered La Gloria in 60K, curious what band size I am going to get. 🤨

    • 1

      Sovavosi Touché 😬
      Ooh. That might be interesting! I was a little worried about the measurement of my stretched band. I didn't realize how tiny my underbust was today haha.
      I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get a true 60 band too :P

    • 1

      This bra is so stunning! I can't wait for mine to arrive, I just adore it. It looks beautiful on you! Glad you got a (mostly) great fit.

    • 1

      I'm excited for yours to arrive too Wilderness1! I never get tired of seeing it! It's such a lovely shade of green 😍
      Thank you! I'm pretty excited about the fit myself ;)

    • 1

      This is so beautiful and looks gorgeous on you!

    • Thank you Sonya 😁

    • 1

      It looks like a better fit for sure! Glad you found a great fit that you can be happy with. 💙

    • Thanks MamaPagan :)

    • 3

      This looks gorgeous on you, it really does! You must be so happy to have a great fit.

      On a bra-nerdery level, your comment about containment is interesting and brings up an often-neglected issue about fitting full bust bra-wearers for optimal support. As far as I can tell from the fit on numerous users across diverse size ranges, the BM model is not necessarily DESIGNED to cover and contain 100% of the wearer's tissue (overall Polish bra brands are much less likely than UK, US or even French ones to ever offer a truly full-coverage style because I guess those are not popular with their local customers). So, depending on where the uncontained tissue is and how the bra behaves when it's worn, that may or may not indicate a size problem per se. On the other hand, in your size range it's not uncommon for people to prefer a fit where they do have true/complete containment, because this can help maximize support, keep everything feeling more secure and is often the best way to overcome the problem of cup edges too shallow to allow a full tack.

      Of course, designing a bra that will provide both full coverage on most wearers AND that has more centered straps, is definitely an even more direct path to maximal support for the higher cup volumes... many brands specialized in the plus size/full cup market seem aware of this, so it would be really pretty cool if the ones who design for small band sizes could also accept that idea! The success of more "retro" pinup styles might eventually persuade them, who knows.

    • 3

      wendybien but of course centered straps can also close the top center of the cups, leading to a bra that is either too short/closed- and that doesn’t work for a fot and/or centerfull shape.

      I have been trying to figure out how I would create a bra that is round enough for my fot and centerfull shape, closed enough for my short roots, and has centered straps. It’s a conundrum.

    • cupandahalf this is true as well! But if you're considering designs that return to the really old-school levels of coverage, you can often bypass that issue by simply raising the "neckline" of the bra so high that the cup edge is no longer traversing an area of substantial boob tissue. For some people this could make the gore too tall of course. And if you make it nonwired, many cup constructions can result in an east-west shape that some people do not like. So you have to find a way through all these constraints of course. You should blog about your process if you are trying to figure out a homemade pattern!

      Strictly in terms of support, though, the level of strap-spacing insanity that can be observed on the designs for the wearers with the smallest backs and largest cups is an obvious fail. So obvious that I think it reflects a simple choice not to work further on the grading for those sizes because they don't sell as many of them, and because they have a captive customer base.

    • 2

      Yes, my problem is that my breasts touch in the center about 2.5 inches up from my root so I also can’t do a high gore. I sew all my rtw bras gores together at the top because otherwise they don’t tack and the bra completely destabilizes and slides down.

      Also, I’m so high set that I’ve actually bent over and poked myself in the chin with a gore that was higher than 4 inches! So a high gore would make most of my clothes unwearable. I have been trying to figure out if I could do something with a Plunge high apex bra.

      I agree, and I believe it’s just large cup in general. There aren’t too many of us in the J+ range and we are sort of stuck with the few brands we get.

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  2. 3

    Used to fit

    The cup construction of La Gloria is the typical BM style, with 2 lower vertical sections (1 seam) and 1 upper horizontal section, with a wedge area that connects the straps to the cups securely. The upper horizontal section is always made of a stretch lace, and this particular model has the upper lace section lined as well, which can vary by model. This lining doesn’t provide bulk, just modesty so you can’t see the nipples through the bra but does not stop them from showing through a shirt on a cold day. The BM style bra is not padded and provides full and separated coverage.

    The ... band measures 22.875” and stretches to 29”. It has the standard 3 hooks with 4 rows of eye loops.

    Cup Depth as measured by:
    1 Hovering the cup between the knees, then placing the tape measure into the cups without any resistance.
    This measurement is: 12.5”

    2 Placing the cup over the knee and stretching it similar to what a breast would, to the maximum resistance.
    This measurement is: 15.75”

    I feel these two figures give you a general idea of the minimum and maximum depth that the cup can accommodate, just like the flat and stretched band measurements do with bands. Since Bratabase only has one cup field, I enter the larger of the two, as it’s this larger number that determines if a cup is going to fit me or not since I am on the max end of the cup scale, but do realize that some may need the lower number to determine fit for their needs, so I will always include both figures in the reviews for full disclosure.

    The cup width is 6”, gore 0.5” wide and 4.15” tall, and wing of 4.75”.

    While I didn’t try La Gloria in a 60K, I do have BM Crazy in that size which is the same lace and seemingly same liner, just with hot pink accents instead of black. To compare, Crazy had a 21.75”-29.75” band, 12.25”-15” cup depth, height of 9.25”, gore 0.6” and 4.15” width and height, and a 5” wing. This shows that my La Gloria has a firmer band and a lower wing, which is surprising, but the cup difference is logical in increase.

    As for fit, the cups are perfectly hugging and the gore is just under 1 finger off the sternum which is standard for me. This one fits a lot better than its counterpart, BM Crazy, which is surprising as I anticipated it to fit the same since the lace and lining are the same. The mesh lining behind the stretch lace seems firmer than with Crazy, but not as firm as with Sofia.

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