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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Bm Bibi Beżowa Perła (533) » 75F 34:7

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage80.8
B. perimeter28.5
Stretched Band81.8
Band Length65.9
Cup width14.3
Cup depth25.8
Wire length25.7
Cup height19.5
Cup separation1.6
Gore height7.0
Wing height11.0
Strap width1.7

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  1. 4

    Used to fit

    This is a variation on the previous Ewa Michalak bra I ordered, 80E - Ewa Michalak » Bm Bibi Black (1000) , in a peachy nude colour.

    I ordered this one in 75F. It fits beautifully, but the issue with Bibi Black I had was that the band stretched out very fast and now it rides up even on the tightest hooks. That being said, this one fits tighter than that on the loosest, but we shall see how it stretches out. I think I would not mind if it stretched out a little bit because then it'd cover me on those 'everything is too tight' days ... during my period.
    Also, in this review I will mostly compare it to the other Bibi I already have, because I have no other EM bras atm. For reference, my larger side is the one where the tag is.

    The bra is... a beautiful peachy colour. My photos really don't do it justice. I wouldn't say it suits my skin tone as a nude that well but it's not too bright and it is pretty much invisible under a light coloured shirt. I didn't notice any extreme nipple showing through the bra either. There is a very cute pearl pendant over the bow at the gore. So fitting and not tacky at all!

    The lace is soft and very stretchy, making it perfect for my asymmetry, and the cups are pretty sturdy. The horizontal seam where lace starts cuts is on my larger side a little bit, I expect this to stretch out a little as well, as it did on the Bibi Black. If not, that's okay as it's really not visible under clothing unless you know what to look for. The seams in general do show a little bit under very tight or thin shirts. I think I do prefer the solid lower part of the cup over the lacy one of the Bibi Black. It just feels more supportive (and makes me very happy" alt=":)" />).

    Wires are firm, narrow, but very comfortable for me. They follow my imf perfectly. I do expect some sliding down on my smaller side... it's just a necessary evil to fit my larger side I think.

    The gore tacks perfectly, doesn't cut in to either side and is pretty much a golden standard for how all the gores ever should be if that was my decision" alt=":)" />.

    The straps are honestly a little too wide set, but I'm used to it as it's the same as Bibi Black. The scallop-y edges of the straps are what bothers me personally, they rub against my skin and it can get pretty irritated, but again, this is what I experienced with the Bibi Black. After a while and a couple of washes it got better. The straps are a little short too. I did ask for them to be longer as I'm pretty low set, but idk if that change went through and I don't have my other bra to cross-reference right now. Unlike Bibi Black, I do not have strap gap with this one.

    What I like about both my Bibis is that they give this... not-really-round-but-not-pointy-either shape. Breasts just look natural. Hopefully it is the same with all BM (and SF) bras as I'm about to make another order" alt=":D" />. I think this EM size might be the one, and it only took two tries!

    Update: 3 weeks in, I have to fasten it on the third row of hooks. I do think Ewa bands run tight at first, however they also stretch out very fast. I suggest getting the equivalent of your UK band size in Ewa bands, at least in BM line.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Oct 20, 2018 Flag this

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    • This was one of my first 2 ewas, and my first BM, and I adored it!

    • 1

      Yes it is not only beautiful but also very supportive. I wonder if I'm imagining it being more supportive than the lacy BM or if that's a real thing.

    • I LOVE the half lace BMs-they are my bra bliss. They fit better than the full lace BMs(which don't tack),sand so supportive and comfy that I can almost forget I am wearing a bra. I do love the full lace BMs and the SFs, but these half lace BMs are pure bliss!

    • I LOVE the half lace BMs-they are my bra bliss. They fit better than the full lace BMs(which don't tack),sand so supportive and comfy that I can almost forget I am wearing a bra. I do love the full lace BMs and the SFs, but these half lace BMs are pure bliss!

    • 1

      Yes right! I'm wearing it rn and am not itching to take it off. It really is a lot of difference compared to the Bibi Black. Now I'm torn between ordering the black one like this, or SF Kicia!

    • 1

      I have Tulipan (the black one) and it is bra perfection. Bianca (White one) & Fuksja (black with purple) are the same. You can't go wrong with them!

    • 2

      Oh wow, the lace on Fuksja is precious! So gorgeous

    • It really is! I think it's the same lace as on PL Dark Magenta. I am a total sucker for all things Purple. (And Green, & Blue......)

    • 1

      Want some bright coloured ones as I've totally missed out on Absynt :( I'm surprised there's no more of these half-lace (didn't know that's what you call them) bras in different colours...
      I ordered Rubin, Blueberry, Fluo and Baklazan today... Trying really hard not to spend any more money, and reasoning with myself Porto and Baklazan are very similar anyway...

    • I am hoping for more as well. She had a gorgeous blue one last year that i missed out on, & there's a few others in the database from prior years, but it doesn't look like she does nearly as many as the full lace BMs. I have Scarlet on order , which only leaves this one for me to get. Hopefully Zenith will be one, though it may be a SF instead (along with a padded version or two.)

    • brasaremean check out Forever Yours Lingerie in Langley, BC. I saw that they had Absynt recently, though I have not checked sizes lately. The new Rubin is hot pink and black (and also my maiden/family name).

    • Calluna thank you for this. I will try to order it however it doesn't seem to be accepting my billing address at all since they don't ship to where I live. Sigh.

    • Maybe give them a call or email?

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