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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Bm Bibi Beżowa Perła (533) » 70G 32:9

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage77.5
B. perimeter33.6
Stretched Band81.8
Band Length62.9
Cup width14.0
Cup depth28.8
Wire length26.9
Cup height20.0
Cup separation1.6
Gore height7.2
Wing height10.6
Strap width1.9

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  1. 5


    My shape: full on bottom, soft tissue, narrow shoulders/roots.
    Appearance: Very well-constructed, shiny satin beige bra with stretchy lace top of the cups. I love the little pearl charm at the gore, but it could be an issue showing up under shirts. The fabric is really smooth and soft! This is perfect for hot summer days.
    I included pictures of me wearing it under a light blue tank top so you could see that it doesn't show up underneath light colored tops. (Except the strap where it sticks out. Not much I can do about that, hah!)
    Fit: I've had mostly successes with the BM styles, and this one is no ... different. It's the first half satin, half stretchy lace style I have tried, and it fits quite well. As always, I have issues with the fabric and strap digging into my armpit on one side, so I will probably move the elastic over so it isn't as bothersome.
    Overall, for a "plain" beige bra, this one is very nice! I ordered this one from Levana Bratique; she calls it the "Tulip" bra.It seriously only took two days to get here once I ordered it. I love that I can get Ewa bras so fast in the US.

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    Updated on Jul 02, 2018 Flag this

    • It's the beige one! When you mentioned Tulip, I assumed it would be Tulipan which is the black one.

      Do you find this one to be more comfortable than the full lace BMs? For me these half lace ones have been every time.

      It looks like a great fit, so woohoo! :-)

    • MamaPagan I haven't worn it much longer than a few minutes yet, but it felt really comfy! I'll wear it all day after I move that pesky elastic strap over, and get back with you. :)

    • I eagerly await an update :-)

    • 1

      This was one of the first Ewa's I owned (but in 70J, I think) - I loved it and was so sad when I outgrew it

    • Beautiful!!!

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  2. 1

    Used to fit

    I am evenly round in shape with a touch of FOB and I am fairly wide set - I have yet to encounter a gore too wide for me. I also have narrow shoulders, very soft tissue, and narrow roots.

    I love this bra but the straps are just too wide set for my narrow shoulders. Plus, I'm between band sizes and this is the larger so it only fits on the tightest hooks. I love the materials, especially for the price. The straps are also as extended as far as possible and I am only 5'7". The lace covers my assymetry ... very well and the shape is very round with just a hint of pointiness. I tried the sister size down 65GG, but the wires were ever so slightly too narrow for me so I got poked. With soft tissue, this was agony. I had a 65H made for me, but the cups are too big - possibly alterable - and somehow the straps are wider than the 65GG. I will enter the 65H next with full measurements.

    Alas, the quest goes on for a soft cup bra that fits and feels comfortable, yet gives a rounder shape and doesn't cover every inch of skin!

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Oct 04, 2016 Flag this

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  3. 0

    Didn't fit

    Bought this bra used here on bratabase. It's my first Ewa bra and I see why these are so popular. The bra itself is in okay/good condition, but the lace at the top of the cup is stretched out. Gives an odd indent at the cup seam. This is an older bra and I was warned that the band has more stretch than is currently made. Still worth $10 to try for size and fit. I may take a dart in the lace to make it more wearable.

    The wires are nice and narrow, the straps seem to stay on my shoulders, although they are right on the edge. (It doesn't hurt that I have square shoulders, though they are narrow.) Enough projection, for sure, and a nice round shape. Gore is lower than I'd prefer, but I don't think I'll spill out. Wings low and don't poke. What's not to love? Other than it being stretched.

    I've ordered a new one of these from Levana, so will review that when it arrives.

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  4. 0

    Didn't fit

    My shape: FOB, soft tissue, projected, narrow roots and shoulders
    I received this bra from another user here as a swap. This appears to me an older model version of the Bibi Pearl, since the tag says "Effuniak" instead of "Ewa Michalak." There is pilling on the stretch lace of the cups, and the band is a lot stretchier than my newer version of this bra. Some threads along the bottom elastic are pulled, as well, but other than that, it's still in wearable condition.
    This fits me everywhere but the top; the lace has been stretched a bit too much, so it doesn't offer the same support.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Sep 04, 2018 Flag this

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  5. -

    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Nov 26, 2016