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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Bm Bakłażan (1417) » 70FF 32:8

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage76.3
B. perimeter28.8
Stretched Band80.4
Band Length61.9
Cup width14.0
Cup depth26.0
Wire length25.0
Cup height19.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height6.7
Wing height10.5
Strap width1.8

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  1. 6

    Used to fit

    BM Baklazan is a beautiful dark violet bra. The lace is very delicate and soft and looks so so beautiful.

    The bra fits about the same as my other BM bras.

    Three part cups, with the top being very stretchy lace (stretchier than usual to be honest). I think this bra has some in cup quad potential because the lace on top is that soft and stretchy. If I puff my chest out I definitely get some quadding in my silhouette, luckily I don't usually do that in public so no big deal.

    The band, even tho lined with lace, is a little looser than I'd like. I'd say overall, it's ... as loose as my 75F - Ewa Michalak » Bm Bibi Beżowa Perła (533) when I first got it. This worries me because if it stretches out it will be too loose" alt=":(" />. But we shall see what happens.

    The gore overlaps and is very comfortable for me. Perfect tack. The little bow is very cute.

    As a last minute alteration, Ewa made the straps longer for me. She added 10 cm to them and they are perfect" alt=":)" />. That being said in the photos they are very loose because I didn't tighten them at all when I first tried it on. The bra still looks like it has enough support even so. Good to see my hunch was right that I don't actually need overly tight straps in order to carry the weight of my boobs.

    Overall, this might be the prettiest BM bra of the lot. I can't get over how beautiful this lace is. The bra fits well enough, I think.

    edit: After wearing it a while, I find 2 things about this bra that I did not initially:
    1. The lace under the cups bothers me a lot. I have to sort of bend the lace away from my body in order for it to not bother my skin. It's not that rough to the touch, though, but I guess my underbust skin is sensitive to it. I will not be purchasing any more bras that have that lace on the band under the cups.
    2. This bra is just not as supportive as my other BMs. They are all the same size, but this one offers considerably less support. Overall, I don't like wearing this bra.

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    Updated on Nov 26, 2018 Flag this

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      Ewa did a fit customization?? What!!?!?! Unheard of.

      Anyways, this looks beautiful on you. Perfect shape & I love the color. I love the BM bras, I wish her prices hadn’t gone up. I also wish i could get one of these mythical looser bands people are talking about lately. My 65 band Fluo has no stretch & is so tight.

    • 1

      The bras fit really well but the straps were so so short it was giving me severe neck pain. I still wear the Fluo, but just cannot deal with the Blueberry straps. I explained the situation to them and they agreed to make them longer on my remaining orders, thankfully. They were about to ship them too but held off in order to make alteration. Kaska is a champion that she sorted this out for me!

      And I really really think they are making bands looser now. I do have a Fluo in 70FF as well and it is considerably tighter than either of the bras I received today (or the SF I got). I'm talking like, these fit like true 70s, the Fluo fits more like a 65 on me.

      It is also very possible the prices have gone up because of some new tax laws in Poland I heard about. In Eastern Europe in general the prices (of pretty much everything) have skyrocketed.
      I do think it's unfair that she charges for Paypal fees as it's against Paypal ToS. On top of that, she also charges Paypal fees for the tax which is also against ToS. But alas.

    • I'm glad she lengthened the straps for you! It looks beautiful.
      Have you considered reporting Ewa to paypal? If she clearly doing things against there ToS then she should be reported...but then again...knowing Ewa she'd just likely hike the prices up even more given her terrible attitude.

    • Eh I would personally not report for something like that, mainly because if it really bothered me then I would simply not get bras from them...

    • I have reported Ewa to PayPal. They didn’t seem to care.

    • Unfortunately I don’t have any other options for bras that fit well & I really can’t afford her anymore. The price after all her taxes & fees is beyond what I can really justify.

    • That is completely understandable. For me it's a little easier cause I pay way less for shipping.
      Is it any cheaper to get the bras at US stores that carry EM or are they still too much?

    • I know it's a bit odd to throw this comment in here, but it's nice to see you back around lcl0706 !

      I live in the US as well and while there are few places to buy Ewas bras here, I find it's impossible for me to get custom sizing through them and they mostly offer VERY large cup bras and not too many small bands. I know a couple rave about how good some of them are at ordering custom sizes for you and responding to emails I've never gotten a respond to any of my emails to any of the sellers of Ewa bras in the US.

    • Did you try Jaimie at Bra Obsessed (I know it's Canada but close enough!)

    • Yeah, she was the first one i tried. It's actually cheaper for me to shop out of Canada because it'll be 100$, but since my dollars are US it'll only cost me 80$. I think I might try again sometime soon though, everyone on here is too busty for me to buy their old Ewa bras! lol XD

    • Levana Bratique is US based and Judy is super nice. She has a good size range and it's not significantly more expensive than ordering from Ewa direct. I think it was like $7 more for me to get a set from her rather than Poland. She also has a lot in stock, so it potentially eliminates the wait.

    • Don't forget Broad Lingerie and Forever Yours in Canada also sell Ewa. Though I am not sure what the custom options would be for them. I have emailed with Sam and she has been great. I just lack the money to get anything from her or the other shops.

    • Don't forget Broad Lingerie and Forever Yours in Canada also sell Ewa. Though I am not sure what the custom options would be for them. I have emailed with Sam and she has been great. I just lack the money to get anything from her or the other shops.

    • Duplicate comment, sorry.

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