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Bras » Elomi » Tori Plunge Bra (4370) » 40JJ 40:14

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band102.0
Band Length87.0
Cup width21.5
Cup depth45.0
Wire length42.5
Cup height30.5
Cup separation2.6
Gore height9.0
Wing height14.5
Strap width2.3

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  1. 8

    Didn't fit

    If you are a plus full busted woman then you already are aware of Ewa Michalak’s SM line, and particularly her beige or pink with black seamed bras with detachable or straps, such as Ewa Michalak Sm Ja Weim. You might lament their limited size range, narrow wires, or scaling in larger sizes. If you want a strappy Ewa bra but they just won’t work for these reasons, have I got good news for you! And the fit issues I had with this bra are similar to some of the fit issues with Ewa’s SM bras, so you might not be disappointed there either *wink*.

    The ... Tori has everything I love about lingerie- beautiful details, Art Deco/Arts & Crafts style embroidery mixed with a modern structure and Marlies Dekkers’ strappy luxury, and the comfort and fit Elomi is good at. Thus, Tori is vintage and modern, sexy and comfy, and while the strappy trend is dated now, the embroidery and comfort make it pretty special.

    Its construction is pretty similar to other Elomi plunges. Elomi has been playing with the shape, if not the actual dimensions of their plunges, and I feel like this bra might be what they are going with. Like Elomi Sachi Plunge Bra (4350), Tori is a bit shallower on bottom to provide uplift. This also means I get wrinkles, but no gapping, on the bottom. The apex is a little more widely spaced so, like most bras, I get some wrinkling on the inside too. This particular bra seems slightly shallower/wider spaced than my Sachi on the inside, so without a few modifications the gore does not tack. I think this is to prevent spillover into the center, but since I have very firm center tissue and short roots, that will never be a problem for me.

    The band is true to size, firm, built slightly more for a V shaped body than I would like, but still very comfortable. It is double-lined mesh in back, and the black binding everywhere is soft and velvety. The cups are double-lined non stretch mesh. The top of the cup has a slightly stretchy tape to keep everything in place.

    The straps are like the Sachi- firm stretch elastic with no embellishment. The straps each have little loops to attach the center rose motif. The motif attaches to the gore via loops which are connected to two center buttons.

    Wires are soft and wide and tall at the sides- too soft and wide and tall for me. I need about that width at the bottom of the cup because of my flat roots, but a more vertical, shorter wire on the side. The gore is the usual width, but too wide for me. Once I narrowed the gore at the top and replaced the wires with my usual #60 vertical flat wires from porcelynne, my tissue sank easily into the cup. It’s nice because I needed all the space I could get at the center and narrowing the gore gives me that much more room there.

    I have had to do this mod to basically all my bras so it’s nothing new. I will have to adjust the buttons and loops at the gore but as it stands Tori will be worn a lot- if it’s anything like Sachi it will get worn quite a bit.

    On a woman with taller roots in my size this would be a plunge with a pretty standard plunge shape. On me it fits as a mid coverage bra, but that’s due to shape and size. I’m excited to own a bra like this. I like plunges because the shape is good for my shape, and the beige is a good nude for my skin tone. I feel very sexy but also classy, and I really appreciate the comfort and support. I like that I can wear the bra to work with work appropriate necklines, then attach the motif on my way to dinner out with my husband to make my lbd a wow dress. It’s one of the more expensive non-luxury bras out there, but I think it’s well-worth the price. And considering how well my Sachi has held up, this band will not stretch out, fabric won’t fray, and the bra will last and last, as long as appropriate care is taken.

    TLDR: if you always wanted a strappy bra, but were sized or shaped out, now is your chance. Band and cup are tts, support is excellent, quality and longevity are superb, aesthetic are on point.

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    Tattoo colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Nov 29, 2018 Flag this

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    • 2

      looks like you found a great bra. It looks amazing on you!

    • 2

      The embroidery is absolutely gorgeous. It looks lovely on you, too!

    • 1

      It's beautiful!

    • 2

      Very lovely!

    • That is so pretty on you! Definitely one of those bras that feel special.

    • i was wondering how many bras you own - you do a decent number of reviews (or maybe they just stand out to me, being close to my size but probably not a fit for me!)

    • 1

      dbmamaz I have a lot but most don’t fit as my size has gone from 40H to 38J to 40JJ now.

    • I’m constantly having shape and size changes so I’ve bought way more bras than I should have. Also, I buy a lot, try them, measure them, and return them. The closest store that sells my size is a 5 hr drive away.

    • 1

      Wow!! Another stunner on you!!!

    • 2

      Thanks Love4Pollinators! Also I’m pleased to say that after the above modifications and wearing it 12 hours today I only noticed any discomfort in the last hour or so.

    • dbmamaz I counted and I currently own 15 bras/swim tops I wear regularly, another 17 I wear less frequently, and about 30 more I would love to wear if I shrink/I use for parts.

    • 1

      cool! i currently have 7 in regular rotation and 2 more coming.

    • I have about 5 swim tops and 10 or so bras in rotation so I’m right there with you.

    • 1

      hah, the high-end bra store near me just posted this model on fb! I was all like, Ooh, I know what that is!!

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