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Bras » Ellice Lydia » Rosie Bralet » 26D 26:4

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band78.7
Band Length59.7
Bust perimeter73.7
Cup width19.1
Cup depth20.3
Cup height20.3
Cup separation0.0
Gore height1.3
Wing height1.3
Strap width0.8

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  1. 3

    Didn't fit

    Short summary:

    Terrible experience, shockingly bad customer service and alterations service. I originally ordered 26D but got sent something more like a 32A, after people here wrote to me convincing me I should contact EL - I did and that's where things got even worse. I sent it back to be altered and now the band and cups are more true to size BUT now they've sewn the cups on back to front, they're scrunched up and it looks absolutely awful. How on earth does a seamstress make a mistake like that unless it's just out of spite for me sending it in for alternation...

    Updated on Aug 04, 2021 Flag this

    • 3

      First I want to say thank you for adding your bras and starting to do reviews (blog/review) for them. We appreciate all the data we can get added to the Bratabase, and obscure sizes are always a wonderful addition! ☺

      As an FYI, Wellfitting (that you mentioned in your review) is actually a Comexim brand. While Wellfitting closed last year, Comexim will continue to make the Wellfitting designs under the Comexim name. We should start seeing them added soon.

      We do have both Comexim and Ewa Michalak bras in 24 and 26 bands added here to the database:

      And while there aren’t an extensive amount of bras in the 24:4/26:4 size, there are a few of the bands to get an idea of the flat and stretched measurements to expect from those sizes for both brands.

      As someone who is in the “custom only” size range for both brands, I can say that there are plus sides to both brands, but I personally prefer Ewa Michalak over Comexim, and find them well worth the custom order price.

      Ewa will make several of their styles in the 24(50) and 26(55) bands even when the size isn’t listed. My size is only listed on a few models of one style but I have been able to order it in several styles and models not listed. All you need to do is send a message to Kaska at Ewa ( and let her know what ones you are interested in. She speaks fluent English so communication is quite simple. She will let you know if the ones you want are available and then attach an invoice to your account with a link for you to review and pay for the ones you ask to order. If there are any issues or errors, just send her an email and she’ll correct them. You do need to set up an account on Ewa’s site first, but it’s a very simple process. Styles to look at in the smaller band/cup ranges are: 3D, 3DM, M, HM, and CH, but often can get others such as the S, CHP, SM etc. Ewa’s 3DM is for smaller sizes of the SM style. Also, if you like a bra pattern/color that isn’t available in your style of choice, Ewa is very open to making one model in a different style or color. I have gotten a PL (Dark Magenta) in a CHP style, and changed the color of two bras I’ve ordered (PL Croptop Mascarada with Green from S Zeilony instead of the standard beige, and FC/S Belladonna with Periwinkle from PL Nununu instead of the standard Beige.) I’ve known of several who have done a BM model as an SF, or a SM as a PL etc so the possibilities are not limited to what is written on their site.

      With Comexim, ordering is even simpler, as all you need to do is add any size for the model you want to your cart and then put the size you want (and any customizations you desire such as moving the straps in, lowering the cup height or gore etc) in the comment box before checkout. You will then get an email confirmation and then your order will be made. Comexim does not charge for customizations, aside from making a standard bra into a longline so the price you see is the price you pay.

      Comexim prices are lower than Ewa, but I feel Comexim quality is also lower.

      Depending on how busy both brands are at the time, orders can be filled in a few days but can take up to 5 weeks to process and ship.

      Lastly, with the bralette you ordered, the “No returns” policy typically can be challenged when it is a clear manufacturing error. A 26 band with a flat 23” measurement is not a sizing issue, it’s a manufacturing one. 30-32 bands measure a flat 23” not a 26 band. I would strongly suggest you email them with a complaint. The worst that will happen is they say no, right?

    • 1

      MamaPagan Thank you for your reply and giving me so much information!

      I didn't know Ewa would make custom sizes even for those that don't say, that's great news as there was only about 5 that said they were able to be made in my size but so many I wanted that didn't say. I also didn't know the email ordering was so easy, I'd read reviews which were probably outdated and made it seem difficult and like there was a clear language barrier. I feel much more confident about the ordering process after reading your reply and I think I'll give it a try for my next bra shop.

      I also didn't know ordering from Comexim was so simple either and thought it required an email to order a custom size so I feel better about that too!

      I'll try writing ElliceLydia an email and describing the problem. My 26 band in Wellfitting hasn't yet arrived so I've yet to try a 26 except this bralet and thought maybe this was just how this size was supposed to be but now you've confirmed it's not just me and not normal I'll give emailing them a try in the case two people's orders really did get mixed up.

    • 1

      Comexim uses a translator as they don't speak English personally, but as long as your order isn't too complex, it's a simple process for sure. For Comexim you want to limit the amount of customizations per bra to as few as possible, as the more you add, the higher risk they are not all done. Standard or 1-2 customizations per bra are typically good though. Once your Wellfitting bra arrives, you'll be able to gauge fit and go from there. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any. :-)

    • 2

      I agree, after sending them images of the 26D comexim you own and their bra, they may very well concede and make you new one!
      It is SOO awesome to finally see a smaller busted lady on here! I look forward to reading more of your reviews.

    • 1

      MamaPagan Thank you, I'll remember this when placing any future orders! LeProfessor Thank you! I wasn't going to contact them at first but after you've both confirmed there is a clear error here I'll be sending an email on Monday and see how it goes.

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