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Bras » Elila » Tulip Embroidered Underwire (2801)

Tulip Embroidered Underwire (2801)


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  1. 46 F-F ... (46 :6-:6)

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    Hasn't set fit

    To my standards it's a superb fit - I feel great in it despite some minor wrinkles. And it's still adapting, run-in period so they might smooth in a couple of wears.

    The first underwired bra that I manage to fully befriend. Actually the second since the best tacking gore was so far the one of a Miss Mary of Sweden sturdy power-slip. Others did sort of fit, mostly the dreaded BAFH (Boob Annihilator From Hell) minimizers.

    Here, a completely different story. Is rocket science invoved in this design? Anyhow the engineering, materials and quality of this bra are above premium.

    No-stretch kind of velvety to the touch straps can take ... even substantial over-tightening without discomfort. Don't fall, all elasticity is performed by the back portion.

    Reassuringly hugging wings in perfect balance between band, cups, straps, clasp. Collapsing, cutting? Ridding up? No, that ain't happening. Just hugging with love and authority.

    I like to wear my bras rather tight and this one came true sized well suitable for the purpose. Will maybe hook it tighter as it ages. Better check with Elila in case of sizing doubts. They know their business" alt=";)" />

    I don't have enough letters on my keyboard to describe what happens in the cups. They're hungry, insatiable for boobs. All of my boobs, including endowement I was not aware to posses.

    Three panels design, smooth pleasant microfiber material, sling on the inside, delicate embroidery lace to the outside.

    Magnificent precision work. Deep. Sophisticated.

    The run-in period allowed for 3 swoop&scoop sessions and even now I can sort of feel more breast tissue flowing in. Amazing.

    It found the IMF and went into vertical take-off rocket booster mode as soon as the gore received it's convincing upwards adjusting pull.

    A full authority bra that literally takes posession of boobs and achieves a significant volume performance.

    We often talk projection, lift. All of that plus a very self assuring assertively harmonious volume. Not really pointy but still well projected though..

    The rewarding presence of this bra is impossible to ignore. Compared to my past underwired cursus, the comfort is beyond luxury.

    Bouncing is minimal, it stays put even when I reach topmost shelves.

    Wardrobe mayhem.

    Whatever bustlines I have seem small to accomodate all that boobage. Most of my otherwise airy rather loose slips cry for mercy.

    No T-shirt is baggy enough.

    My casual plain home-office dress revealed itself as weapon of mass seduction and proved it's field efficiency right after the very first deployement.

    A super-bra, assertive, present, active ingredient to achieved self-assurance, does wonders even with east-west gone girls.

    I just love it.

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      I can see why you love it!! It is GORGEOUS! I LOVE tulips and this minimalistic embroidered sheer black is totally my thing. Alas, not in my size.

    • 1

      I love the tulips, they are so unique and much less common than other types of flowers for prints and embroideries. The full inner sling looks very interesting as well, I haven’t come across this construction personally and would be curious to see how it works on different shapes and tissue densities.

      Who knew that a simple bra could have such incredible powers? ;P

    • 2

      AGBras , belleandblues ,

      Thanks for comforting my point of view that when well done, demure things can be breathtaking beautiful.

      Even more, the color and somehow dull reflectivity of the cup fabric under the lace create a sort of 3D flowers illusion. However careful, that lace is rather delicate...

      The sling ? It's kind of hard to explain. Like, imagine, hold your torso with flat hands and perceivably uplift at the IMF with a sling like hold between spreaded thumb and index.

      A very lively sensation of comfort.

      And it's a bit like I guess everything, analogy to cars for exemple.

      Same here. This bra reminisces of a high end German engineered ride.

      Discrete durable sophistication, dynamic comfy saloon, more than enough engine to tell what time it is no matter the distance to travel.

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