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Bras » Curvy Kate » Lola Padded Balcony Bra (SG1901) » 36FF 36:8

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage82.6
B. perimeter32.4
Stretched Band91.3
Band Length73.1
Cup width15.4
Cup depth29.2
Wire length29.7
Cup height0.0
Cup separation2.1
Gore height7.6
Wing height10.2
Strap width1.7

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    This seems to be one of the bras Cuvy Kate decided to make deeper and narrower (yay for me).
    Wires are really narrow for a curvy Kate (similar to comexim) but this is the only 36FF I've tried, all others are 32/34 G+
    Band is a little loose because I sister sized up to get it cheap but it's comfortable and I can take it in later.
    Gore could be a bit shorter but it's not uncomfortable, I'm just too close set.
    Slightly pointed cups, doesn't bother me and will certainly soften with washing but if you like snow globe boobs (nothing wrong with that!) keep that in mind. ...
    Peachy gold color is beautiful next to the ivory. Not a huge fan of the swirly design but it could be worse

    Wide-ish straps and great 3 hook closure.

    EDIT: observations after wearing this a few times (bought a second since it was dirt cheap):
    Band is definitely too big. I wear it on the tightest hook and it's stretchy. I don't think it's riding up but I'm very aware of how it feels throughout the day. I don't feel locked and loaded like in my other bras. But I'm a 32/34 so I expected it to be big and plan to take it in. I'd say it's probably a stretchy true-to-size band. If you like them tight maybe consider sizing down.
    Wings itch/irritate me by the wire tips. I think the cup is a smidge wide but that it's mostly caused by the fabric and my ridiculously delicate skin, exacerbated by this frigid winter. (It's warmer in Alaska than Michigan right now!)
    Straps are way too stretchy for this size range. I know only like 10-20% of the support should come from the straps, but that's still some pretty heavy lifting and they just aren't up to it. Luckily the strapping I bought for my double has minimal stretch.
    I think I could benefit from taking in the gore, both because I'm close set and to change the shape of the bra a little, bringing the cups more front and center. The top of the gore already has wires touching so it would just be 1/2"-1" or so at the bottom of the gore. This will also help the band issue.

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    Ivory/Gold colorway

    Updated on Feb 17, 2015 Flag this

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      LOL Snow globe boobs? That doesn't seem pointy to me. What are snow globe boobs. LOL

    • 2

      I think she means its a more pointy profile, so if you like really round (like snow globe), it might not be the bra for you.

      My problem is the pointiness isnt . . . in the right place for me. I wish you had pictures! I like the fit of mine, but feel like it makes my boobs look deformed. Really great projection and lift, though.

    • sorry dbmamaz I misunderstood. I was reading too fast, thought she meant that it looked like snow globes. :)

    • 4

      I'll add pictures soon. It takes forever on my phone. Also, this bra is going to be a sacrifice. Since it was so cheap I'm going to take it apart, taking pictures of each step, make a pattern, sew it back together, and make a new bra from the pattern. I've already ordered supplies :)

    • 2

      And yeah, I meant it's not going to give you really round boobs like snow globes.

    • 1

      Taking pictures of each step sounds lovely! :)
      Thank you Yourlovealive

    • 2

      Nayanya it may take me a little while but eventually I'm going to compile them all into an album and write a little thing to go with it so everyone else can dismantle and make their own bras too (assuming you find a "good-enough" fit first). I'll let you know when it's all complete

    • 2

      So you are going to make a bra with the same shape but different fabric? Interesting! I think the shape would not be as bad if the fabric wasnt so thick. (i also think mine might be a smidge big)

    • 2

      dbmamaz This go around I'm using pretty similar fabric. I have poly laminate foam for the cup, and powernet coming in the mail. I haven't decided which fabric to use for the outer cup, but I'm thinking silk (or another non-cotton natural fiber) since I want to dye this puppy red without messing around with poly dyes. I'm not too worried if the foam lining doesn't dye, it'll be on the inside and probably come out pink at the very least

    • 1

      <3 that idea! That sounds so fun Yourlovealive

    • 1

      I like the shape of that bra and it's pretty. Very projected and round.

    • 1

      Wow, it looks much better on you than on me! I really wonder if mines slightly too big so I dont stretch the fabric out enough to make it tight, so it kinda folds. I'm the 32JJ pictures

    • dbmamaz it's possible. Amazon doesn't have any 32Js in this bra but they've got a 30JJ for $14.40, would that be much too small in the band with an extender maybe?

    • I have the 32JJ and I"m not going to buy another . . . I had first ordered the K because the measurements seemed off and that was WAY too small. But hubby is a bit over me buying bras . . . honestly, I'm kinda over it too for now. Next purchase is probably white floral Floris in June for my b-day

    • I understand.

    • Did you get anywhere on making copies of this bra? I'm wearing it today, and finally recognizing that its really too wide for me, with not enough depth at the gore for me and way too much empty space under my arms. It seems funny that it took me so long to recognize what was wrong!

    • 1

      I have the bra dismantled and a pattern made and a few pieces cut but I ordered the wrong fabric for the band so I had to wait on samples to make sure I picked the right one for the next order and now I have to wait for payday to order more. I was hoping to have it ready for v-day but will be glad if it's done by end of march for my birthday

    • 2

      Also, funny thing, I'm wearing mine today too! Ordered a second since it was $14.

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  2. 0

    Didn't fit

    This bra and my boobs don't have much in common. Maybe it's too wide for me, or maybe the cups are too large or shaped differently than my boobs. It doesn't feel too big, but the wrinkling on the cups says otherwise.

    Updated on Nov 04, 2015 Flag this

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Apr 14, 2017