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Bras » Curvy Kate » Ellace Balcony Bra (CK4401) » 30D 30:4

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage71.9
B. perimeter22.2
Stretched Band76.0
Band Length61.2
Cup width12.6
Cup depth19.3
Wire length18.9
Cup height11.7
Cup separation2.1
Gore height6.6
Wing height8.1
Strap width1.5

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    Didn't fit

    Ellace is a bra I wish I could wear, because I love this style so much. I actually love Ellace more than the similar Florence, which fits me near perfectly. However, this is a lesson in how upper cup construction can make or break the fit of a bra even if the rest of the fit is spot on.

    I discovered Florence first, and was surprised that it fit me exactly how I wanted Lucy and Marcie to fit me. No adjustment needed to get the cups to lay perfectly, no issues between the larger and smaller side, and no gapping top panel to deal with. ... I saw that Ellace and Florence share the same cut, and the only notable difference is that Ellace has a stretch lace upper cup while Florence has an embroidered mesh upper. How much difference could this make? I was dismayed to find that no matter what, I couldn't get the upper cups to stay in place on me although the mesh portion of the cup fit perfectly.

    The reason for this is that I am pretty shallow, especially on top, so I need an upper cup that will stretch to my body and lay flat. The upper cup constructions that don't work are fully rigid (Cleo Minnie), and the kind of stretch lace that has an elastic top edge (Ellace). This is because the elastic top edge is smaller than the rest of the lace panel, and pulling the entire lace panel to lay flat would cause the elastic to overstretch. Thus, the elastic edge actually restricts the amount of flexibility I have with this portion of the cup. The elastic naturally will find a spot on the body where it wants to sit, and because I am not full enough in that area, it leaves a baggy portion of lace that can't be filled. I could definitely seam this portion of the cup in and create a lowered demi cup, but the lace is a bit thick on this particular bra, and I don't want to have to alter a bra that was at full price (I'd do this if I could find the bra for $20!).

    Now, let's talk about the perfect fit on the rest of the bra. The band on Ellace is a standout one, because unlike Lucy, it is fully banded, and the elastic on Ellace is twice as wide as the elastic on Florence. Thus, the band feels super secure, but the brand is able to use a shorter wing height than normal, resulting in a lightweight yet comfortable feel. The band on this bra is seriously one of the best I've ever found. I wish I could have this band on every bra. Curvy Kate knows how to build a sturdy bra, and I am always impressed by the solid engineering aspects of their bra design, if often underwhelmed by the aesthetic aspects.

    The fit of the cups also doesn't disappoint. The underwires are very similar to Marcie, being wide and shallow, but I feel that the shape is slightly more curved than Marcie. I tend to have issues with brand new Marcies until I make some underwire adjustments, and Marcie also tends to cross spontaneously at the gore. Florence and Ellace don't do that, and I think it's because the ends of the underwires are a bit more perpendicular than Marcie's, which are more open and splayed. The cups are the same lightweight double layer mesh as Marcie and Lucy, so they are super comfortable yet supportive. The cups are a little on the shallow side, but they can accommodate more fullness on top as none of the tops are super closed off. I think the proportions of this bra are great for both shallow and wide shapes as well as more projected shapes.

    Detail-wise, Ellace is gorgeous, and has Florence beat. I love the contrasting color of the wide elastic, which is both functional and decorative. The black and pink colorway is one of my favorites, and I like that the trim is simple pink satin bows, with no charms or embroidery. I also like the lace used to construct the upper cup, although it doesn't work for me. Styling of the Black/Pink Ellace reminds me of a fancier version of the Agent Provocateur Joseline collection (AW 2012), a collection I loved for its retro 60s feel.

    This is probably my favorite bra, but sadly the upper cup just won't sit flat on me and shifts around too much, creating a visible lump under clothing. Ellace is going back for now, but I'll keep searching for a discounted one I can alter.

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    Black/Champagne colorway

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    I have tuberous boobs with super short and average-to-wide roots. Ellace fits me very well, nearly as well as Florence (which is my holy grail). The placement of the straps feels a bit wider than Florence, so the straps rub against my tail of spence sometimes, but most of the time it isn't an issue. The material feels a bit stiffer than Florence, so it's just a tiny bit less comfortable to wear, but it's still one of the best bras I've ever tried.

    I now have this bra in both the latte and indigo colorways, and the indigo is particularly gorgeous (and my inner geek ... is extremely amused that I now own a TARDIS-colored bra). When I recieved the latte bra, the fabric pooched out on the outsides of both cups, just inside the wire. This was present whether or not I was wearing the bra so I suspect a manufacturing error rather than a fit problem. The indigo Ellace did not have this. Very strange, but five minutes with a needle and thread fixed the problem and the bra remains one of my go-tos!
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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    Indigo colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Jul 31, 2017