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Bras » Curvy Kate » Dita Plunge Bra (SG2911) » 28FF 28:8

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band71.7
Band Length55.0
Cup width13.8
Cup depth25.5
Wire length21.0
Cup height0.0
Cup separation2.0
Gore height4.0
Wing height7.5
Strap width1.7

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  1. 1

    Didn't fit

    I dont really know why i bought this bra as i knew it wouldnt fit!!! I dont usually find curvy kate fits and i often have problems with plunge bras. From the pictures i should have known this would be too high at the top for me and there would be excess fabric and puckering. And yet i foolishly ordered it (i guess because i am always searching for a black, simple but attractive non padded bra, and this looked so pretty).

    Anyway, of course it didnt fit! It is strange, because i added this bra and my cleo kali at the same time i noticed that their ... measurements are nearly exactly the same and yet the fit completely different.

    Firstly the band seems perfect. Nice and firm but not too tight. (As mentioned in my cleo review the back measurements of the two were very similar and yet this feels good and the other too tight).
    The wires are perfect for me.

    But the cup has lots of wrinkling and excess fabric at the top of the cups, where the straps and cup meet. This happens a lot for me (especially nearly all freya bras).

    Sometimes there is quadboob, sometimes not....hmmm i think it is if i smooth myself into it there isnt any quadboob, but then my very close together boobs fall into the centre and the material seems to crease, so there is all this extra fabric folded over, but if it stayed in its proper place there wouldnt be quadboob. (Hope this makes sense. And hopefully it is clearer what i mean in the pictures).

    This bra is basically a perfect example of how most bras in my size dont seem to be the right shape or style for my boobs. When in frustración i decide to just buy a 34dd from primark or h&m they seem to be much more the shape i need, although obviosly the backs are big.

    As i forgot to return this bra in time i decided to try and alter it. And i am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out!" alt=":)" /> i think i have managed to turn it into the bra that i wish it was, by folding some of the excess fabric from the top into the wire under my arm. And this seems to be fixing the folding of the material near the front too, so that now it sits flat.

    I am pleased as this will allow me to keep this beautiful bra. Also, this gives me a bra with a different kind of shape- Ie the bras i normally find to fit are usually padded or cleo bras, both of which seem to have a very round shape. Where as this bra seems to have a more projected shape. I think it is still roundish, but maybe more of a naturalish curve than really round. (To me the shape seems similar to most freya bras).

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    This bra's measurements have been altered
    I have tacken in some material from the cup to make it site lower and fit me better. I made the alterations after i took the measurements. But have included photos with and Without my alterations.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Aug 03, 2016 Flag this

    • I'm so glad you were able to transform it into something that fits for you.!! :-) :-)
      Just FYI, the new Atomic plunge fits quite differently than the older plunge design: Atomic has a slightly shorter cup and a more narrow wire. It "may" be even more projected now....

    • And, thank you for your photos! I had not given this a second because photos made it look lack luster, but your photos make this bra look very lovely :-) :-) I will add it to my wish list :-)

    • 1

      Thanks for the comments. Shorter cup sounds good but more projected bad! I will have to see if it fits better or worse...

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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    Black colorway

    Added on Feb 06, 2016