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Bras » Comexim » Sonia Half Cup (406) » 85K 38:11

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band95.3
Band Length73.7
Cup width16.3
Cup depth32.3
Wire length33.0
Cup height21.0
Cup separation2.0
Gore height9.9
Wing height13.5
Strap width1.8

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  1. 7

    Used to fit

    After about a year of wondering whether or not I should try Comexim, I went ahead and placed an order. My size is outside of what they list on their website, but they were willing to make it for me anyway. I ordered Sonia in a three-part half cup, size 85K, with the straps moved in 2cm and cookie pockets added to the insides of the cups. The size was a guess, but it appears I guessed right!

    The bra is, first of all, absolutely gorgeous - pictures simply do not do it justice. The peachy-pink of the cups, overlaid with the silver lace, is just beautiful. The straps ... are a different color - a nice darker tan - and the gore and straps are decorated with bows made up of two ribbons, one in each color. The pink is too dark to be a real nude on me, but it still blends close enough that it's not very visible under a thin shirt. The way the seaming is done on the cups is virtually invisible under a thin shirt. I find it much less noticeable than the seams on my EMs.

    The bra is also very, very comfortable. The straps are fully adjustable, which isn't something I need but is nice just the same, and they are not too far apart for me. The padding of the bra itself is actually thinner than I had expected, which is nice - it's already getting to be too warm for padded bras where I live, so it's nice to know I can actually wear this bra right now. Also, because the padding is thinner, I don't get bunching around the armpit area, like happens with my EMs.

    As for the actually fits me pretty well! Due to my shape - very projected, narrow, very short roots, lots of bottom fullness - I have a tricky time getting a good fit in most bras. The gore doesn't tack completely, but Comexim has very soft wires so I was expecting that to be the case; if I press it down I do not get any quadding. There is plenty of projection at the wire (which I need), and a good amount of space in the center (which I also need). The cups are just a hair too tall, especially towards the center on my smaller size, but I adjusted the straps and stuck a pair of cookies in from one of my EMs, which makes up almost all of the difference - the pictures are before I adjusted the straps. Under a shirt there's only a tiny bit of a crease on my smaller size where the cup sticks up just a tiny bit too much. The wires are shorter than the channels, so I adjusted them so that the empty space is in the gore which helps it sit a bit more closely. The band runs just slightly less than true to size; I went with 85 instead of 80 and it measures just under 38" stretched. The wires are a good width for me, and while the wings measure as being high, they don't poke my armpits at all.

    I will absolutely be ordering from Comexim again. I love EM, and CHP is amazing for me, but 3HC works almost as well, costs a lot less, and I can get customizations done on it for free. That right there makes it a winner for me, and I am very pleased with this. I think if I order a 3HC with a lowered gore and overlapping wires, that'll solve the few small fit issues I have with this bra.

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    This bra's measurements have been altered
    Altered straps, Straps moved in 2cm

    Updated on Apr 20, 2016 Flag this

    • 2

      Thank you for this! I will definitely be ordering this when I can. Probably as an 80L, or M. 80K was too small for me as a plunge and this is supposed to run smaller than the plunges.

    • 1

      No problem!

      I find that this bra has a bit more room in the cup than my 80GG CHP - the measurement difference is small (about a quarter of an inch) but I feel like the cups are a little bit taller in this (cup shape is also slightly different). I went up a band size because every measurement for Sonia pointed at it running small, but it's more TTS than I expected so I think I'll be safe (and you'll be as well) with an 80 next time.

    • Thanks for the review, it looks great! I have this exact bra in the same size on the way :D With the extra alterations of reduced cup and gore..I am so looking forward to it being ready! How long did it take for Comexim to make it?

    • Just about three weeks, though Easter also happened after I ordered which apparently slowed their stuff down a bit.

    • Oh, that's not too long, especially considering Easter and the customizations :)

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  2. 0

    Hasn't set fit

    This bra is indeed gorgeous! The colour is more of a rosy peach / salmon colour rather than pink, and the silver lace overlay is absolutely lovely. The colour combination is very delicate and beautiful. I also agree with the other reviewers that the pictures don't fully do it justice - it's prettier in real life.
    Regarding alterations, I ordered it this one and a plunge, both with the alterations:
    - reduced cup height
    - reduced gore height
    - straps moved in
    I received an email confirming the alterations, but I had also read in another review that Comexim doesn't really do cup height alterations on half-cups. However, comparing the ... cup to another 3HC bra with the same cup size (but that one also with lowered wires), the alterations seem to have been done. The straps have been moved in, but only by 0.5cm, and the cup height is lower on the Sonia by 2cm near the strap. The gore height is the same.
    The band is extremely stretchy. I had tried an 80 band in the Comexim Ingrid plunge before, and found it uncomfortably tight (I usually wear 34/36 bands). But the 85 band is way too loose - it stretches easily to 100cm! I think it's mainly because the band is made from just one layer of fabric, but this kind of inconsistency makes it quite a gamble to order bras with alterations from Comexim, as they are not returnable. However, their flexibility and willingness to help makes up for it as far as I'm concerned, as well as the excellent fit of the bras.
    The Sonia being now discontinued, I'm keeping it, but I'm already on the tightest hook and the band starts to ride up.
    The immediate projection is great, there is a lot of it! You can actually see that the bra is sewn in such a way so as to come out at an angle higher even than 90°. This bra has the most immediate projection from all I've tried up to now. I am very impressed with it, overall!

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    This bra's measurements have been altered
    Altered straps, Reduced cup height, reduced gore height, straps moved in

    Updated on Sep 15, 2018 Flag this

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