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Bras » Comexim » Queen Of Hearts Plunge Bra (367) » 65J 30:10

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage71.4
B. perimeter28.5
Stretched Band73.4
Band Length57.6
Cup width14.1
Cup depth24.9
Wire length24.5
Cup height18.0
Cup separation1.4
Gore height7.2
Wing height10.5
Strap width1.8

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  1. 3


    This is another fabulous bra I picked up from AGBras . I love this one! The dark blood red color and simple black cups. Fabric is smooth over the cups so it provides a smooth look under shirts. Band is perfect for a 30 with 3x4 hooks. Straps are fully adjustable and consists of a wide soft elastic that’s oh so comfy. Definitely another boobs out on display bra for me.

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      Looks like a great "vavoom" fit!

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      Oh wowwwww!! It looks SOOO good on you! Hooray!!!

    • This look great !!!

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  2. 3

    Didn't fit

    This order from Breakout Bras (during their clearance sale) was my third shot at Comexim.

    I had previously bought a Sonia plunge in 65J from another user and while it "fit" (or seemed like it did) I found it too wide and high and it didn't give any lift or cleavage that I would like to get from a plunge. I decided to sell it.

    I then tried a 65J plunge in Belen and Pearl Flower Mint that I ordered direct from Comexim. These were less wide but I got a weird twisting and gaping at the gore that I thought was simply a projection issue that I would ... have to live with. I sold the Belen but kept the Pearl Flower Mint and wear it under looser tops.

    In this order, I got 2 more plunges, again in 65J. I also ordered Rose - a 3HC in 65HH.

    When Rose arrived, it was a plunge. It is a plunge and in the smaller size, it fits perfectly. Hence, it is either a rogue bra OR I have solved my riddle and now know that I need a 65HH in Comexim plunges.

    OK. This bra. Queen of Hearts. It doesn't fit. I get the same twisting and gaping at the gore as I get in all the other plunges that I tried in this size, so I have already sold it to another user who is just a little bigger in the cup than me" alt=":)" />

    It's a beautiful, high quality bra though. The band is very comfortable and has 4 rows of 3 hooks. NICE.

    Straps are wide and comfortably set and are fully adjustable with colour-matched sliding adjusters.

    Flat 2-tone bow in the center.

    This bra reminds me of a burgundy and black tuxedo. It's a classic.

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    This bra is not owned any more

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      I need to get my review done for this one too. I love the look of this, simple yet elegant. And no lace to snag on things!!

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      I’m so excited for this bra! And +1 for no lace. Sometimes I love just a sleek smooth cup. Love how it’s black with some pizazz from the pop of red.

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      I experienced twisting and gaping at the gore of 32H - Anna Pardal For Comexim » Caramel Latte Sophisticated Bal, while Sonia 65J fit me perfect. Maybe 32G would have been a better fit for me then, if sizing the cup down helped for you. I thought it was more of a shape issue (needing more centre/top fullness). I will try Ewa Michalak next.

    • *happycat I have no twisting EVER in Ewa. If the cups are too small I get no tack and/or quadding and/or band being pushed down. It's very obvious for me in Ewa.

    • I nailed my size in Ewa pretty quick and never went too big because I started too small and worked my way up 😜

    • 1

      Ewa is the brand that is always highest on my recommendations. Planning to splurge with an order later this year! Want to nail down my size first, considering that I have to pay for shipping, and probably tax and duty too.

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      happycat Ewa does a Black Friday sale late November. Perfect splurge time!

    • happycat I ordered from Forever Yours shipping and if you pay with PayPal free returns. I bought 2 styles, each in 2 sizes. I returned it all. THEN i ordered direct from Ewa ;)

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      MamaPagan Great! I'll mark my calendar

    • 2

      AGBras That sounds interesting! Seems we are similar size too and you have some bras listed. Maybe I will look into the sales here too!

    • Very classic bra. I’m told that Sonia is just a wider cut. My 65J Ingrid fits, but at the same time has a bit of extra room (hidden in deceptive fit) that I think I could go with a 65HH for a bit more vavavoom.

    • 1

      I love this bra -- I've been wanting one for ages. I think I'm going to do what I did with my Ingrid, which is order it in a cup size up with decreased cup height and straps moved in. Those customizations made for a way more comfortable bra because the cups aren't in my armpits, and I figure since Queen of Hearts is also a plunge, ordering the same may help just as much. Sorry it didn't fit you!

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      Oops- I've had this bra for over a year and just realized I never did enter the data. It's a little small now but a lovely bra.

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  3. -

    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Feb 09, 2018