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Bras » Comexim » Queen Of Hearts Plunge Bra (367) » 60H 28:8

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage69.6
B. perimeter25.4
Stretched Band71.9
Band Length54.8
Cup width12.9
Cup depth20.5
Wire length22.3
Cup height14.4
Cup separation1.7
Gore height6.7
Wing height9.3
Strap width0.0

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    ** This is a customized bra! The only non-standard measurements are CUP HEIGHT and GORE HEIGHT. **

    This is my third round of customizations with Comexim. Basically, I need a 60H Standard Plunge with slightly lowered cup height and gore, and I need the straps moved in so they are sitting more like on a 60G.

    My second round, with the Pearl Flower Mint Standard Plunge, worked out perfectly for the cup height (tip: you must reduce cup AND gore height by the same amount to maintain the same proportions!), but we still struggled with getting the strap placement correct. I basically ended up with the same ... placement as on an unaltered 60H bra, which means it is too wide for me and ends up digging into my armpits when I move my arms. After many emails and photos with Joanna, she asked me to take one more measurement: measure the upper cup from the gore to where the straps should attach. Therefore, this is exactly how I requested my order:

    Queen of Hearts 60H: Please keep as Plunge
    - Wire size: normal for 60H, 21.5-22 cm before gore height reduction
    - Cup depth: normal for 60H, total 20 cm
    - Cup height: Reduce 1 cm, total height 14 cm
    - Gore: Reduce 1 cm to keep original cup shape
    - Outer cup length/strap attachment area: total length 6 cm, same as 60G
    - Move in straps and change angle of outer cup: top of cup to strap attachment measure 17 cm instead of 18.5 cm

    ** Final bra should be the same wires and cup depth as normal 60H, same cup height and strap placement as 60G
    ** Outer cup angle needs to be cut in more than normal so that straps are moved in like on 60G

    Note: the reason that writing "move straps in 1.5 cm" isn't clear is because once you change anything about the cup, like the cup height or depth, the placement is already going to be slightly different than on an unaltered style, and it's impossible to verify if the alteration was done as you intended. Many other people have had issues with this method of requesting strap placement changes, so to save yourself the headache, please take the measurement as I did, and provide a photo if possible.

    I used the same notes to order the Queen of Hearts Plunge and the Elena Plunge, which are both basically the same bra but in different fabrications. I am pleased to say that this customization worked out perfectly! Coincidentally, Joanna was very fast with this order and shipping was also very quick. I received the order 16 days after placement, when it normally takes Joanna about 16 days to produce and ship . . .

    Queen of Hearts is made from a slightly shiny knit fabric, and the band is single layer firm tricot. Elena is all mesh with a double layer powermesh band. Both bras fit pretty much the same, though oddly my Elena came in with wires 2 cm smaller than normal, and the cup measured .5 cm deeper than normal. I remember someone else who ordered Queen of Hearts in 2020 said that the band came in much smaller than expected, and both of these bands measure 53 cm, which is within the normal range for this size. Most of my Comexims in 60H measure 53 cm, with a range of 53-56.5 cm. They are both very snug on me, but not tight enough to need an extender. For reference, my underbust is 26.5-27" depending on how tightly you measure, but my ribcage doesn't expand much bigger than this. If you are between band sizes or have a very flexible ribcage, consider sizing up to your sister size in these styles.

    Other than the band being extra snug, the cups fit exactly as expected. This gives me a really nice round, lifted shape without being too tall in the cup or running too high in the armpit. The only caveat is that now that I am a little fuller, I probably need to request the next order with +1 cm additional depth in the cups. Combined with the snug bands, the cups do look and feel a little tight on me now, but that is due to my changing size and not realizing it in time for this order.

    Queen of Hearts was a pleasant surprise because it looked pretty different from what I had expected. The fabric of this bra is different from all of my other Comexims and is a thin silky knit with slight shine, similar to the fabric Freya and Fantasie use for their printed bras. The cups are black, as is the band, but the cradle and trims are deep wine. Somehow I had expected this to be a brighter red, but I like the color. Straps are medium width plain wine-colored satin. The center gore and strap attachments have two small square stacked bows using the contrasting colors. The band is pretty standard for Comexim, with a deep leotard back. Wing fabric is made of single layer firm tricot. It is a black bra, but a little different. She's not fancy, but Queen of Hearts is a nice update to a basic.

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    This bra's measurements have been altered
    Requested wires and cup depth of 60H, shortened cup height and gore of 60G, outer cup shape/strap placement of 60G

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    Used to fit

    Love this one, the band is just the right amount of firm, barely stretchy at all like I like. The side support is great and really gives a pulled together/forward facing shape rather than an easy west problem I've been used to dealing with. Great cleavage too.

    Updated on Jul 13, 2019 Flag this

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