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Bras » Comexim » Karina Half Cup » 55K 26:11

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band62.0
Band Length52.0
Cup width0.0
Cup depth0.0
Wire length0.0
Cup height0.0
Cup separation0.0
Gore height0.0
Wing height0.0
Strap width0.0

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    Stats for reference: FOT, centre full, close & low set, soft tissue, short & narrow roots, and projected.

    Full Disclosure:
    This is the first time I ordered from Comexim directly. From their website photos, the Karina looks like a padded plunge bra. For my order I asked for some modifications (i.e. size 55K, 3HC, overlapped gore, straps moved in 1cm, 3 x 4 hook and eye, and cotton cookie pockets) - all done apart from the hook and eye which is a 3 x 3 closure. What surprised me was that instead of a 3HC padded half cup, my Karina came as a 3HC unpadded half cup. This ... may have been a translation error in my modifications request (I put English and Polish), although google translate seemed to think everything was ok. If anyone would be willing to help lookover this with me I would be most grateful so I can be clear what I am requesting next time" alt=":)" />

    I was struggling between choosing the Comexim Chiara 3hc and Comexim Princess Plunge Bra (547) when Comexim released the Karina during their 2021 Valentine's sale then I knew it was the one <3 It is bold red on the inside with delicate black overlay on the outside, giving a mysteriously seductive deep red tone when looking at the bra. The lace is intricately detailed with circular floral patterns that look like a group of oriental lanterns. Across the top of the cups are pretty petal-like lace trimmings. There are 3 main layers to this unpadded bra: top black lace mesh, middle red mesh and red cotton cookie pockets over the cups - the band is black mesh with red trimmings. It is relatively smooth under clothes so super versatile and offers the same coverage as my 3HC padded Comexim Beauty.

    This bra fits the same as my 60K - Comexim » Beauty Half Cup (since 2015 Version) (355) ; gives me amazing 'cakes-on-a-plate' with buttcrack cleavage high on my chest and a nice round side profile. The band is perfect at 55 on the outermost hook without an extender. The cups on the Karina is ever so slightly deeper than my Beauty which is perfect (i.e. no quadding) and I can wear this without or with cookies (e.g. to correct for asymmetry or to avoid cold weather incidents showing through).

    Although I was expecting a padded 3HC Karina, this unpadded 3HC Karina may actually end up getting more wear than if it was the former. I predominately wear unlined bras as they take up less storage space and are quicker to handwash/ dry. My best unlined bras are currently the Cleo Melissa and (many colours of) Marcie so I'm excited to add Karina to the mix! This order has also got me thinking... perhaps unpadded Comexims with cookie pockets are better than unlined and padded bras for me as they offer greater flexibility?

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    Red/ Black colorway

    This bra's measurements have been altered
    Altered band, Altered straps, Size 55K, overlapped gore, straps moved in 1cm, cotton cookie pockets

    Updated on Mar 17, 2021 Flag this

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    • 2

      This bra is STUNNING! I'm so glad it fits you! How much stiffer are the cups with cookie pockets added? Thanks for such a marvelously detailed review!

    • 2

      It's a really beautiful bra. I once ordered a bra from Comexim thinking it was a padded 3HC too (the 60J - Comexim » Belle De Nuit Soft (585) ). Glad this one will work for you!

    • 2

      marilynne Thank you :) The cookie pockets are super soft and mould perfectly against the mesh layer upon wearing. I'd say they help the cups maintain their intended shape without the need of padding or thicker infrastructure (i.e. stiffness is inbetween unlined and padded). Comparing the look of the Beauty vs Karina on, I honestly can't tell that one is padded and the other isn't!

      Also, I should mention that Comexim doesn't provide any cookies but I happen to have some spare (from old sports bras) that fit quite well :)

    • 1

      sincerity Thank you! I always prefer the dhape of padded bras under shirts, but love the feel of unlined bras, so I think I'll be copying this bra for my next comexim order. I can't get over how absolutely breathtaking it is! Did you order the matching briefs as well?

    • 1

      Interesting that it was unexpectedly unpadded. I guess there’s no way to know for sure but glad it ended up working for you!

    • 8

      If you go on the Polish version of Comexim’s website, the bras usually have longer descriptions than on the English version, so I just set it to Polish and let Chrome run Google Translate English. When I do that on the Karina page, it describes it as a ‘soft plunge bra’ and I believe ‘soft’ is the translated version of their word for ‘unlined.’ The padded ones usually just say ‘padded’ in the description. So, that’s how I tell the difference.

    • 1

      bridget_megan thanks for that, good to know. I’ll try that the next time I order for sure

    • 1

      Wilderness1 I'm sorry the Belle De Nuit didn't work out for you! I reckon if it wasn't for the cotton cookies this Karina may not have worked well for me. I wish there was a filter for soft cup/ padded bras on their website, I'm going to email Joanna :)

      marilynne Yay! Happy that my review is useful :) I did indeed, I got the size M Adore style briefs made using Karina material (highwaisted briefs are more flattering on me, though Adore is more midwaisted). Updated my photo settings so the full set should be visible now. They fit great, thanks for helping me narrow down brief sizes!

      margesimpson bridget_megan OMG that is an amazing tip! I'm definitely doing that next time. I've also noticed that 'Related Products' on Karina's page are all unlined bras whereas padded bras have none or maybe only 1 unlined bra. Lol I should have been more attentive!

    • 1

      sincerity High waisted styles are more flattering on me as well, but comexim seems to think that your waist is at your high hip, which is a veey unflattering line for most of us :(. I just stick with their low rise thongs since it's more flattering than their "high-rise" style. And you're welcome!

    • 1

      sincerity I just got my Karina today too, and I was also surprised it was unlined! I kept mine as the Plunge but with my normal modifications (shortened cups and moved in straps) and it fit me almost the same as the padded plunge, so I was surprised at how well this turned out. It is just fine fully unlined, but I'll have to consider adding cookie pockets. Could you post a picture of your cookie pockets on an unlined bra? I'm curious to see where they are placed. Mine is just an inner layer of red mesh and the outer layer of embroidered black mesh. I am going to ask Joanna if it is possible to order a normal padded bra as unlined. I have done the reverse before, ordering an unlined (Mystic) as a normal padded plunge, and that was successful.

      Regarding the panties, I actually asked Joanna to custom make one for me because I prefer thong styles and also don't like high waisted on my short torso. I gave her the measurements of a normal thong and asked her to lower the waistband by 3 cm for future orders, which she agreed to via email before I placed the order. So, she ended up sending me a very cute cheeky with this order with a lowered waist, and it turned out quite nice. You can always request a different panty style if you don't like the one that is available, I would just email first to make sure your request is clear.

    • belleandblues Yay, I'm glad it worked out for you too :) I'm tempted to ask for one of the nude bras to be made unlined with cookie pockets - if the plunge fits similarly to the padded plunge then I might go for that!

      Absolutely!! Took some extra photos with the cookie pockets open on one side for comparison. Essentially, I also have the outer layer of embroidered mesh, then the inner layer of red mesh and then red cookie pockets over the whole cup. It's very well done as the opening for the cookie pocket is actually disguised as one of the vertical seams. I also prefer these 'full' cookie pockets to EM's as my 60FF - Ewa Michalak » Chp Marcepanowa Magnolia (694) left slightly unsightly 'imprints' on the outside of the cups which could potentially show under a tight top.

    • 1

      sincerity Thank you! You are so awesome for doing that. I agree that the cookie pockets look great, and I was confused at first why they didn’t seem visible from your photo from the front because I was expecting partial pockets like the Ewa ones and thought they would be visible from the front due to the sheerness. I am definitely going to give this a try because I also like the additional structure and modesty adding the pockets does. Will let you know what Joanna says about ordering normal padded styles as unlined to see if it is possible!

      Btw I have tried one other unlined bra before, the Whimsy Unlined, but I think that one was a different cut because it didn’t fit me at all and the cups were huge even though I sized down. But based on the photos of this one it does look like it’s the same cut as the normal padded plunge? When I ordered it, I just told her to “keep as plunge but with the modifications from my previous order.” It’s possible that some of the other unlined styles fit differently, so if you want it to fit as a normal plunge you may have to tell her that you want an unlined version of the normal plunge.

    • belleandblues No problem, you're welcome! And thanks for the heads up with ordering an unlined plunge, I'm super excited about this since my unlined bras essentially consist of different coloured Marcies :)

      I'm also tempted to see if they can make the Anabella high waist brief or Livia thong for a different print... maybe Rosettes - oooh much saving up to do!

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