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Bras » Comexim » Ivonne (28) » 60J 28:10

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band69.2
Band Length54.3
Cup width14.1
Cup depth25.0
Wire length25.7
Cup height15.9
Cup separation2.1
Gore height8.3
Wing height11.7
Strap width1.8

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  1. 6

    Didn't fit

    With little data available about Comexim unlined bras, I purchased both the 60HH and 60J Ivonne for "science." This is a beautiful bra!! The texture alone is impressive. Straps are fully adjustable. And, 3x3 fasteners are standard. The deep taupe color is saturated, rich, and I know this style will be my companion under white knits.

    In Ewa Michalak unlined bras, I felt unsupported. The bras I tried had only 2x4 fasteners. Those of you with heavy breasts will appreciate the support of Ivonne's 3x3 fasteners. The Ewa Michalak HM, SM, and BM had too tall cups. And, when my breast tissue had enough room, I could not ... tolerate the excessively wide strap placement. But, this unlined Comexim has impressive lift, narrower strap placement, and a shorter cup. Not only are the straps attached more narrowly, but also the strap width is a supportive .7". Fellow short-rooted friends, Comexim Ivonne may be a viable option for you!" alt=":-)" />" alt=":-)" />

    The immediate projection is very good. Because I have not tried unlined Ewa Michalak's in a 60cm band, I can't fairly compare the 60J Comexim, 65G Ewa Michalak, or 70F Ewa Michalak. From my perspective, I recommend Ivonne for short-rooted, projected breasts. Because I have very short roots, there is a bit of wrinkling along the top edge when I slump my shoulders. However, in my typical posture, there are no wrinkles.

    Compared to Panache/Cleo, you will notice there is no in-cup quadding despite the transition to an embroidered fabric. The profile is smooth and round even under a thin, stretchy knit (see the photo). Again, the band comfort and support with Ivonne is superior to what I've experienced with Panache/Cleo. The fabrics on Lucy, Lily, and Marcie seem cheap and itchy. I find Ivonne's fabric sumptuous in comparison. Finally, the straps on Ivonne are positioned more closely together than what I have experienced with Panache/Cleo, too. There are strong advantages to trying unlined Comexim bras.

    This 60J has an unusually short band which stretches only to 26.5". The 60HH Ivonne stretches to 29". There is dramatic variation in band length. I'm wearing the 60J with a full extender, but the 60HH fits without an extender. This is the one disadvantage: you won't know what band length you'll receive unless you specify band length in your order. Did you read that correctly?" alt=";-)" /> Comexim will manufacture your bra of choice to the precise band length you require. Wow." alt=":-)" /> In previous orders, the band length varied by less than .5" in the multiple, same band length bras.

    Had I been more attentive when I ordered, I would have requested overlapping gore wires. I intended to order returnable Comexims. However, after ordering, I learned 60cm bands are not returnable. I need a bit more projection or the gore width would be acceptable. I'm learning sufficient projection prevents my tissue from compressing into the gore wires. There is enough projection and support from the fabric that the cup doesn't wrinkle at the base. Good news for projected breasts!!

    I thoroughly recommend Ivonne!! And, I will order again with overlapping gore wires." alt=":-)" />

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    • 2

      All your descriptions sound great for me, although I didn't find SM too tall on me. I wonder how the 60HH compares to their 60HH padded bras. I'd have no idea what size I am in unlined Comexims, I've never ordered because of the lack of information lol! But it's a beautiful bra. The 5.5 cup width you've put in for the 60HH is about 0.2 more than I can tolerate in even an unlined bra though. Le sigh.

    • I added the 60HH measurements, too :-) I couldn't wear the 60HH padded because of inadequate immediate projection. The unlined 60HH didn't fit, but it was a better fit than the padded 60HH. Bending the wires may work perfectly for you ;-)

    • 1

      Idk. I'm shrinking in some way these days because my fit in old standard bras has changed a bit but I don't know if 9" of depth would be adequate. I'll ponder it for a while. I wonder if it would disappear under a white & thin shirt. It seems like it might be a bit too embellished for that. I desperately would like to have an unlined nude-tan-neutral for summery shirts. Can't seem to find one.

    • When the photos are approved, there is a photo of this under the most clingy, thin knit I own. It is not perfectly smooth. :-(

    • 2

      We need a dislike button on here lol. I really want as inconspicuous of a nude bra as I can find. Some of my summery shirts are very very thin and flowy. it gets over 100 in the summers here with suffocating humidity, dewpoints known to reach the 80's and top Florida. Honestly, putting a cami under my lightweight breezy shirts to hide my bra defeats the purpose of a lightweight breezy shirt.

    • It is miserable in the summer here. However, last summer was the most pleasant in my memory. We were only over 100 for a few days. No camis for me either. I was moved from Montreal to here. The movers were stunned by the "It's hotter than Florida!!!" climate ;-) ;-)

    • 1

      I love love love summer, don't get me wrong. I hate winter with a fiery burning passion. But yes, the bras. Oh, the bras. Must find my perfect summer bra.

    • 1

      I wonder if the champange-colored EM triumph SM might work: no embroidery. Hope you find something soon! :-)

    • 2

      It has that lighter colored pattern on it though. I have a feeling it'll do what the nude Marcie did. Blend in except for the white parts. All nude bra, people! It's not a hard concept!!!

    • 3

      I'm also frustrated with trying to find a plain beige or even blush pink bra for summer. I have so many cute, patterned bras, but trying to find plain, not overly embellished basics in lighter fabrics is next to impossible.

    • how tall is this bra?

    • 1

      6.3" following Bratabase's cup height measurement guide. :-)

    • @lc10706 have you tried Fanstasie Esme maybe 30F? I ordered a 30E from Amazon bc they didn't have the F and the width is under 5" but the depth was just at 9 or slightly shy. I could button up a shirt That normally I can't button but I don't look squashed in it. DressTheTwins - this looks lovely in you. I like the color too! Maybe I'll get brave enough to order. For the job I have next year I have to wear white buttons so "nudes" are going to be key.

    • revisa I wore RED (Comexim Eris) under a thin white t-shirt today :-) :-)

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