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Bras » Comexim » Gemma Half Cup » 65HH 30:9

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage73.3
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.7
Band Length59.1
Cup width14.4
Cup depth22.5
Wire length24.6
Cup height15.3
Cup separation1.6
Gore height7.6
Wing height10.0
Strap width0.0

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  1. 8

    Didn't fit

    I have been wearing 30FF in UK sizes, so I had this made in 65HH 3HC with alterations: Lower gore, overlapping gore, straps moved in '2-3 cm', and with cookie pockets for asymmetry. I love the looks of this bra for a really nice looking everyday bra. It's accented by gold hardware and a gore 'jewel' and has a nice dark grey and black pattern that makes it unique and a bit more special than a plain black bra. Plus it matches the dark grey and black undies I already have (not the 'matching set')... bonus.

    For fit: I ordered this bra (originally a plunge) in a 3HC ... in hopes that the shorter cup would fit me better than the tall plunge I previously tried. The shorter cups do work better for my short roots compared to the plunge cut. I find that the overlapping gore is very narrow, but I have no way of confirming if it was lowered (reduced in height). When I do a fresh scoop and swoop I get some pretty noticable quadding, the gore is no where near tacked (soft wires + boobs being squished in), and it sits on breast tissue. I tried to reverse S&S, but then there's just not enough room for everything in the cups. A warning to those that are fuller on top to watch that black trim in case it cuts in. The cups are shallow for me at 9.0", and I'm not sure if that is because of the alterations or just because Comexim is just too shallow for me in general. They do round things out nicely, but the shallowness (or smallness?) or the bra holds the breast closer to the body than EMs chp. The wires follow my IMF fairly well (a touch wide for me), and I haven't noticed them moving throughout the day. An odd thing happens during the day though...I notice that my boobs settle in somehow and the quadding is less noticeable later in the day. I'm not sure what is going on there, except to say that I have soft tissue that squishes and molds easily. This soft tissue of mine makes getting a good fit (and discerning a good fit) very challenging. The band feels excellent to me - 3x4 sets of hooks, and I find that it fits exactly how I expected it to (I know there are some variations with bands with Comexim, but no problems here).

    Comfort: This bra is unbelievably comfortable! Even though it's not a good technical fit, I love it. My boobs feel loved in this bra, and they are also contained with some soft cleavage on top. The material and the bra itself are so soft. There are no 'pressure areas' from hard wires or a too tight band. Everything just feels lovely right away - no breaking in necessary. I will never put those cookie pockets to use with the shallowness of this bra, but if I did, I have a feeling they'd work great. I do prefer how Comexim constructs their cookie pockets - the pockets overlap instead of how EM does theirs with just a little cup on the bottom to hold the cookie. I'll add more pictures of the bra soon.

    Overall I'm very pleased with the quality and comfort of this bra. The fit issues are really my own fault, as I am still sorting out what fit/size will work best for me.

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    This bra's measurements have been altered
    Altered straps, Lower Gore, Overlapping Gore, straps moved in "2-3 cm", pockets for asymmetry

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jan 14, 2017 Flag this

    • I really would not call this bra shallow....I can see how much more projection it has compared to other padded bras, although I think you could easily go up a cup size and this may very well help the Gore tack. There is a possibility that it is too shallow for you. Do the wires sink below your IMF or do they stay in place?
      It seems odd to me that you are bewildered that the quading goes away with wear. This happens to me quite a lot. You'll also see a lot of women say they quad after S&S but settle into the bra after awhile or they'll say the bra "gapes with wear." As in when they first put the bra on there is no gaping, but after a while of wear the breast will settle and then gaping will occur. Breast settling is very common.
      Comexim and Ewa bras do such a good job at pushing the breast to the front of the chest that their bras exaggerate any inner fullness. If going up a size does not work, you would need a bra with more cup space next to the Gore to contain the breast tissue instead of the breast forcing the Gore away from the body.
      I think this bra looks beautiful on you and is spook close to fitting you perfectly!

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  2. 3

    Used to fit

    My shape is lower set, slightly pendulous, soft, narrow and short rooted.

    This is my third, yes third, Comexim Gemma. The first one I ordered was also a 65HH, but it had a few more alterations, and it came out a bit too small because of the alterations. In that one, my boobs lifted the gore and smushed together under it, and my larger side had some bubbling up over the cup. I sold my first and ordered a second, larger cup. I accidently forgot to order the second one as a half cup though, so I sold that one too. Now onto this one...

    I ordered this with ... alterations:
    - Overlapping gore
    - Straps moved in 1 cm
    - Made as a 3HC

    As far as I can tell, all alterations were completed on this bra, and it fits amazingly! This bra, as well as my 65J - Comexim » Natalie Half Cup (491) both fit almost perfectly on me (with a few minor imperfections that don't really affect fit). It has just enough depth at the wire but not too much apex depth for me, and it has a nice strip along the upper cup edge, which closes it off just enough for my short roots. I have to scoop and swoop plus reverse scoop and swoop because the wires are so soft that my soft tissue gets trapped under the gore if I don't, but once I've adjusted everything in place it mostly stays in place for the day. The shape is nice and rounded, as with all 3HCs, and I don't find it minimizing all all. Not as "out there" as EMs Chps, but still gives a nice profile.

    I particularly like that they did this bra with straps that are a tad bit wider than standard straps, as they give good support. They adjust long enough for my tall frame. I also appreciate that they did the band with 3 x 4 sets of hooks! The band feels more supportive with the 3 x4 set compared to 2 x 4 set. The band is a little stretchy, but probably fits how a 30" band should fit. I prefer 30" bands that fit more like 28" bands just because my tight underbust is closer to 28". It's still very comfortable and supportive, and with so many hooks to adjust to, it's not a problem. And for anyone who has tried Comexim bras, you know just how comfortable they are!... Great for all day wear.

    The look of this bra is very pretty in person, and I actually find that pictures don't quite do it justice. It's a classic black bra with something extra. I'm not sure why I've been drawn to it actually, but now I finally have one that fits I can start obsessing over different ones! I do actually wish that I'd tried the "Belle do Nuit" instead, but it wasn't released yet when I ordered this bra.

    Overall excellent quality, exceptional comfort, and classically beautiful bra.

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    This bra's measurements have been altered
    Altered straps, Overlapping gore, Straps moved in 1 cm, Made as a 3HC

    Updated on Oct 15, 2018 Flag this

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    • 1

      It looks fabulous! I'm glad you found such a great fit.

    • 1

      Beautiful, looks more like silver than gray.

    • 1

      This looks wonderful on you! Thanks for the great review.

    • 1

      Thanks all. aboobaccount, It is sort of silvery under the black.
      It does fit well, and I'm glad this one finally worked out :)

    • 1

      Wow! It's worth fighting for to get the right one. Beautiful! And the fit looks great!

    • 1

      The fit looks perfect! What a joy to find that fit in such a gorgeous bra.

    • 1

      If it makes you feel any better, I ordered Graffiti , Chevron and Patricia three times, so you are not alone in your quest for perfection!

      It's a gorgeous bra for sure.

    • 2

      Thanks everyone! It's nice to have another nearly perfect fit.
      MamaPagan glad I'm not alone in my neuroticism!

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  3. -

    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Black and grey colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Jan 14, 2017