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Bras » Comexim » Geisha Plunge Bra (202) » 65F 30:6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage73.3
B. perimeter23.3
Stretched Band73.3
Band Length58.9
Cup width12.3
Cup depth19.0
Wire length20.4
Cup height13.9
Cup separation2.1
Gore height6.4
Wing height9.2
Strap width1.5

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  1. 5


    Super happy with this bra.

    I was keeping my hopes up that I'd make out fine with this, being as I have a 65F and 65G (and runs-similar in cups to 65G- 70G/65H Joys).

    I do feel like this band is a tad more snug than my other Comexim's, which I recently read about the Geisha, but it doesn't bother me.

    The cut is VERY similar to the Basic, which makes me a super happy lady(warning: I'm going to be comparing this to the Basic. A lot." alt=":p" />)
    Like the Basic, there is slightly more room on top, which causes the 65F to JUST fit me.

    There's about ... 8" on top, and since my tissue is pretty malleable, that just makes it work.
    Bottom cups are about 6.4", then centers are about 7".
    I'm center full with almost no bottom or top fullness, and softer, so, somehow it works.

    I believe that if Emanuelle had higher padding, I'd have less cup stretching.
    Though one of the things I love about Emanuelle is that beautiful top lace.

    The cups in this and Basic are slightly firmer and more moulded(but not near what typical moulded bras are) than Emanuelle also, so I think that helps with the fit and lack of stretching? I'm unsure.
    I get more side coverage in my Basic 65G, which I really prefer, but the Geisha in 65F seems to work just fine. I'll probably order a 65G in the future, but I'm plenty happy with this now.

    I enjoy the bit of cleavage I get, without quadding. The only quadding I experienced was when lifting my arms a certian way. I know from the cut similarities that this in 65G would be *perfect*, but I'm not hung up about quadding with my arms lifted. When do I lift my arms for more than a moment anyway?" alt=":p" />

    The center gore tacks nicely. I can fully scoop and swoop, and the band is definitely firm enough to keep it that way.
    You may want to consider sizing up in the band. This stretches in total, to 28.5".
    I'm 29", so to keep the bra intact, I think I'm going to need an extender.
    70F would probably be my *perfect* size in the Geisha.

    As always, perfectly narrow wires, very light padding compared to other padded bras, and absolutely gorgeous.

    I initially didn't see what all the fuss was about with the Geisha, but I fell in love with it after seeing a photo on braswap.
    I missed out and have been trying to find another since, when another user offered it to me in a swap.
    So I'm pretty ecstatic.

    I love Comexim. I should be working at Amazon again, and I swear, my first or second paycheck are going straight to Comexim, in full. And then I'm probably going to sell all my other bras.

    As for the design, it's absolutely gorgeous.
    The cups and band are like a cream with black mesh overlay, and muted red floral patterns. Straps are black with black bows, and as always, fully adjustable.
    The center bow is black and pretty thick, which I feel goes well with the design.
    It's a very dainty, but mature look. I don't know what it is, I just adore it.

    I get slightly more cleavage in this, I guess being on the verge of being too small.
    I enjoy it though. I've never felt as good as I do wearing my Comexims.
    The Joys don't really do much for me, which I think comes down to me sizing up, but I'm really enjoying their plunges and the half cup Coco.

    Comfort-wise, like the Basic, I really like the cup lining and even though the band is 28.5", the fabric is a nice silky texture and it's overall very comfortable.

    Inner cups are very flexible which my other bras confirmed is typical of Comexim. Just a light layer of foam.

    Cups, again, as typical of my Comexims, are very close, centered and fairly projected, slightly more on top.

    The cup height in this and 65G Basic work for me even though I have taller, shallower roots. I think that has a lot to do with just having the correct size. I had a 60HH Basic and the top cup depth was too large and caused the cups to appear higher than they were, and to look like bubbles on a flat surface.

    I would recommend that if you have taller/longer, shallow roots, to have the cups lowered, just to be safe. And order whatever size matches the depth of padded bras you currently fit. There's lots of measurements for the Basics here.

    The 65F would not work for me with lowered cups, because I'm using the top cup depth to manipulate my boobs into, but I believe a lowered 65G would work. I even think the 60HH/65H would have worked with lowered cups, but a cup down with normal height worked just fine for me.

    I recommend the Geisha and Basic(because they have the same cut IMO) to anyone with narrow roots, projected, more centered boobs(even if just when lifted like myself), and upper to center fullness.

    I'm functionally FoB/literally even, and my even/center-fullness is what makes these work for me, I believe.
    If you're super shallow on top/seriously FoB, definitely consider getting reduced cups.

    I really adore Comexim because I had such a great experience ordering directly from them, and even when I've just messaged asking questions. Then just the fact that all their bras seem to work for me, is amazing.
    I think with all the customizations they do, they could work for almost anyone.

    Even if you're more shallow and average/wide, there's the Joy Longline and I believe, the Burgundy also runs similarly, and I wouldn't hesitate to ask if they'd make wider wires.

    If you're FoB, shallow on top, I would absolutely order reduced cups. For FoT and even people, I wouldn't worry as much about the top part. As I mentioned, this and my Basics both ended up going about an inch up as the cup goes taller.
    This would be 7" in the center. My Basics are/were verrry similar.

    Anyway, I feel I'm digressing because I'm too obsessed over how much I love Comexim.

    This bra is beautiful, has a somewhat sophisticated look, practical, and gives great lift, shape, and support.
    Definitely a favorite.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jul 08, 2015 Flag this

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    • Also, thanks again for swapping LoisVain ! This bra is amazing :)

    • 1

      Comexim is made for your boobs. Even when they don't fit, they fit.

    • jlcl119 hahaha You're totally right! xD

    • 1

      love love love Comexim!! I just picked up Geisha too, and my band is pretty snug compared to my other Comexims.

    • 1

      I want so many of Comexim's bras. I wanted to get the Emanuelle and tropical garden, but after this I can't decide. And there is still Anna Pardal. 😢

    • Cymbidium Get them all!! lol I love mine :) I havent tried AP yet, but plan on it soon.

    • tanzi1103 Maybe I will...

    • tanzi1103 Same here! They're perfect!
      And I guess that confirms it, the Geisha definitely runs tight.

    • Cymbidium I agree wit tanzi1103 :p
      I seriously can't wait until I get my new job hahaha

      And Anna Pardal bras are gorgeous *_* I really liked the purple and green bra(if you look on her instagram, or Sophisticated Pair's site), but I haven't seen it. Idk if it's already discontinued or hasn't been made available yet, but it looks amazing.

    • Queequeg0925, I LOVE that AP!! I think it is available, just not on the site yet. You can email her and request it. :)I am trying to narrow down my AP choices. I am horrible at narrowing things down. lol

    • Queequeg0925 tanzi1103 Yeah, if you look on Instagram I believe you can also order any of those through Erica from A Sophisticated Pair. I'm currently trying for the Stiff Cappuccino, and oh my word I want the Florence!

      I also needed a black bra. What do you suppose would be better the black polka dot from AP or the Comexim Basic (170) ? AP has more detailing but I've heard the lace is better quality thus shows through tops less.

    • Cymbidium The AP bras use better quality materials all around. Comexim doesn't use cheap or bad material by any means, but AP tends to be a little more high end. Florence is gorgeous!

    • Cymbidium The AP bras use better quality materials all around. Comexim doesn't use cheap or bad material by any means, but AP tends to be a little more high end. Florence is gorgeous!

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