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Bras » Cleo » Spencer (9661) » 30F 30:7

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage73.6
B. perimeter24.5
Stretched Band77.4
Band Length63.4
Cup width14.0
Cup depth22.9
Wire length23.9
Cup height14.7
Cup separation2.2
Gore height12.2
Wing height12.3
Strap width1.9

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  1. 10


    My shape is low set, narrow and short rooted, and soft.

    This is my second Cleo Spencer in 30F. I also have the navy one. This bra is the best bra I've ever tried for lifting and centering tissue. It works better for me than Ewa Michalak's chps ever did, probably because the top edge of the cup curves back in towards the breast. It's like I have a push up on, but it's only regular padding. Vava voom! This bra is excellent for someone like me that needs immediate projection and a short cup for short roots. I think the lining along the upper cup edge would cut ... in too much if you have tall roots. I do get some bubbling on my larger side, but it's not really obvious under clothes, and it fits my smaller side great. I'd rather have a little bubbling on my larger side rather than gaping on my smaller side, so this is how most of my most-worn bras fit. It is a short long line with 3 x 3 sets of hooks. The band is a true 30" band and is a bit too stretchy for me, but I can wear it on a tighter hook. I wouldn't want a long line to be shorter anyways, as it wouldn't be comfortable on my rib cage (which flares a bit). The front bottom of the band does tend to flip up when I bend over or slouch, but it's not uncomfortable when it does. The cups have a mermaid pattern, which is cute in a grown up kind of way. The material is satiny too, so no boob tents from sticky material. The straps are wider than average and have just enough tension/support, and they are fully adjustable.

    (Sorry for the blurry pictures. I have a thumb injury so it was hard to take these).

    Overall this bra is excellent quality and construction for my shape. It's very very comfortable, and I think it has an excellent appearance.

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    Grey colorway

    Updated on Oct 16, 2020 Flag this

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      I’ve been eyeing this one for a long time. It reminds me of dragon scales. Thanks for the review, looks great on you!

    • Sheena YES dragon scales! You should go for it and give it a try. Look on ebay to see if you can find your size. I bought it on ebay (from Belle Lingerie) at a really decent price. They are starting to run out of sizes though, so if you want to try it, I wouldn't wait too long.

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    • Thanks Calluna . I got matching bottoms through Amazon too for about $15.00 cnd, plus my yellow bird bottoms also match (not sold with bra, so I'll just keep them). I managed to find some thong bottoms that are dark navy too to match my navy spencer.

    • Wilderness1 , yeah, I love when that happens.

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      Is the fabric like velours on the pattern? It kinda looks a bit like that.
      It looks great on you!

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      Ooh that’s pretty. How’s the center gore? I’m narrow and short rooted, but also pretty center full and close set, so lots of
      Cleos have way too wide a gore for me. Also does it only come in longline?

    • alisa It is a satiny textured material. And thank you!

    • confused The gore isn't the most narrow, but it doesn't bother me at all. I did do a bit of reverse scooping, but it wasn't too terrible for centre tissue. It only comes in this short longline unfortunately. I wish it came in a regular bra because I much prefer a regualar bra over a long line.

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  2. 7


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      Cleo Spencer looks soooo good on you! If I could wear a gore that isn't a plunge, I would buy it immediately. Love the color, too! You're right they really should release it in mint and green. I think peacock green would be good, too.

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      It sure does give you a great shape! I think this one could really work on me too,,,I might have to give it a try! Thanks for the review.

    • Gorgeous!! Bring on the greens :-) :-)

    • This is so pretty!! But nearly 6” wide cups - ouch!!

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  3. 4


    My shape is low set, slightly pendulous, soft and narrow rooted.

    I got this bra because of MiskiDwie s review. She's a similar size and she raved about the shape... and oh wow...the shape of this bra! Uplifting, rounding, centering. There is an elastic band edging on the cup that does cut into my boobs and the bra MAY be slightly too small, but because I have soft breasts, I have a feeling that this will not be an issue as the day wears on and my boobs settle in the cup. So far I've just tried this bra on. I have short roots, and this ... bra pushes everything up to makes it look like I actually have upper fullness. If you did have upper fullness or taller roots, this bra may cut in a bit. The cup width is slightly wider than I need, but I don't think it affects the fit very much, or at least I don't notice.

    This bra has a shimmering dark navy mermaid pattern on the cups and gore area and elastic around the rest of the band. So unique! There are 3 x 3 set of hooks (I'd prefer 5, but I think they did this in an attempt to stop rolling). I find that this bra does accentuate my back rolls a bit more than I like...but maybe that's just because I gained 5 pounds in the last couple months. (Motivation to skip the snacks at night...). The straps have gold hardware, are a touch wider than your standard straps, and they adjust long enough for my tall frame. There is a mauve coloured bow in the centre of the gore.

    Overall.. amazing shape, pretty mermaid pattern/colour, and great quality.

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    Updated on Oct 17, 2018 Flag this

    • Wooooow! Amazing! I do see the little bit of cutting in, but I don't think that you can do it in a larger cup, and agree that the soft tissue might settle in a bit throughout the day.

    • Looks beautiful on you. I tried it also but couldn’t be bother with the long band :/ I wish it has standard band, would be perfect :(

    • Calluna I'm wearing it today, so we'll see!
      martka00 I agree...a regular band would have been way better. And thank you! :)

    • 2

      Well I can add that after a day of wear the bra is still very comfortable. No cutting in, no chafing, no discomfort anywhere on the cups or band. The cups feel like they're very supportive, but the band likes to flip up in the front. I do still have the cutting in/quadding on my larger side, but...oh well!

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      That is a stunning bra, and it looks great on you!

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