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Bras » Cleo » Rihanna (6621) » 28H 28:11

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage72.3
B. perimeter28.8
Stretched Band73.0
Band Length59.3
Cup width15.0
Cup depth28.5
Wire length30.9
Cup height16.4
Cup separation1.9
Gore height9.0
Wing height11.2
Strap width1.9

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  1. 3

    Didn't fit

    The Rihanna bra is based on the shape and style of the Juna bra by Cleo. The Juna comes in Ivory, Nude and Black and the Rihanna is a Teal/Pink/Grey print that reminds me of a pixelated 80s video game... or a 80s watercolour. I can't place it but I like it" alt=":)" />

    I tried on the Juna and Rihanna in a million sizes and couldn't get the shape to work on me - puzzled the hell out of two fitters - and by luck tried on a 28H.

    I usually wear a 28 or 30 band in Cleo and in this style ... I most definitely needed the 28 band - the fabric is soft and stretchy and if you're between sizes definitely go the smaller size. The Juna model feels loose on me in a 28 band, but the Rihanna feels good in the 28. The fitter said that the Juna runs a bit large in the band due to slightly stretchy fabric.

    This shape - padded balconettes that smash your boobs to your chest and just end without a 3rd, horizontal top section - work terribly on my shape. The Juna and Rihanna was no exception.

    Both the 28GG and the 30G (my "normal" sizes) give me OK coverage but the moulded top of the cup kind of cuts in a bit leaving a lot of fleshy stuff pushed up against the lace edge in the middle but the lace kind of poofs out towards the center gore. It's a mess. And if I bent over I'd start to fall out.

    The lace edge on the Rihanna is tighter than the lace edge on the Juna. Going up a cup size gave me more coverage with the cup ending a bit higher up the breast allowing the tighter lace edge to hold me in place a bit. The Juna lace just kind of stuck upwards and didn't follow the contours of my chest at all.

    The fitter (the Juna was her favourite bra) assured me that end of the moulded cup and the lace edge soften up and sit better after a few washes. Will have to see how that goes.

    I found that in my normal size - the 28GG - the top edge of the bra just finished at a bad place on my shape.

    This is my first and only 28H in my wardrobe.

    I also find that the straps on the Juna/Rihanna very wide on my narrow shoulders. That said, this is nicely padded around the underwires so it should be comfortable to wear.

    I wore this for a day of shopping with my niece (a toddler) and my sister and I found I kept falling out of the top of this bra. It shows under white/pale tops. Good for a day at the office wearing black perhaps? Or on the weekend? Not a great everyday bra for me!

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on May 27, 2012 Flag this

    • Thanks a lot for sharing your full review and comparison with other Cleo bras! I am looking forward to trying this bra but puzzled about the fit of current Cleo styles as many ladies say they all run a little different from each other.. even "style sisters" in different names/patterns. :)

    • That's true - but I think Freya, Panache, Fantastie all differ just as much. They keep the same styles but sometimes just changing the fabric can alter the fit - this fit between the Juna and the Rihanna which look and feel identical save for the pattern fabric used was a perfect example of this!

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  2. 2

    Didn't fit

    ***Please note: For all intent and purpose this 28h bra fits but I will keep the accurate "band is too tight" until it stretches out.

    This is a comparison review between 28GG ( and 28H.

    Band length: 59.7cm
    Cup width: 14.7cm
    Cup depth: 29.5cm
    Wire length: 31.1cm
    Cup separation: 1.7cm
    Strap width: 1.9cm

    Quality: 5/5
    Comfort: 5/5
    Appearance: 5/5

    This is the only print to come along since the plaids that has really caught my attention. I had to try it on! Purchased 28GG/28H for comparison. Once upon a time I almost bought AW10's Sadie 30G in Purple Plaid (see review here: Those cups were just a bit too small and now that I ... think of it they were quite similar to Freya's Padded Half Cups. Except there is this bit of loose lace trim on these Juna-style Cleo bras. Well, the 30G Sadie felt just a bit too small in the cup and here the 28GG Rihanna feels just like that but firmer in the band. The 28H (tighter band equivalent of a 30GG and one-cup bigger than the original Purple Plaid Sadie was made, she stopped at a G-cup!) This is my ideal fit: firm in the back, nice little lift and all-rounded shape. The lace does stick up a bit on my smaller breast but flattens underneath a t-shirt. And in a gorgeous 80's video-game type print to boot! Reds, blues, greys and white glory. I will keep an eye out for more wonderful patterns in the future now that I know my Juna-size. Next, I'm ready to try an actual Juna from the core line!" alt=":)" />

    Measured immediately before wearing.
    Purchased late-June 2012.

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  3. 0


    I had tried the Cleo Juna in a 30GG before and found that the band was a little stetchy for me, so when I found this one for cheap, I went for a 28H.

    The band is tight but I wore it for a full 12 hour work day the first time I wore it and it was fine, which is great for a brand new bra.

    I love the coloring, it's defiantly different and a combination you don't see often.

    The shape is great. I have pretty wide, bottom-heavy boobs and they looked round and at a natural but lifted position. If I wanted to go for major cleavage, I would probably size down to a 28GG. In the larger size it gives me good "everyday" cleavage.

    The lace is a nice touch and seems to lie flat under tops. I've only worn it under Ts and sweaters so far, so I'm not sure how it would do under something thin.

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