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Bras » Cleo » Natasha Balconnet (6841) » 28E 28:6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage66.0
B. perimeter21.6
Stretched Band70.9
Band Length56.3
Cup width12.9
Cup depth20.7
Wire length22.3
Cup height12.4
Cup separation1.9
Gore height6.2
Wing height8.4
Strap width1.3

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    Very tight band (typical of Cleo lol). I think I lack the upper fullness to fill out the top of the cups, and there is a strange bulge, especially where the lace part connects to the rest of the cup.

    The detailing/embroidery on the lace is actually really cute and I didn't notice as much in pictures! It definitely adds to my opinion of the bra.

    I think this could be more of a FoT bra (I'm pretty even), or maybe I just need to try a size down, I'm not sure! My tall roots are definitely affecting the fit at the top, but even if my ... breast tissue were concentrated lower I don't think I would have enough tissue to fill out the top. I will update review later.

    Edit: removed the following because it was simply due to the underwires being pushed to the other end of the wire channels:
    "I think the gore was bent outward and is the reason why it doesn't sit perfectly flush on my skin, but it's also migrating sideways as if it were too wide. I've never had a problem with wide gores, so I think that it may just be because the gore is bent too far. I will try to bend it back some and see if it helps."

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    • Sorry this is not entirely relevant to your entry, buuuuut since you said that very tight bands are typical of cleo bras, I was wondering if you think that they are just very tight or perhaps just very uncomfortable (fabric etc). I ask because I literally just (like 10 mins ago hah) made my own extender for my Cleo Maddie 28D. When I first got it I thought that the band fit well, like pretty tight but maybe that was how it was supposed to be, but when I went to put it on the next day it immediately hurt. So I just made the extender thinking that that would help with the underwire pain. Seemed to at first, but after 10 mins I'm already uncomfortable again!!! And making the band any looser would be ridiculous (can already fit a whole hand).

      Is it Cleo? Is it the Maddie in particular? Or is it just me?

    • betty2 Thats totally fine! This is for the Cleo Natasha. Some people do find Cleo bands uncomfortable because of the fabric (kind of scratchy, I guess), and others are uncomfortable from the tightness of the band. I don't mind the tightness, as I prefer really firm bras, but it definitely was tighter than I expected lol.

      Where is your discomfort coming from? Maybe the wires need to be more padded to suit your ribcage? Are the cups staying in place or are they moving out of your inframmary fold? I had a bra that refused to stay in my inframmary fold, which made the underwires

    • (cont.) hurt pretty badly. betty2

    • It's beautiful, and it does look like it's fitting you properly from your photos.
      Try bending the gore and report back to see how it feels!

    • KariNicole Interestingly, it does look like it fits better in pictures than I think it does irl. The top lace part really does some crazy stuff in reality!! I will let you know my new opinion of the bra next time I wear it, haha

    • tiggaren haha okay!
      I hope it fits Better next time you wear it!

    • It looks 100% better on you than it did on me!
      wow! :) I don't remember bending the gores wires but if I did, it's because I was getting stabbed probably. :)

    • or it might be because I moved the wires to the outside of the wire channels. :)

    • It looks gorgeous on you!!

    • Thanks for responding tiggaren ! You know, I think it's both (the tightness and the fabric). Before using the extender (after one day of wear) the underwires were really hurting me at the gore and my back was kind of itchy, and I assumed that both were due to it being too tight. After using the extender, I noticed that the underwires felt slightly better but still kind of hurt, and the itchiness was still there. I think maybe the lining on the underwires isn't thick enough for me and the fabric is just uncomfortable. Both would make sense since I have kind of a bony rib cage and sensitive skin.

      Loosening the band definitely did help a little though. I actually read that women with smaller busts (me compared to you) often prefer a slightly looser band. The logic being that a tight band's purpose is to offset the weight of the breasts and distribute it more evenly around the band. So if there's less weight, the band isn't counterbalanced in the same way and just digs into the wearer. This made a lot of sense to me when I read it and I think I've decided to stick with 30 bands since they provide adequate support for my smaller breasts and are far more comfortable for me to wear.

    • Haha thanks Nayanya!! I will check on the wire channels, that didn't even cross my mind. The weird lace gapping at the top didn't show under the shirt I wore yesterday, so I think it will be part of my daily rotation :D

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    Didn't fit

    It looks prettier in person than in the pictures. It's purple Camouflage but it's prettier than any other camouflage I've seen.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Dec 05, 2014 Flag this

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Jan 01, 2014

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    Added on Sep 15, 2017