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Bras » Cleo » Maya Balconnet Bra (7471) » 30DD 30:5

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage71.3
B. perimeter22.2
Stretched Band74.6
Band Length60.9
Cup width13.0
Cup depth21.2
Wire length21.1
Cup height14.4
Cup separation2.0
Gore height6.7
Wing height8.6
Strap width1.3

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  1. 0

    Didn't fit

    I think this bra may just be the wrong shape. Over projected maybe? Band is firm and fits great. Fabric is comfortable and I just adore the colors and print! The issue is the cups. I have wrinkling and extra space at the top where the lace is. It also forces my boobs within my frame and from the top looking down my cleavage is distorted and my breasts look long and pointed. It's not as noticeable from the front. If I pull the wires wider from under my arms (forcing the cup to become wider and more shallow) it looks great!! Smooth on top, rounded and no ... quading. So is the bra over projected and too narrow? Could bending the wires out help or should I return it? If I return it, would going down a cup size to a 30D possibly work? I really love this bra and want it to fit or would like to find it in a size that does. Or maybe another Cleo unpadded style. Would really like to find a non padded bra that works for my fob very deflated breasts.
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    This bra is not owned any more

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    • I say bend them! I've tried it before and it works. I understand what you mean with the boobs in the frame looking longer and a bit pointy from the top. I have that too in some Cleos but I'm starting to love that look!

    • Thanks for the comment Charlotte! I'm going to try that first before attempting to ship it back to the UK. I did recently order a Natasha in a 30D. I've read that the Natasha cups run small but I got it for such a steal I figured I'd try it anyway just for a fit comparison. I'm really curious to see if the Cleo unlined cups are too big in a DD or just to narrow and projected. But yeah, I hope spreading the wire width a bit helps.

    • Cleos do run narrow and projected, thats what they are known for. I think kurvy kate runs wider - not sure they come that small tho

    • Thanks DB. I've been curious to try the curvy Kate's but they look so high in the wires and gore that I'm afraid to invest in one without being able to try it on first. My frame is very petite and my boobs USED to be quite large but after a 35 pound weight loss they are now deflated with a lot of soft tissue and extra skin. Trying to find a shape that works has been quite the challenge!

    • Makes sense. I hope to have a problem something like that some time! I'm so sick of the size of my boobs, and I know if I could lose 20 lb they'd get at least a bit smaller - but then the shape would probably change too.

    • 1

      Yeah I always imagined if I lost weight Id have these awesome smaller premier boobs but unfortunately at 35 it just doesn't work that way :-( I joke around with my girl friends in reference to my "sad puppy ears" Lol! But I am happy to be fit and feeling healthy so that's what really counts I suppose.

    • *perkier.

    • lol premier boobs are probably perky! I'm 15 years older than you are and spent a full decade nursing my 3 kids . . . and i dont think I've been perky since I was 16.

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  2. 0

    Didn't fit

    I wanted so much to love this bra. I just KNEW it was for me when I saw it.
    I'm still not entirely sure what size I am." alt=":(" />
    This bra looks better on the tightest hook than it does on the loosest hook, but I think it makes my breasts look like torpedoes. I want a bra that makes my breast look rounded.
    There's space at the top on both cups, but for some reason it is more noticeable on my bigger breast.
    There is also some wrinkling on the band.

    Updated on Jul 08, 2015 Flag this

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  3. 0

    Didn't fit

    I fill all of it out!! Especially when I stand straight up, even the lace at the top is filled, and it's an unlined bra!
    The band is snug, but not too tight in the 30. (I measure 28.5 underbust).
    The straps do not fall down, nor do they dig in.
    The gore tacks perfectly. The only fit issue really is that it gaps when I lean over. Otherwise it's actually perfect.

    What does this say about my breast shape?

    Teal colorway. colorway

    Updated on Apr 28, 2015 Flag this

    • What a freaking adorable bra!! Seriously! It looks really cute on you too. As far as breast shape - having the bra measurements entered would help with that. But from what I understand about Cleo's Marcie, it's a rather narrow-wired bra that allows for natural projection. BUT, that's speaking from my size range of 28FF or so. In the smaller size ranges, the cups could be cut more shallow since smaller breasts *tend* to be more shallow. Again, having your specific bra's measurements entered would be helpful!

    • lcl0706 Thanks! I love it! :D
      Yeah, I haven't gotten around to measuring it yet but I definitely will.
      My other best fitting bras are Juna and Maddie so I feel like it's on the shallower side in this size range.

    • Yeah if it fits like the Juna/Maddie then it's shallower in that size range. I think that's fairly common. Very cute indeed. I love the looks of the Maddie but my Juna was too narrow so I haven't bothered with a Maddie. Sigh. Darn me and my seemingly-unusually wide roots.

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    Added on Feb 26, 2015