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Bras » Cleo Swimwear » Lucille Padded Bandeau Bikini (0063) » 30F 30:7

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage72.2
B. perimeter25.1
Stretched Band71.9
Band Length57.9
Cup width14.3
Cup depth20.4
Wire length26.7
Cup height16.0
Cup separation2.4
Gore height8.7
Wing height10.3

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    Bought from a Reddit user. No price tag for me to know the official colorway name, but this is the red striped one with a heart clip in the center—an aesthetic that resonated with me so much, I broke my one-bra-only budget when she offered it to me at such a low price. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

    This bra has confirmed a suspicion plaguing me for a while: that I am small and have no business being here pretending otherwise. I agree with others' assessments that this top is especially wide and shallow. Indeed, that might be the only reason something in 30F fit me. I'm tempted to think this means I'm ... actually shallow rather than projected, but I don't think that's the case since the bra just kind of wraps around my breasts without shaping much. I'm also not sure it's intentional for the cups to cover the entire vertical curve of my breasts. It's a bandeau so I'll say.....yyyes? Either way, it reminds me of that time when a photo studio's faux strapless top made me all skin and no shape like yikes. I didn't know back then, but I'm guessing I'm a victim of the short roots + long torso combo.
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      Padded bras are known to not work well for peple with projected shapes. I got a 28G Freya Deco padded bra just to try, and sure enough, i spill out the center and don't fill out the bottom. A bandeau bikini top isn't the best choice for judging shape or if you want something to fit and yu're new in the game - bandeaus are supposed to be self-supporting and therefore need a lot of vertical and sideways padding to do that.
      I saw you tried the Cleo Mimi as well - it looked like the breast tissue sank to the bottom the cups, which makes sense given the bra's shape and style.

      I'd recommend you try some unlined, nonpadded bras from Panache/Cleo and Freya! The Cleo Marcie is a good starting point, and if you've measured yourself and used the calculator, go for the size the calculator suggests - Panache and Cleo bands are known for being True To Size/tight!! I'm measured to a 28FF and I wear 28 bands. If Panache sold 26 i wouldn't wear it cuz that would be way too tight.

      Also, last but not least, do you scoop and swoop? The #1 thing with wearing bras correctly is making sure all your breast tissue is gathered into the cups :D

      Long comment but hope this helps!

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      Ye I s&s. How much it can help increase volume is limited because I’m not pendulous and most of my tissue is already up front instead of under the armpits. It speaks for itself when a halfcup is so big it looks like full coverage on me, so I don’t make inferences based on the Mimi.

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      That's fair. It seems like the cup is pretty tall on this bra too, though it's hard to say for sure since noone's added cup height as a measurement.
      If you have short roots, go for Cleo Marcie, if you have tall roots, also go for Cleo Marcie, but you can try high apex styles such as Freya Soiree bras and maybe the Cleo Atlanta.

    • 1

      It is very tall, I think I measured a full 7 inches for that. Any natural contouring gets covered up when I wear this, hence “all skin, no shape.” I would ask if you’re still willing to sell me your Marcie, although it’s probably too big given what I know now. (Progress..?)

    • 7miki It could be too big, but if you're measured as 30F then I'd hazard it fits. It was too small for me, and I have a Marcie in 30FF that fits, and i feel like this bra was just a little smaller than an average 30F Marcie. I'm going to remeasure when i have the time.
      Only way to find out is to try! You should try a Marcie regardless of where you get it from.

    • 1

      corvidsandtea After Mimi, I started fretting A LOT about whether or not I measured correctly and rechecked whenever I could. Minor variations from not holding the tape correctly etc might push me into 28E or 28FF but by far, the most consistent result from the ABTF calculator now is 28F (30E for comfort). Maybe if had softer tissue I'd be closer to 28FF, because the projection I get from leaning always disappears when I stand back up, even with hand-cupping.

      So yeah, it'd have to be a pretty small 30F. Thankfully Marcie is such a famous name (one big reason I was so reluctant to turn you down) that I'm sure I'll find one eventually.

    • 1

      7miki No worries! Depending on where you're located, quite a few online stores still sell the Marcie in different sizes. I got most of mine from Brastop and Bravissimo.

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    Didn't fit

    This bra offers more coverage, but is still quite boobsie. I like that it is versatile and can be worn different ways. Wish it had more projection though. My boobs are forced very high and so there is more cleavage than I'm comfortable with. So far it's the better fitting one of my swim tops but the hunt continues...

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    Hasn't set fit

    There are multiple different colorways of this top, as it's different each year. I'm not sure which year this is, but the one I'm reviewing has navy stripes and a square-shaped, light blue plastic decoration in the middle.

    The band on this one is insanely small. I can't even come close to getting it closed. If the sizing is consistent across all of these, I'm worried that even sizing up to a 32 band wouldn't fit. The cups actually fit just fine though. I have wide, tall roots and most strapless things cut in at the top, but this doesn't appear to.

    For comparison, I have Cleo bras, and I wear either a 30 or a 32 band in them, depending on the model (since some Cleos run tight in the band). In the Cleo Maddie, I wear a 30 and a 32 in the Juna or the Neve, and I don't wear my bands super, super tight.

    I'm going to have to return this, but I'll be swapping it for a 32E, which will hopefully fit better.

    Updated on Mar 17, 2015 Flag this

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Sep 08, 2014