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Bras » Bravissimo » Penny Bra (LN449) » 34JJ 34:14

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band88.8
Band Length72.2
Cup width18.0
Cup depth37.0
Wire length36.0
Cup height27.0
Cup separation2.2
Gore height11.5
Wing height13.0
Strap width2.4

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  1. 2

    Didn't fit

    Right so this bra along with the Bravissimo Allie is supposed to have "new and improved" wires in J+ cups. They're supposedly more narrow and longer than their other wires. I didn't find the wire to feel any longer or anything like that, it doesn't go very high up under the arm like a lot can do. It does have a high gore though.

    The width is fine, it's average, it reminds me of some Panache or Cleo bras but it's a step up from the other bras I've tried before, like Alana.

    Anyway so basic balconette style, has fully adjustable straps that are soft and stretchy. The band ... is TTS as usual, could need an extender to break it in but I could fasten it and breathe in it still lol.

    The fit..
    So I have a smaller boob and on that boob you can very noticeably see that it's very wrinkly. I get a smaller gap but still a gap on the other boob aswell.

    It has really good projection however, not at the wire. I've included a picture where I can easily fit 2 fingers width between the underwire and my IMF, and it refuses to go up there. The gore does not tack on me.

    When I first put it on I didn't find the shape too pointy but trying it again and taking pictures it definitely has a bit of an elf shoe shape, at least on my bigger boob. The smaller boob looks better shape from the side.

    I also have a slight wrinkle in the side of the cup because there is extra fabric right near the wire, but I guess it's also because the wires are still slightly too wide for me.

    Overall I guess this bra is not enough immediate projection and too tall in the cup, and probably 0.5-1 cup too big. But I will not try this in a smaller size. This is just going straight back" alt=":P" />

    The look of this bra.. It is ugly on the website and it is uglier in real life. It's probably the ugliest bra ever. The flower pattern looks great up close but, because they are on a stark white background, your eye first notice the white splotchy spaces that are in between the flowers, which looks super dumb! It's so so ugly. If there was no white and it was black or a different blue or maybe even a dark green or red, it would look better but even then, this pattern is just It's awful and I hate it.

    The fabric is also meh. The Allie bra had that silky feeling like Elomi have a lot, but this one feels like a cheap scuba/swimsuit material, it's slightly scratchy even, not silky soft at all. It's also double lined, with a sort of mesh material on the inside, even the lace part is lined.

    Big no on this one from me.

    Also, this bra is definitely not the same bra that is already listed here, as "Penny Bra (LN449)" ? this has a full band, so different construction. I don't know why they didn't just change the name of this to something new when it's not even the same bra.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Oct 15, 2020 Flag this

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    • I was looking at this bra on their website today like, “hmm, that’s kinda cute.” But seeing your pics... nope. You’re right, the white space between the flowers is just ugly.

    • 1

      In terms of ugliness, I think we have a tie between the Penny and the Alice that I refuse to wear. I was so disappointed in the Alice that I am now overly careful with what I buy and I then miss out on bras like the Jenna.

    • forgot to say... excellent review !

    • 1

      Oh boy... that print is terrible. Even worse than on the website, also is it even darker like dark navy blue instead of bright royal like it appears on the website???

      I once read about prints - if you cannot tell what it is from normal distance like 2m or so, it's not a good print.
      This you can only tell if you look closely. Also agree with lazy naming thought the same when I searched for the bra here...

    • 1

      Great review btw :D Very informative about the fit and the fabric. It looks like if it wasn't too big and you would fill out the cups that it would give elf-shoe shape. The is a lot of wrinkling going on, def too big for you. But hey imagine if it fit prefectly and you'd have to keep this ugly bra? :P (sorry just joking a bit)

      alanagirl I looked up Alice and it's almost pretty compared to this :O At least the florals are lighter and it looks like fancy old school table cloth or so :P
      Also so much better that the top section is in purple instead of white.

      I think this Penny wouldn't look so offensive if the lace on top bras dark blue too. Then it would blend better and the white bits in the pattern might stand out less?

    • 1

      alisa Unfortunately, the Alice image on Bravissimo is similar to this Penny and the Jenna that was reviewed by someone else, it was much darker than I was expecting. Examples like this are why I didn't try the Alana in pink/orange. I like your "fancy old school table cloth" analogy.

    • 1

      alanagirl Ah so Alice is not a bright lilac purple but also very dark? Nah then I wouldn't like it. I think if they do floral print I prefer them in colors of actual flowers - pastels or bright but not very dark colors. If a bra is blue I'd like bluebell or cornflower blue. If a bra is dark navy like Jenna / Penny then I rather prefer it being solid color like my 32J - Fantasie » Illusion Side Support Bra (FL2982) .

    • 1

      alisa I just tried to look for it but couldn't find it. When I do find it I will post a picture of it.

    • 2

      Added a picture of the pattern in daylight.

    • Thanks :)

    • I cannot find my Alice, nor the matching briefs! I put some stuff into a storage locker a few months ago and I may have subconsciously included them.
      My comment about the Alice being dark was not the best way to describe it. After thinking about it, the pattern was way too bold and was visible under most of my tops, which attracted way more attention than I care for.

    • 2

      This past Wed, I went to my storage unit to get my Alice but... it was not there! I'm not absolutely sure how I feel about losing/mis-placing the bra I hate the most but initially I was so upset that I took over 50 pictures of my other bras and loaded them up to Bratabase! I am a bit of a prude though and will likely take them down shortly. When I do, the photos will no longer be part of my profile but will still be visible for the specific bras (I think).
      Honestly, I am not too disappointed at misplacing my Alice and in fact, I am a wee bit pleased that it has been misplaced. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I initially said the Alice was too dark for me but a better description is the pattern was too bold for my taste and showed under my tops far too easily.

    • 1

      Thanks alanagirl for looking and taking pics! It's very helpful. I hope the pictures of the bras will still be visible. I often check here for bra pics of larger size from Bravissimo because they are often very different from the pictures shown on the site. I like to know about extra lining, strap width and how many hook and eyes and if it looks totally different.

    • Thanks alisa and I agree, larger sizes do tend to look differently than stock photos. When alidieux posted her photos of the Freya Offbeat, I noticed how differently the band looked in her photos compared to the photos on Bravissimo of a smaller, 2 hook band. To me the band on the smaller bra looked kinda cute but durable while the larger bra seemed substantially less cute to me.

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