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Bras » Braologie » Foundation Bra (the Lacie) » 28FF 28:8

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage69.5
B. perimeter27.7
Stretched Band76.0
Band Length60.6
Cup width16.1
Cup depth23.2
Wire length26.1
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.6
Gore height8.0
Wing height13.8
Strap width1.5

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  1. 1

    Didn't fit

    After my first Braologie order arrived too small, the company allowed me to mail the bras to other women and remade the bras in a better size.

    The new bras that arrived were a vast improvement. The band was slightly more snug (though not nearly as snug as other bras one would order in a 28 band... the Braologie bra is designed to provide support with a looser band), though still more relaxed than other bras I own, and the cups were a good fit! Having the removable padding in the cups is also a LIFESAVER-- one of my girls is a bit smaller than the other, and this ... has been endlessly frustrating to me recently. A bra with removable padding solves this issue.

    Unfortunately I did run into some other problems that came from the bra cups sizing up. A wider underwire was used, so it comes up higher on the sides. The wings were also quite a bit higher. My smaller bras had about 5.5" tall wings, which were taller than anything else I owned, but the newer bras with larger cups had 6" tall wings, which suddenly sat in the clear territory of very uncomfortable. I felt a good deal of digging and chafing in the armpit itself, but it was difficult to get a photo of it (though eventually I did). I e-mailed my concerns to Tallia, the representative I have been working with, and she was wonderful-- she acknowledged the concerns and asked me to wear the bras a bit, so that we could determine if the discomfort I was feeling was because I was unaccustomed to having such high sides, or if the sides were truly digging into my armpits.

    I wore the bra for about 9 hours, and ultimately I came to the conclusion that because I have such a petite torso, the wings were in fact just too high. An extra half inch on my torso is a lot of space, and with the underwires sitting where they were supposed to be at my inframammary fold, the wings of the bra were sitting very decidedly in the armpits and caused a great deal of uncomfortable chafing after a full day of wear. Tallia is allowing me to return the bras to be altered so the wings aren't quite as high.

    The Braologie bra has much higher sides than most of us are used to, I think, and of course the purpose of this is to help hasten the movement of migrated breast tissue back to the chest. Any purchaser of a Braologie bra will need to accept ahead of time that the height of the sides might feel a little weird because of how tall it is, and this will be different than actual pain from TOO high a side. After working quite a bit with Tallia, however, I feel comfortable with my decision to have the sides shortened slightly--they will still sit higher than other bras I own, but I think this should entirely solve the chafing issue I was experiencing.

    The other small problem I experienced was that the straps were far, far too long and cinching them up properly placed the adjuster in front of my shoulders. This issue will also be fixed with the alterations.

    So I have one more go at fixing the bra-- this time the height of the wings will be reduced and the straps will be shortened. My hope is that this will officially solve the issues I've had so far, but I feel confident that ultimately I will end up with a very well fitting, supportive Braologie bra.

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    Updated on Mar 18, 2013 Flag this

    • Did you ever get another altered bra from them? Couldn't find it in your listed bras- just this and the first ones you got that fit like 28E's.

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  2. 0

    Used to fit

    This bra is super comfortable and looks GREAT under t-shirts. I love the support! It looks good and feels good.

    I do have shallow boobs, however, which is not great for plunge styles. There ends up being a lot of gaping at the top of the cup when I bend over or move around, but it still looks great under a shirt and I'm still fully supported.

    This is my go-to bra when I don't want to see lines under a shirt. I think it needs to be tighter in order to remigrate tissue, and I have to set it on the middle hook, but the quality is amazing. It looks like a "granny" bra when it's not on, but looks great on.

    The only con that I can think of is that since it is higher up on the side, it may show through a tank top, but most well-fitted bras do so for me.

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  3. 0

    Didn't fit

    This is a strange new bra and I don't want to jump to any conclusions about it without giving it a chance to impress me.

    A full review is on my blog but to summarise;
    The side wings feel too high at the moment, and the straps won't adjust short enough for me to pull the bra up to where the wires should sit under my breasts, so I have space in the bottom of the cups.

    However, the bra is gorgeous, the band feels amazing and does a great job of smoothing with a good shape. There is fantastic cleavage, and I did not expect it to but the gore sits flat on my chest comfortably.

    This bra is not owned any more

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  4. 0

    Didn't fit

    By looking at some of my old bras, I'm guessing that this is somewhere between a 28FF and 28G in size. It was much too small, even after taking out the remove-able padding in the cups. I'm usually around a 28GG, sometimes larger.

    Even then, I really like this bra and the way that it's cut. The wires are a good size and shape for me, but there just wasn't enough depth there. I also like the wider band because it gives a much better line under clothing. I'm 5'1", so the straps had to be tightened as far as they could go, but the bra didn't poke ... under my armpit at all. I agree that it has a way of pushing any and all breast tissue forwards. I've never been able to see my silhouette so clearly without my breasts getting in the way.

    Another thing that I noticed after looking at other reviews was that there wasn't as much boning as the one that Vee received. There wasn't any boning in the remove-able padding and can't feel any boning in the cups either. The side wings had vertical boning, but not the additional horizontal boning that she pictured. There wasn't a side support panel, but it did a good job of push everything forward without it. I emailed to ask about these things and I was told that the differences between the two bras is that Vee's was a custom order, and not the standard Lacie bra. In my correct size, they felt I wouldn't need those extras.

    I have to say, though, that the customer service is excellent. Tallia, the person I've been in contact with, has been really amazing so far in terms of fitting and advice about their products. Overall, I like this brand and am exchanging this for a better size...

    As an aside, Braologie asked for several measurements before making the bra, but after receiving it and seeing how small this was in the cups, I re-measured myself. I realized that I had messed up on measuring my breast perimeter, so this may have been a reason why it was so far off in cup sizing.

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  5. -

    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Aug 22, 2013