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Bras » Anna Pardal For Comexim » Hibiscus Classic Plunge » 30FF 30:8

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.0
Band Length57.8
Cup width13.2
Cup depth21.0
Wire length22.6
Cup height15.9
Cup separation1.5
Gore height6.4
Wing height9.8
Strap width1.9

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  1. 2

    Didn't fit

    So this bra runs small in the band like Anna and others have said. I wasn't aware that the cups run small as well. So this is to small and I will be emailing Anna about exchanging it.
    Aside from the fact it's to small its a beautiful bra and I'll probably be ordering again (other then the replacement) soon.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Nov 23, 2015 Flag this

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      Out of curiosity: what happens if you bend the wires narrower? The cups definitely look too closed off for you, I think you might actually prefer to not have reduced cups in AP. I'm not sure if going up a cup will solve your problem, but I'm sure Anna will know!

    • 1

      Emailed Anna so well see what she suggests.
      I'll try sending the wires later and see if it helps any.
      Feel like everytime I figure out what style or cut I need my boobs change and I'm back to the start LOL

    • 1

      Are your measurements the same as when you posted your fit checks last? I looked back at them, and I do see gaping at the gore. The cup looks slightly tall to me, but this one does look too closed off for you. Were those pictures post-scoop and swoop as well? In these photos, it almost looks to me like you may have tall roots and maybe less center-fullness than Comexim expects? As lcl0706 said, you're unlikely to get great cleavage in well-fitting Comexim plunge. Some of their styles give more than others, but I find that an awful lot of them give a fairly minimized look. I believe AP's bras have a lower cut in our size range than Comexim's to start with though. I think you may want to do a fit check and link to your various fit checks. There's definitely something funny going on!

    • Ugh had a long thing typed up and realized I couldn't remember my perimeter measurements... Yeah I need to redo measurements LOL.
      In the 60HH pics all were post S&S. The only picture that wasn't post S&S was on the Hibiscus to show the change before S&S and after and I noted that on the picture its self.
      I agree I'm having issues with Comexim bra fits. 60H reduced fit great for a month then my boobs grew and I was squished and quadboobing. 60HH felt to tall and to small at the same time. I tried folding down the top as if it were reduced and my boobs were trying to spill out. I assume this is from pressure from my hand holding the top down. Now my AP 30FF is so closed and cuts so bad its on the edge of comical to me. Like how much spillage can I have.
      Did you look at my Ewa as well?!? I've obviously grow some all pictures were without cookie pads.
      I'll add new measurements and do a fit check with all Comexim and the Ewa to hopefully get to the bottom of this.

    • 2

      To me it looks like you have the perfect shape for Ewa's CHP bra. Lots of immediate projection and tall roots. It shouldn't cut in on you anywhere because it's super full on top. Both your Ewa and Comexim's look like they're too closed for you. It does look like you've gained volume (and you've been pretty steadily gaining volume). Comexim has been a tough fit for me lately too. If you try them again, I recommend trying their bras with stretch lace at the top (Mystic, Emmanuelle). For AP, I would suggest trying unreduced cups (and seeing what Anna can do for you, maybe a half cup?).

    • 2

      I don't know which CHP you're getting, but I will warn you in advance the Onyx and Lilia are not your typical CH cut bra. They have a satin edging that closes the cup off a little more than usual for the EM half cup shape.

    • If I'm right its the CH Onyx (LOL) that you sold/swapped with Amandafire... Haha guess we'll see how well it fits...

    • 1

      Yes it was mine lol. I suspect it will be too small and too closed off on top for you. But that is absolutely the exception to the CH rule, trust me. If it's too closed, try another one. I wondered if that's the one you got and that's why I wanted to give you a heads up ahead of time!

    • LOL yeah thanks for the heads up. I'm excited and nervous because it seems like I've had more misses then hits lately. I honestly excepted this one to be to big for some reason so it being to small and closed off really caught me off guard.

    • PetiteCollegiate I was torn between the Emmeanuelle and Veronique when I was ordering before so when I have the money I'll definitely try it. Half cup might work but are APs wires wide on the half cup like Comexim?

      (OT funny every time I put cup it tries to auto correct to CHP... Lol maybe it's a sign I need more CHP style cups)

    • 1

      If it makes you feel better, I didn't realize AP's cups ran ~1 cup small either, when I ordered.

    • 2

      I would imagine you could ask for narrower wires. I don't know though honestly, I haven't seen any reviews of her half-cups. I tried the single seam HC from Comexim and found it the same width as the plunge, just with less cup. Anna will know!

    • 2

      Thanks imabratinfluence I do feel better.
      PetiteCollegiate yeah hopefully she can figure something out because I seem to keep adding inches but still need narrow wires and my options are rather limited.

    • All APs I have tried have run smaller than my typical Comexim size. When I wore a 65M Comexim, a 30J AP was smaller and shorter in the cup. I wear a 60O Comexim now and my 28K AP is still much tighter. I'm not sure if that's the same experience for everyone. Reducing the cups/lowering the gore does take away some depth too. I'm not sure a Comexim half cup would be much better though. In my experience they've been much more shallow in my usual size, I'd need to size up at least a cup or more to get the projection I need. I also find them much much more closed on top than the EM CHP. Is this just the regular plunge reduced or?

    • gogobee This is the Sophisticated cut. That's my worry with the half cup as well is it being to shallow and as you move up cups wires widden and the half cup already has wider wires then the plunge.

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