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Bras » Anna Pardal For Comexim » Caramel Latte Nuance Plunge » 30G 30:9

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage70.5
B. perimeter28.0
Stretched Band74.9
Band Length57.7
Cup width13.5
Cup depth21.9
Wire length22.3
Cup height14.0
Cup separation2.1
Gore height6.6
Wing height10.7
Strap width1.9

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  1. 3

    Used to fit

    In my size range, the Nuance Plunge has the following alterations:
    - straps moved in 2cm (roughly an inch)
    - lowered gore
    - reduced cup height

    I also requested cookie pockets.

    And this size includes a 3x3 hook and eye closure.

    FIT: I wish I'd realized that I should go up one cup in Anna Pardal bras-- ladies, order one band size up and keep your cup letter/order your larger band size with the letter from your smaller band. And also wish that I'd realized I was going to grow somewhere between a half and full cup size by the time I got these bras. I think next time ... I will go for a 30GG, or even 30H.

    MATERIAL: The material is so, SO soft. I just can't get over how soft it is-- not just to my fingertips, but against my breasts, ribs, and back. It doesn't just feel luxurious, it feels ridiculously comfortable. These beautiful bras will probably become my go-to, especially for long, stressful days at work.

    CUPS: These bras are surprisingly forgiving of being a bit too big, and after trying a slightly thin and clingy work shirt on with it, I can say with confidence that neither the lace nor my quadding show through. These bras sort of make my quadding less likely to stand out; something to do with the way they're cut, I think. Also, despite the quadding, my breasts are actually contained even when jumping, wiggling, shimmying, etc.

    Also, about reduced cup height: SAVING GRACE for short roots or boobs with tall shallow roots. Whatever it is I've got going on. This is a rare find, because I actually don't have gapping near the straps. YAY!!

    STRAPS: For the first time, I don't have to angle my straps in to get them thoroughly seated on my shoulders. They're narrowly set, and I have another that I'm waiting on with the straps moved in even further (3.5 cm).

    GORE: The gore is bizzarely comfortable, given that I usually can't handle a gore of 2"+. It's narrow, and even about an inch from its top is only about 1.2" across. So far it doesn't seem like the gore end of the wires sits on breast tissue at all, either-- HUGE relief.

    BAND: The band feels firm without being pinchy, tight, or in any way painful.

    WIRES: The wires sit right up in my IMF, although they do still depart from my IMF by about .5" at the far point, under my armpits. And that is in no way uncomfortable; the wires don't sit on my ribcage, which is a godsend.

    After brief testing, unlike most bras I've tried so far, I can lay down without this one stabbing me in the sternum.

    I can't say enough about the quality and comfort of these bras.

    DOWNSIDE(S): The only downside I've noticed aside from my ordering cups a bit too small: there is some minor pilling on the lace. The lace is still definitely intact, so I think it may be a bit like how some fabrics shed when new. And also the long wait time, but kinda worth it.

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    Caramel Latte colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

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      Hi there, I'm incredibly keen to try Anna Pardal for Comexim but have been deliberating over what size to order - I used to wear a UK28 band but almost always wear my Ewa Michalaks since trying Polish brands for the first time. Although I was recommended to buy Ewa Michalak 65 band I'm now wishing I'd gone for the 60 as they've stretched out. Do you mind me asking what your underbust measurement is please? :-)

    • jacuzzi My snug underbust is 28" (71 cm) and my "break the tape" tight underbust is 26.3" (66 cm). I have an Ewa Michalak in 65GG, and it fits best on the 2nd or 3rd set of hooks-- so I could probably do with a 60 band in EM.

      In UK sizes, I typically wear a 28GG/H in looser brands (Freya, Curvy Kate) and a 30G in tighter brands (Panache, Cleo).

      Anna's own advice on her website is that if you have a UK size you're happy with, go up one band size and keep the cup letter from your usual band. So I took my larger band, and SHOULD have taken a GG or H (as I would with a 28).

      You'll notice this band stretches to about 28"; that's why you take a larger cup size.

    • 1

      So the fabric wasn't itchy at all? I have the AP Stiff Cappuccino which is basically the predecessor to this and I find certain spots of it to be quite itchy because of the lace.

    • wild_muses No itchy fabric, or weird itchy stitching (my Deco) anywhere. I'm not sure how she did it, but the lace is pretty soft, and is almost entirely kept on the outside of the bra. What little is on the inside is just there to be stitched down.

    • Is the cup depth measurement right? If so I think I should have ordered a larger size...

    • pumkinswife Bear in mind that the Nuance Plunge is designed for less of your boob to be in the cup in the first place. lcl0706 can explain it better than I can, as I questioned whether Polish bras would be deep enough for me.

      But yeah, her bras definitely run a cup size small.

      Also, the lowered gore and reduced cup may actually contribute to what looks to be too little cup depth.

      I know I definitely needed at least a 30GG, maybe 30H.

    • I had a 60H with reduced cups in the Comexim line and messaged her to see what sized I'd need in the AP line. She suggested the Sophisticated cut in 30FF (because I was smashed and quadboobing in the 60H and the tighter band issue) but now I'm thinking It might be to small in 30FF... Are you going to add pictures of the bra?

    • 1

      pumkinswife Yes, as soon as I can! My SO and I are working doubles currently, so it may be tonight or tomorrow.

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  2. 1

    Didn't fit

    For an incredibly thorough description of this bra, see

    I had hoped Anna's bras ran tight in the band. I was armed with an extender: it was unnecessary. If you need a 30" band, order a 30". This is the first bra in my correct size that lifts and centers my breasts enough that they meet and greet in the middle: imagine my surprise." alt=":-)" /> Just one month ago, I thought I was wide and shallow; not so in Anna Pardal's Caramel Latte Nuance. Although I don't fear I will fall out, there is more tissue exposed in the ... center than I prefer. Sadly, because of the impressive lift and center, the gore pokes the now centered breasts. Anna Pardal's Doyenne half cup has overlapping wires and excellent immediate projection which may remedy my fit issues with the Nuance Plunge. This is an exceptionally comfortable, supportive bra and a gateway bra for my Polish addiction. If you are narrow and projected, Anna Pardal's bras with her use of sumptuous fabrics may soon become your favorite bras. My first Anna Pardal but definitely not the last!
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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jan 09, 2016 Flag this

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  3. 0

    Didn't fit

    Received on same date as my other Anna Pardal Caramel Latte Nuance Plunge in 30G.

    This one has exactly the same setup as the other: standard Nuance Plunge stuff such as straps moved in, lowered gore, and reduced cups, and additionally has cookie pockets.

    With the exception of the contrasting white flowers on the caramel colored background, this bra disappears perfectly under most clothing. Very thin or very light-colored shirts may show the white flowers.

    Caramel Latte colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jan 01, 2016 Flag this

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  4. Didn't write a review

    Added on Jan 19, 2016

  5. -

    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    beige colorway

    Added on Apr 18, 2016