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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band71.1
Band Length50.8
Stretch ratio1.4
Cup width13.2
Cup depth24.1
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length21.6
Cup height16.5
Cup separation2.5
Gore height2.5
Wing height8.9
Strap width1.4
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Fits ribcage 0.0
B. perimeter 0.0
Stretched Band 28.0
Band Length 20.0
Stretch ratio 1.4
Cup width 5.2
Cup depth 9.5
Depth ratio 1.7
Wire length 8.5
Cup height 6.5
Cup separation 1.0
Gore height 1.0
Wing height 3.5
Strap width 0.6
Strap length 14.5
Hooks 2

No Bratabase. This bra is DEFINITELY NOT for round, full or wide boobs /facepalm.
I haven't seen this one work out for anyone in the 28 band sizes at all so should have seen it coming, avoided the cries of woohoo holy cow SO MUCH SPACE. Lol there is ZERO SPACE HERE, but I can see it tried. Something.

So so close" alt=":(" /> First impressions, size appears to be close to current wears, and shape looks sufficiently deep from wire to apex. This bra is made of very lightweight slinky-smooth mesh, embroidery only on the outer facing side. Super thin yet sturdy. Has great breathability, but doesn't feel flimsy at all. The stretchy band begins directly AT the outer wire, there is no stabilizing material at the wing at all. This lack of crucial frame supporting the cup, bodes poorly for fit. The wire shape is a 100% match for my needs so count it a few sizes large for most people. However true to Panache spirit, wires are trash and cut in terribly under inner breasts, this would probably not be so bad if the top of the cup wasn't so tiny, and tight-fitted. Keeping the theme from the flexible wing, adding little bit of powermesh above the cup instead of the stingy non-stretch woven could probably have solved many fit issues here!

Cups are wide enough, deep enough for this size, yet the sparse rectangular upper cup panel is made much too short both vertically & diagonally. Upper cuts inward to top of breasts and this gets worse the longer it's worn (hint: it doesn't take long).
The top shape, is at odds with the bottom. Looking inside the bowl of the cup, seems made for a cross between short breast, inner full, and a somewhat detached-from-chest-wall/soft-loose volume at apex shaped design. As thought the sides of the cup are supposed to go concave and crush the outer areas of the breast into the center?
For a style that is not at all tall, narrow nor U shape, someone thought it would be hilarious to design the pattern as though it were! However, making the style plunge with a short J wire, this just pulls the shape flat on both sides and of course the top caves in badly.
While this is far deeper than anything else by this brand I've ever seen, it's pretty far behind polish design. Maybe a copycat of the Gossard Superplunge?
Tango's conflicted design expects both a tiny bust, but also a sort of a wide IMF across the bottom of an otherwise easy to vertically compress breast, with even narrower flat rise from underwire to the apex (7-shape)? It does seem to want a really rounded shape, but struggles to accept anything but a short root. Maybe this style is for anyone whose breast feel supersoft, center-heavy and think they are functionally just full on bottom?
This brings to mind the possibility of Tango's Plunge being a half-arsed attempt to placate the Omega's out here who are drastically overlooked. Not how I would do it, but ok.

So here I am, trying to shove a shape that's basically a huge wide tall root neither FOB nor FOT, with idiotic amount of immediate projection all around into this thing, which causes 2 issues:
-One side appears to not be large enough for my breast, then cutting in on top is exaggerated & fit too tight. Most of my outer breast pushes the cup down to get to the deepest part, and then my inner breast gets the worst of this stupid extra small upper cup panel. Outer breast quads back into itself on the bottom and apex begins to point down at the ground! Godddds.
-On the other higher set side, the cup initially fits properly but eventually seems to bind around outer breast & bag up underneath as the breast seeks the deepest part of the cup, pulling the tight too small upper panel inward and down which give me a strange projected duck bill' shape that sticks right outward from my ribcage. At an ugly east-west angle no less. My breasts stick forward 4" from where they begin at my armpits, and are very forward facing in everything else, so congrats Tango what an achievement. Well done.
While nowhere near as bad as the disgusting fit and feel of Panache's Boob Pancaker, the Andorra. This kind of misshaping has only happened to me before with the Gorsenia Orchid, which has a decidedly 50's conical shape to it. At least Orchid had the decency to not shove my breasts so hard apart from one another.

Removed the wires, fit is improved, but there is still an inch+ wide area from the gore though upper that's way too compressive. Added a set of hooks to the upper band to lace the upper away from collapsing down into my lower boob and causing massive diagonal quadding. While that helps with the force it still looks total shite.
I've not got the heart to try this in a 28G, then 28GG or 28H to see how far it takes to get the space needed, and will be saving this for sweaty nights when I don't feel like soaking to death in my ewa's.

In conclusion, yes probably a size up for most people, but can't shake the feeling this style could afford to be fuller & full-size friendly since such a reputation precedes it. From here out will utterly ignore such dire warnings about 'running a size large' because they apparently never apply to my fit needs.

Updated on Jun 24, 2022 Flag this

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  • I agree! I have this in a 28G I think that I've tried on and it was not a good fit for me. From what i have seen this is so hit or miss. I would now need. Smaller size but I don't plan on trying this one again personally.

  • 1

    IDK even know any more. Honestly with my ewa michalaks working in similar sizing & shapes, it really seemed like I could trust a functionally FOB fit with a known 'runs large' style, and not have to worry about even upper root getting in the way meganelaineshaw1 Everything right was there but somehow my boobs are totally wrong yet again. Really to assume it's how not-squishy they are that's making this whole process harder than it needs to be. It's been baffling how so many styles that should work give 'not big enough' symptoms. Where is the problem coming from now.

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On Mar 2022 View measurements

Center gore comfort:
Underwires dig into sternum, because they are too low
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)

This bra didn't fit her, but these did