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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band85.1
Band Length66.7
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width14.7
Cup depth25.4
Depth ratio1.7
Wire length26.7
Cup height17.8
Cup separation1.0
Gore height7.1
Wing height10.2
Strap width1.8
This bra's measurements have been altered
Altered straps, Reduced cup height
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Second try at the Comexim plunge for me. Feedback welcome!

I’m torn about the fit. There is some gapping at the top of the cups and it’s loose in the upper cup. I had to tighten the straps more than I like to help eliminate the gaps. Everything else fits well. Band is TTS, gore is fine, bottom and width of cups are good. Having the straps moved in 2 cm definitely helped, although the straps on the plunge are much wider set than my 3HCs. I like the shape the bra gives.

I know that technically I “should” fit into 75H, since I wear 75HH in the 3HC, however when I tried this previously the cups cut in at the sides and felt like there wasn’t enough projection at the wire.

I really like this bra. It feels comfy and I love the look. It’s a soft silky material. The pattern is a faux dark grey lace overlaying a medium nude colour (not actual lace). Straps are the same nude colour.

I’m not sure what to do with this bra. Do I keep it and ignore the fit issue? Keep it for period days? Sell it?
Give up on the comexim plunge style? I think if I were to seek the perfect fit with this I would need the cups reduced 2 cm. Or maybe I should just stick with the 3HC LOL.

Updated on Jul 21, 2021 Flag this

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  • 2

    Pretty, and looks good overall!
    But yes for me, I do need a larger size in 3HC than in plunges. So 75H might make sense?
    Maybe with added projection at the wire? I've been contemplating that myself..

    Reducing cup height and maybe moving the straps inwards a bit further on a 75HH could work too!

  • 1

    cups reduced, straps moved in, gore reduced, too?? that's what this blogger did. Not saying that's the right choices, but maybe worth a try?
    How does the gore feel, or do you think it's fine?
    I wonder if doing all of those alterations would alter the cup volume too much though.

  • 1

    margesimpson , lol, you and I have similar "wish lists" for comexim styles, I think. I was wondering how this one looks in person, I love the back! It looks so secure with 3 x 4, sweet!

  • 1

    margesimpson , yeah, maybe doing what bubblegum's suggestions make sense, too.
    maybe do all of my suggestions would make you quad out of 75HH? Idk...

  • 3

    bubblegum thanks! Yeah maybe the 75HH with reduced cups. Do they move in straps more then 2cm? The 75H felt too narrow for me unfortunately.

  • 2

    margesimpson , yes I think to 3 cm, if IIRC from this video Erica made.

  • 2

    I suppose: it's always hard to be 100% sure what gets done exactly, but I've definitely asked for straps moved in 3 cm. before!

  • 1

    unless they have changed things, but you could always ask?

  • 1

    BraOdyssey the gore feels good and tacks so I wouldn’t want to change it. But I’m a bit concerned that if I reduced cups it may change the gore as sherrach898 pointed out with her new altered basic plunge. I’m so confused lol
    I think my roots are just too short for the plunge...but dang I really wanted it to work.

  • 2

    bubblegum BraOdyssey thank you, good to know I could get straps moved in 3cm! I guess I was thinking there was a limit LOL

  • 2

    BraOdyssey haha yes I really do like this colour/pattern! Funny you were eyeing this one too.
    The 4x3 hooks are on most of my Comexims, I love that.

    I wonder with all of the alterations if it would make it too small idk..maybe just the straps moved in and reduced cups would work and stick with 75HH...

  • 1

    Maybe your next Breakout bras order you could try something like Comexim Jasmine, or Andromeda in 75H - which is different fabric from the Comexim basic plunge. Just to see if the fit is better in different fabric?

  • BraOdyssey thanks for the suggestion. I could try that. How are they with returns? I’m already returning another bra to them LOL

  • margesimpson , I had to return 3 bras to them, in a box, and it was kind of expensive. I'm not sure if we can use Paypal on their site (paypal returns) because $21 to have it tracked, but that was for 3 bras.

  • 1

    that was in the beginning of my "bra odyssey" so I didn't order with paypal, because I didn't know about the paypal returns program.

    Breakoutbras was super easy to deal with for returns though.

    I sent my bras back (2 Comexims and the Sugar Candy bra I tried on) and it took almost a month b/c it was during Covid, and they were fine with it.

  • 1

    So, you have to just pay return shipping, which is like $4 in the US, but much more in Canada, depending on how many bras you order, weight of package/size of package of course.

  • 2

    BraOdyssey good to know they’re good with returns. I’m already signed up for PayPal return shipping costs :)

  • 2

    I was just reading this bra blog that bubblegum posted in one of her responses and I saw this lady had her straps moved in 4 cm!! Perhaps it depends on the size though? Her bra size is 70P so considerably larger cups

  • 1

    4cm!!! Wow
    I’m pretty sure they did move in the straps on this one as I requested, it definitely helped the fit. I should’ve asked for reduced cups though. I just wish I didn’t need multiple alterations LOL

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