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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band67.5
Band Length53.0
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width12.6
Cup depth20.7
Depth ratio1.6
Wire length21.5
Cup height13.2
Cup separation1.5
Gore height7.0
Wing height9.4
Strap width1.4
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A lot of people seem interested in unlined bras from comexim and for good reason, they're so hard to find and even if they're added, there isn't much information available.

First thing that comes to mind is that the band feels stretchier, almost looser when compared to their lined bras. It's still a 26 but I just like my bands extra snug so, if I were to order directly from comexim, I'd maybe ask for 50 (do they even still do 50 bands? I heard they don't). The hooks are 2 by 4.

I got this bra from someone else who asked for the reduced cups alteration and even then, the cups are too tall for me. The cup depth is great, it doesn't slighty squish like the 3HCs, it's a true fit. It is slightly narrower than the 3HCs, as the plunges are. The cup depth is also a bit larger (0.5-0.8 cm, depending on the 3HC, handmade variation). The straps are very wide. They cause a slight fit issue because the straps are not straight, if they were to sit well on my shoulders, causes slight gaping in some angles. That's really not an issue since all unlined bras gape on me, in some way. I'd suggest asking for the straps to be moved in and the other alterations you normally ask with your lined plunges. I'd like for the unlined bras to be made into 3HCs or at least have the straps moved in with the reduced cup alteration, when I plan on ordering from comexim directly. I have seen and heard that it is possible.

It gives a beautiful shape under clothes. It gives a rounded, natural look. Basically my breasts but a bit bigger and slightly rounded because it's all in one place. The lace does reallyyy show through at the top and even though there's no gaping, the lace sorta bends outwards sometimes and moves away from the bra a bit. I don't know if I'm making sense. The only negative point for me is how much it shows through.

The quality is great, doesn't feel delicate or flimsy. It's a very pretty bra and quite sexy, if only it didn't cover my entire breasts.

Overall, it is still the best fitting unlined bra I own, for now. There is no gaping most of the time, barely any wrinkling, no squishing. Would recommend trying the unlined comexim bras if you struggle with unlined bras.

Edit- after wearing it around for a while, it's very comfy and the gaping magically disappears. it's like a comfy bralette.

Red with black lace colorway

Updated on Jul 22, 2021 Flag this

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  • 1

    This looks good on you! yes, I am interested in unlined Comexims, and curious about the fit compared to their padded plunges, lol.
    It looks really comfy from the pictures!

  • 2

    MeeM_13 , I wanted to do a little write-up on comexim padded plunges measurements/sizing this week and tag you! But I don't know if I will this week...

  • 1

    Thanks! I kinda feel it doesn't look too great on me but it really is comfy! Also, I definitely would like to know how they compare. The person I got them from said they fit similarly. Makes sense. Why not this week? Well, whenever you do, tag me!

  • BraOdyssey ^forgot to tag you

  • 2

    Beautiful! If it's comfy I'd consider it a win!
    Thanks for reviewing, so interesting how little info there is on unlined Comexims.

    I'm super curious to try one, but especially in the K+ sizes there seem to be quite a bit of scaling and sizing issues..

    There's this blog review by kermitdafrog21 / which kind of makes me scared to order one!

  • 1

    bubblegum hmmm very interesting, the blog review. The cup depth was only 29 something cm for a size that is supposed to be quite a bit bigger than 55HH, the cup depth with this one is 20.7cm. I mean, there's no way that would fit a 70N! Must be very frustrating, bigger breasts are getting represented more but most of the fit problems I see have to do with bigger breasted people! (Not to say smaller sizes don't have problems but you get my point)

  • 2

    Looks great! Thank you for this review. I’ve been trying to find more info on smaller band sizes for my daughter. She’s very petite, 4’10” and 96 pounds. I recently got her a Comexim Basic in a 28DD and it’s working pretty good so far, tho I think she could go down a band since she measures at 26” underbust. Any data you add is always helpful.

  • 1

    Happy2BraShop , wow, it's great that she has you as her mom - bra expert!

    Of course for more reasons than that I'm sure, lol. : )

    It will prob be easier to order 26 bands from Comexim? v. Ewa Michalak. I think one has to submit their measurements to Ewa (at least that's what I read from Marilynne) to get them to make a 26 band.

  • 1

    BraOdyssey Thank you. I try my best and fly by the seat of my pants like most parents. Haha.
    I’ve personally never ordered anything smaller than a 30 from EM. The 28DD happened to be at BreakOutBras. We gave it a shot since it was returnable. She ended up loving it. I just had to bend the wires out every so slightly on one side due to her scoliosis.
    The Comexim cup definitely fits well. The band fits pretty snug, but I think the Basic in general tan tighter than other Comexim bras. I showed her the bra shared here in this review and she loved the pattern. I think Comexim is def the way to go as far as any alterations needed. And that’s for anyone in any size who needs customization.

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On Jun 2021 It fit her! View measurements

Almost perfect, little gaping and wrinkling doesn't bother me

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