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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band76.2
Band Length57.4
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width13.2
Cup depth26.7
Depth ratio2.0
Wire length24.1
Cup height18.5
Cup separation1.3
Gore height6.9
Wing height10.7
Strap width1.8
This bra's measurements have been altered
Altered straps, Overlapped wires, cookie pockets added
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Didn't fit

Thanks to Anya99 for this bra! I like the comfort of Comexim plunges. This one in particular has a shiny/smooth viscose like fabric that doesn't have much stretch to it which I had never experienced with a bra before. The straps are moved in, cookie pockets added, and wires are overlapped. I have short, narrow roots, soft tissue, squishy skin, bottom fullness, inner fullness, congenital symmastia, and I am short. I need a very low and narrow gore, short wings, narrow wires, and immediate projection. I like the cookie pockets because I use cookies to strategically add lift so I can stand a slightly higher gore. Otherwise I need a gore under 2.4 inches which limits me to a couple of styles in my size. The overlapped wires along with the cookies help with comfort. This would be counted as a fit if I did not have congenital symmastia. The gore tacks at the bottom but not at the very top because I have tissue between my breasts. What matters to me is that it isn't uncomfortable at the top of the gore and in this bra it is not, so I count it as a win. I plan to order a reduced gore with Comexim in the future. The first time I wore this I did not notice the strap placement, but I had to change into a different outfit later in the day and changed into an Ewa Michalak plunge and I realized immediately how much wider the straps were. Because I have soft skin, some tissue does escape around the armpit area by the end of the day but the comfort of the strap placement is nice and I'm used to doing an extra scoop and swoop one or two times a day so it doesn't bother me. The band is wide and has three hooks which feels great for support and also reduces the bulges I get around thinner bands due to my squishy skin. I tried a variety of Comexim plunges without alterations and thought it wouldn't be a good match but I am glad I gave this one a try because it fits well and has inspired me to get more.

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  • 2

    yea! those colours look great on you!
    I'm also surprised (I mean, pleasantly so) with how different the material are with each comexim. always quality. I've never tried cookie pads, but maybe I should get some. the plunge I got from anya99 is such a nice fabric, too.

  • 3

    Thank you! I was more focused on alterations and measurements than colors and I didn't realize how colorful it was until I got it. I like the colors and the shine on the fabric. I'm so used to lace and embellishments and this has its own personality without either of those. The cookie pads help me get some lift so I don't have pain with my symmastia. They do add to the shape a bit but I avoid in the summer when possible because they get really sweaty. Although sweat absorbing/cooling pads may be a great idea for the summer, I wonder if those exist. Your reviews and Reddit comments actually helped me in my decision to try Comexim again, so thank you!

  • 2

    Lol. you're welcome.
    I think comexim is underrated for smaller sizes. Esp. the smaller band/smaller cup or smaller band/medium cup.
    But I think it's because those people have so many other options (like Aerie, or fashion) like bras that are readily available but not as good quality. which I can see the temptation of convenience, but I'd rather wait a month to get what I want from Poland, lol.

  • 2

    BraOdyssey I think it could be an underrated brand, and/or people are intimidated to shop since it's far away and seems foreign. Similar to how we may view cultural foods or practices. When I was a smaller size I would have loved Comexim for it's smaller bands and comfortable materials. At least I found them now. I'm glad you share your knowledge with others about the brand!

  • 2

    Wow the fit looks fabulous, and love the color/pattern on you. Bra-win high-five!
    Comexim is definitely one of my favorites for comfort. I also appreciate their wide size range, not just for myself. I got my very petite tiny teenager a bra from them in size 28DDD and it’s her first real fitting bra!
    I’m sure if more people in my daughter’s size range gave Comexim a shot, they’d fall in love with their bras also.

  • 2

    Happy2BraShop thanks! I agree with the size range. I got one for my mom who is barely in matrix sizing but needs narrow wires and she's under 5 feet tall and it fits her so well and it's comfortable. She was amazed!

  • 4

    Another thing I think is great, is the price! Especially since the sizes I’m ordering are outside the matrix, it’s nice that they are still affordable vs costing more due to odd size. If only all my daughter’s clothes could cost the same as a typical person’s, that’d be great lol.

  • 4

    Thank you for this review, WildWolff ! I, too, need very low center gores because of close-set breasts. I never thought of using cookies for lift to avoid discomfort from a slightly too high gore. I wonder if that would work for me. Despite not having symmastia, I find gores less than an inch high to be ideal. The only solution I thought of for higher gored bras is to remove the wire, cut it down, reinsert, and sew the channel back up. Bra wires are tough, though!

  • 2

    learningaboutbras I found some cookies that are long and short and pretty thick on Etsy and I use them at the bottom of a cookie pocket to support my short roots. It's not ideal and I don't do it every day. But I want to wear a larger selection of bras so it's a compromise I'm willing to work with. I have symmastia and soft tissue so I need a low gore, but the soft tissue spills out of the cups so it's an unfortunate combination! And super plungey bras have such tall cups which don't work with how short I am. Have you tried overlapped wires? They help a lot if you're close set and provide more support. For altering wires, if you're aware of the size and length of a wire you need I recommend purchasing them from a bra supply store and just replacing them. Then you don't have to cut a wire.

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