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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band63.0
Band Length49.5
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width13.0
Cup depth23.0
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length22.0
Cup height14.8
Cup separation1.8
Gore height8.0
Wing height10.0
Strap width1.5
This bra's measurements have been altered
Cups lowered 1cm, gore heightened, straps moved in 1cm?
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Holy shit I wrote out this entire review and when I went to hit save and have it post to the front page, it timed out and logged me out and I lost the whole review!! Well, here we go again lol. Hopefully I can remember everything I wrote.

Well folks, I think I can finally review this bra, despite having not worn it very much at all (for reasons which will become clear soon). I've been hyping it up enough that you deserve to know all the weirdness that is going on lol.

My boobs: ~26FF/G, narrow and tall roots, even to FOT, enough space between my breasts to comfortably wear taller gores.

I got my first Basic in 2018 in 55J with no alterations, and it has been an absolute staple in my wardrobe since then and fits me nearly perfectly (and I love the shape it gives under clothing). My only slight qualms with it have been that with certain outfits, the cups are a little tall (mostly with tank tops), and the straps/armpit show out the side of some sleeveless shirts. So, when I decided to order a backup, I requested for the cups to be reduced by 1cm, and straps to be moved in 1cm. Well, the upper section of the cups were definitely reduced, but with that came an unexpected consequence. I had explicitly not asked for any gore alteration, because I figured it would come as the standard height, which I would've been fine with. But when the cups were reduced, they also rotated the cups outward slightly (imagine the central apex of the cups as the axis), which created a more straight-necklined, balconette shape. Because of this, the gore was inexplicably HEIGHTENED, and the wings were slightly reduced. I checked against my OG Basic, and the wires seem to be the same between both models except for this rotation. Another consequence of this is that despite me asking for the straps to be moved in by 1cm, they are actually positioned wider than my OG Basic. I took a ton of photos comparing this Basic with my OG Basic, which you can see if you come to the full review page. In a lot of these photos, I lined up the wires so you can easily see the difference in gore/bridge height, cup height, wing height, and strap placement. It's really quite fascinating from a patterning/sewing perspective, but as a customer it's really quite annoying lol. Moving forward, it seems clear to me that if you want to maintain the original plunge shape of the bra, you need to request a reduced gore along with the reduced cups to keep the same angle of the neckline.

Practically speaking, because of the change in neckline, this bra is more open on top and gives me more cakes on a plate style cleavage. It also doesn't have as much coverage as my OG Basic, and makes me feel more jiggly and less supported, as if my boobs are sitting on top of a shelf lol. It gives me a pretty pointed, projected shape, which isn't my favourite (or at least certainly not the shape I aimed to get from this particular bra for its particular purpose). Because of all these oddities, I've barely worn this bra since I got it, which means the cups are still rather stiff, as it hasn't gotten a chance to soften up yet from wash and wear. This further discourages me from wearing it, so it's just an unfortunate cycle lol. Despite all this, I won't be emailing Comexim about it, because it took about a month to ship to me in Canada, and that was back in mid-January, so I'm just gonna hold onto it until I get too annoyed to keep it, or I actually start getting some use out of it when I need to wear my light coloured bras more often with my summer wardrobe. Hope y'all enjoyed this (IMO) wild ride lmao

TL;DR: If you want to maintain the plunge shape, you should probably request a reduced gore along with reduced cups.

Beige colorway

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on May 17, 2021 Flag this

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  • 1

    The new comexim plunges stay balconette-y even without reduced cups! I think they just changed their pattern after 2017.

  • 3

    Also, thanks for such a thorough review! Sorry you had to write it twice lol

  • 2

    It's looks supportive from the photos, but I totally get you from the *cakes on a plate*, jiggly perspective - I have that in a bra that I ordered (a Curvy Kate bra), and it is not my favourite feeling, so I plan to list it.

    My package from Poland is taking over a month : ( I ordered the Pearl Mint Plunge, it was shipped Apr 14 and I still don't have it.

    My last order of bras from the US took a month, so I think shipping is particularly slow r.n.

  • 2

    addendum: I feel your pain on losing your entire first review. I did that once, the Sugar Candy bra - very detailed review, and then I had to rewrite it, #painful.

  • 1

    Yeah that looks much taller and straight across than my basic without any alternations. I'm up to a 75GG/H in Comexim and the straps are too wide for tank tops now :( At a 75G I didn't have that problem. I think the Lily has a lower gore than other Comexim plunges to begin with?? I ordered two custom 75G's but I grew out them between ordering and receiving but the Lily seems lower gored than the basic if I remember correctly....

  • 1

    marilynne I would agree slightly, but this is way beyond the normal new “balconette-y” cut IMO. My Scottie and Yellow Birds still have a shorter gore than this, and they’re both standard except for straps moved in 1cm on the Yellow Birds.

  • 1

    sherrach898 I see what you mean. It seems like comexim shortened the cups, raised the gore and moved the straps outward from the original cut and changing any of that rotates the cups to make it worse.

  • 2

    Great detailed review, and thanks for the comparison photos. It made me kinda sad seeing the old plunge because I think the old version would’ve worked out better for me. This new basic plunge was my first try at comexim and it was a disaster lol. But the 3HC worked out for me so I guess I can’t complain.
    I’m curious, it looks like the new basic is made from different materials?

  • 2

    margesimpson The new Basic has different strap elastic and slightly different lace trim, but other than that it's made of the same materials. My old Basic is just dingy which could be what's making it look different lol

  • 2

    sherrach898 thanks LOL
    I thought it looked like a softer material

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Center gore placement:
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Center gore placement:
Doesn't lie flat against sternum
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