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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band83.8
Band Length55.9
Stretch ratio1.5
Bust perimeter0.0
Cup width16.5
Cup depth36.8
Depth ratio2.2
Cup height22.9
Cup separation2.5
Gore height7.6
Wing height8.9
Strap width2.5
No measurements to compare

Labeled as





My first bra creation! Before I wasted money on supplies that I would never use, I opted to just use some scrap fabric that I had. This particular fabric was what I cut off the bottom of an ankle length tube dress that was too long. It is cotton, but has some stretch to it. The dress is in storage so I can't say for sure the % of cotton at the moment. But I will update after I pull it out of the box.

While it didn’t turn out exactly as I envisioned, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and is wearable so I’m happy.

I’m calling this my unlined deep plunge bra, since I overestimated how much fabric I should remove for the scoop of the gore. ☺ The wing is also shorter than I anticipated, as I didn’t add enough inches for the side pleating for bust roundness, but it still works for a lazy hot summer day lounge bra, or a “it’s way too hot and humid to wear clothes” summer sleep bra.

I also didn’t taper the bottom of the band enough (or at all" alt=":-D" />) so it is a bit looser than I’d prefer. Again, not the ideal fabric for the task, but still worked for the test run.

I can also use this as a top paired with the tube dress worn as a skirt, or I can actually sew it to the top of the dress to transform it into a bra top dress. So, it’s currently multifunctional!

As for the sizing, since I created it, and based on how it fits, I’ve opted to label it as a 28KK, or 28:16. It doesn’t have an actual size label, as I was too lazy to create one, and since I am not selling it, it honestly doesn’t need one. My anal-retentive inner self screams at me for this, telling me all bras need labels, but I am ignoring it for now.

I have ordered additional fabrics to play with, in hopes to create the perfect wireless bra for me, so more creations are to follow within the next month or so. (Galaxy print, yay!) Wish me luck!

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on May 07, 2019 Flag this

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  • 1

    This looks great, I’m impressed!

  • Thank you veggiechic 💕

  • 1

    Wow! That looks awesome. Great job!

  • 1

    Looks amazing!! Can’t wait to see your new prints!

  • Thank you Sovavosi & braluv. 💕

  • 1

    Looks awesome! <3

  • 1

    I love this!!! Amazing work

  • 1

    Galaxy print...oooh! This looks really great. Hard to believe that it’s a first attempt.

  • Thank you JulieCS, rachaelll, & Calluna!

    Yes, galaxy print next 😍. Amazon has several galaxy themed fabrics in a cotton knit blend, varied patterns and colors so I ordered the cheapest blue one. I have three others in my wish list that I will order at some point as I am a sucker for cosmic prints! After that, it will be Halloween themes. 💕

  • 1

    is that based at all on the unbra?

  • 1

    dbmamaz Yes! I used it as a general guideline, with modifications of course. 😄

  • 1


  • 1

    OMG! Fantastic!!!

  • Thank you dbmamaz & MagdaBras4you!

  • 1

    That looks super comfy!!! Necessity is the mother of invention :)

  • 2

    AprilGoulding In this case, it's the necessity of getting new bras without the professional price attached by me making them myself. 😄 I love my DE bras, but I wanted to tweak the design to suit my needs better, and who knows what I want or need better than myself?

    It also helps stimulate the brain, & gives me something else to do with my time (& hands) so I don't only feel like a mommy, wife, or maid of the house.

    So, it's my sanity project really. 😋

  • 1

    MamaPagan sanity is the most primal necessity! Have fun 💗

  • Indeed AprilGoulding. Thank you! 💋

  • so what did you change other than much lower gore?

  • Lower gore (yes), also lower armhole, a 2nd fold over of the band (as the DE elastic band doesn't get along well with my sensitive skin at times) to cover the elastic band completely, and the back (I know it can't be seen in the photos sorry) is narrowed to be more true to a 28 instead of tapered to a 30 half way to the armhole like DE does, and the back made as a cross between a scoop, v back, and razorback.

    So while it's not a lot visually, in other ways it really is.

    Subtle differences to the eye but big differences to the fit and my comfort.

  • yes i really was curious about the back cut! Its funny, i dont think i really see these details - tho of course your sizing is more extreme than mine. I only notice if its irritating my skin or my boobs seem to be hanging too low. when i was at school and staying home trying to force myself to study, i wore my only unbra a ton, and got a rash between my boobs again - i'd had one when I first came looking for 'real' bras. but also i think it stretched out faster because it was being worn so much

  • dbmamaz My Hubby is working more now, so I’m not bothering him to take photos for me, hence no back photo. He says he has no problem doing them, but I know that look he gives, haha. The bra only photos don’t show the details as well, I know.

    How does the looper sit between your breasts? Does it float or does it brush your sternum? If it floats, I’m thinking that would be the cause of your irritation, and if you ordered a larger cup size &/or a taller gore (longer looper) that you’d get the looper to be closer to your sternum. For me, the looper gently brushes my sternum so I get full separation and no flesh to flesh rub. The last one I ordered, I got the looper 3” longer than standard with a smaller cup, so the taller looper counter balanced the smaller cup. I wouldn’t have thought that much about how the looper length/gore height or cup space would affect the fit until I made this one, and lowered the front scoop too much, haha. The top of the front scoop with the looper moved to the back on my DE bras are nun-like they are so tall, haha. With my last order, I went back and forth with them asking about the sizing changes that they make when a 26 and 28 band is ordered, since I know that the upper part of the back doesn’t feel as supportive, even with a frontal tug. That’s how I know that they take 2-4” off the bottom and taper it quickly back to a 30 half way to the armpit. When sizing down in the cup didn’t help with the back, I figured I should ask. This told me that no matter how much I sized down in the cup, the upper back wouldn’t get more supportive, but the side seams would get further and further onto my breast tissue, which was more problematic.

    I also asked about the straps, so I know if you order the straps shorter they don’t lower the armpit curve, but they didn’t understand my front scoop height question so I didn’t get any answer on that.

    I really love my DE bras, and they are very comfy aside from my skin sensitivities, but I knew they could be better for me with some tweaks. Yet the tweak I needed most was making the back/band to be true to size which wasn’t something they would do. I can’t wear the DE bras for all day without getting back pain from lack of back support, but they are wonderful for lounge TV time and sleeping.

  • 1

    I do get the longer looper, and i think the looper does sort of touch? but not enough i guess. Maybe going up a size would help. but when I was younger, if i outgrew one (like from nursing) i would just take off the looper and have a little more space, plus it fit more like a tank and was more ok to be seen in

    but like i said, i always preferred ordering them small so they fit like compression to give me more support. I sort-of joke that i'm trying to keep my boobs out of my belly-button

    Oh, and i also do get the straps shortened, but the arm pits dont bother me so i never worried about that.

  • 1

    Got to love our different needs! It makes me understand why manufacturers have such issues in creating perfection for each of us.

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