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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band76.0
Band Length61.0
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width14.5
Cup depth27.0
Depth ratio1.9
Wire length26.5
Cup height19.5
Cup separation2.2
Gore height8.0
Wing height9.0
Strap width2.2
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The colour of this thing, omg! It's absolutely amazing. Grey-violet, so so nice.

AprilGoulding has raved about her Gorsenias and seeing as I'm trying to find options other than EM because of the inconsistencies with the brand, I decided to give it a try. It did not disappoint, however I think this might a cup too small for me (as this is technically 30G), but I'm afraid in 65J it will be too large? Does that make sense?

This bra checks a lot of marks for me.

At this size, the bra has three part cups with a horizontal seam, and a vertical seam with stretch lace on top. The support on these cups is superb! Seriously, they feel very sturdy but at the same time it doesn't feel bulky and the lace isn't scratchy or anything. The tension between stretch lace and bottom cup is even so there is no in cup quadding (which I get with a lot of stretch lace bras). It has very narrow wires (they really are EM narrow, honestly), but they don't feel so rigid they poke. Overall, the cups are comfortable, if a little too short at the sides (because the band is not very wide, I think). The shape, though! Perfect round shape (as round as it gets for me, heh). I've learned not to expect this shape and never seem to quite get it unless the bra is too small, so maybe in 65J I wouldn't get this same shape.
Big big minus--the cups have the horrendous elastic on top. These, of course, cut in. If I take them off, will the stretch lace be able to support the tops of my boobs, though? I don't dare do it. The stretch lace does feel very flimsy... I'm afraid the elastic is what's holding the bra together.

The band is a 65 through and through. Equal to my EM 65s (the non-rogue ones). However, a big minus is that there are only two hooks and because of that I feel the stability of the bra suffers. I would be willing to pay extra to get that third row" alt=":(" />. The band doesn't feel too tight or too loose, just right.

The gore is not too wide, but it's wider than EMs. It tacks, no surprise there. The straps adjust long enough for me, surprisingly. They have very little stretch to them as well, so it's pretty lucky that they're long enough otherwise this bra would be unwearable for me.

Overall, I like this bra. It almost fits. Almost. I think I will wear it anyway as this is as close as I have to a fitting bra that is not EM right now.

edit: so I cut off the elastic. Not too much of a difference, but it does lose shape and get some in cup quadding without it.

Updated on May 06, 2019 Flag this

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    It looks wonderful on you. Glad it's almost perfect, and hopefully your next Gorsenia will be even better! 💕

  • I do really like the way it looks on me (and in general the bra is beautiful). I'm wondering what would happen if I removed the elastic..............

  • Maybe just clip it in a few places to release part of the tension but not the full support?

  • 1

    I have actually considered that! We will see what I do, I just washed it and it's already dry (ah, 25+ degree weather) so I'm gonna wear it today and see how it fares. I have a wedding to attend on Saturday so this might be a perfect bra for it!

  • 1

    Fingers crossed that it works. 🍀

  • 1

    Oh man! I ordered this exact same bra, same size and everything, from Magda; it's on it's way, with five other bras! This makes me excited, though: based on your review, I think it's gonna fit me.
    Regarding the elastic issue: do you have a seam ripper? That would be the best way to remove the elastic if you're gonna do it; just go slowly and carefully, otherwise you might rip the lace. If this fits similarly to an Ewa BM bra, I think clipping the elastic will be OK. There isn't elastic along the top edge of the BMs, and these are both stretchy lace, so theoretically, it should still lay flat, right?
    Depending on how mine fits and if it causes me issues, I may end up clipping my elastic, so I'll let you know what happens if you haven't already done so with yours!

  • It is a much much flimsier lace than BMs for sure. Which is mainly why I'm hesitant about cutting it off.

  • 1

    Glad you got a good fit! Maybe you can hone in on what you are looking for with Gorsenia. Glad to see more good Gorsenia reviews since AprilGoulding caught all of our attention with her rave reviews.

  • 1

    I am going to give 65J a try and we'll see gow it goes! Honestly this is a lot of bra for the price I paid. I have an Ava on the way as well so we'll see how it fares compared to this.

  • 1

    Beautiful bra! Love the colour. I’m curious about the elastic strip and if you do anything to it to alleviate the issues it presents. I have kinda held off on the brand because of it. So I’m following you with my information on the size and elastic.

  • You should give it a try. The cups are very deep

  • 1

    I'm still waiting for my full lace styles.

    However, i do have Havana which is a half lace.

    I don't find that the lace is flimsier...but it does not have the thin mesh behind it like on the Ewa BM.

    I really don't get the impression that the plastic strip holds the bra together. Usimg a seam ripper to remove parts of it will surely make it more open on top.

    I also think Gorsenia offers "a lot of bra for the money". Its why I keep buying more :P

  • 3

    It isn't really elastic that's on the top of the cups on Gorsenia bras - it's a narrow strip of clear plastic that has some give to it. N.B. The Paradise does not have this strip - the black band that makes the top of the cup is elasticized. So if you're gonna quad in this style, you're gonna quad. You can't do any surgery on this style.

    On a Krisline bra, however, there is actual elastic. It's very narrow, soft and color-matched to the embroidered top cup panel, but it's real elastic.

    I have been trying to find out the purpose of these strips - whether it is structural or for fit/cosmetic reasons.

    They never bother me, because I am so round and have such short, steep roots that there is no soft tissue for them to dig into and sometimes - in the cases like with Krislines where they are actual elastic that shirs the top of the cup - they act in my favour, as they work to close the top of the cup.

    I don't think the structural integrity of the bra would be compromised by removing them - this will most certainly open up the top of the cup.

    If you do it, you will quickly find out if the cup is really too small or if it was the strip creating the dreaded quadding.

    As for size differences between cups in Gorsenias, brasaremean I can only tell you what I have noticed between 65G and 65H.

    I have a Margo in both sizes as it was one of the first Gorsenias that I bought and I was trying to determine my best size.

    65G fits me everywhere like a glove. There is no extra room, not even a millimeter, anywhere.

    In the 65H, there is space at the top of the cup only - right where someone with very soft tissue and/or tall roots would experience quadding.

    Otherwise, the differences between these 2 sizes is not all that great.

    I posted a photo -you can see the diff between 65G and 65H.

    Please keep in mind that of all my Gorsenias (yes, I have more than a dozen yikes!) Margo has the most "ruffled/shirred" top.

  • 1

    I DID THE THING. I took off the elastic. Added 2 pics.

  • 2

    Looks so much better, hooray!

  • 2

    brasaremean I was JUST thinking about you!!

    My 3 full lace Gorsenia bras came today...and

    1. They don't fit like my half lace/embroidery styles. Cups aren't quite as deep. Read on...

    2. The black Caren is too small while its fushia twin Madera fits

    3. The Madera and Simena fit but just barely. Barely.

    4. The wires on these styles aren't as deeply U shaped

    5. The wings seem a bit lower

    6. Outside edge of cup under armpit isn't as high and/or as tight to my body

    7. I got a tiny bit of quadding due to the strip, so I went to work on stretching it by running it through my fingers and tugging gently. It worked. I just needed that little bit extra.

    It's strange how the fit is so different in these styles... MagdaBras4you also sent me a Gorsenia unlined and measures of all to come next week.

    On a side note, she also sent me unlined half cup in Krisline, 2 Kinga forms and an EM Triumf plunge- which fits perfectly!!

  • You look amazing in it. 😍 If you want to have three rows of hooks in the future, please send me a message. This I can change for you. ;)

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