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Bra » Ewa Michalak » Km-pl Karmnik Biszkopty (278) » 65GG » Bras » Owner


Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band76.8
Band Length59.1
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width14.6
Cup depth29.2
Depth ratio2.0
Wire length22.9
Cup height19.1
Cup separation0.8
Gore height5.7
Wing height11.4
Strap width1.9
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I purchased this bra for “bra science”. I plan to remove the inner cup sling so I can cross the straps in the back. Bra science image here of crossed straps:

Since this is a nursing bra, I’ll give a detailed review of its fit and functionality.

This looks just like my regular Biszkopty (Biscuit) with the exception that this does not have a center gore charm and it does not have cookie pockets.
The cups are comfortable and allow for easy access for breast feeding. The cups are slightly stiff since it’s new, but will soften up and fold down much better for easy comfortable access. All fabric and hardware are in the light nude like color. The plastic clips on the cup/strap intersection are easy to clip/unclip with one hand. The band runs TTS for a 65/30. This bra provides good lift and support. There is a 3x4 back-band closure. If you’re looking for a good nursing bra with structure, this is it. You can easily remove the clips and convert to a regular bra should you wish to do so.

Updated on Jul 03, 2021 Flag this

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  • 1

    I actually purchased this Comexim Arizona for this exact reason! I was curious about it b/c of the cross back. and I wondered how it would be with my shoulders.
    I think this is the only Comexim like this...
    It has shipped but it takes a little while to get to me (I'm in Canada).

  • 1

    BraOdyssey Thats a gorgeous bra! I hope it ends up a win for you.
    Yeah, I wanted a cross back and nothing really exists in a beige color and my size range. So I’m channeling MacGyver and making one lol. Mathematically the straps might be just long enough. And if they aren’t, I’ll just purchase new elastic and re strap it to make it long enough.

  • 1

    Happy2BraShop The things we do for bra science! I wonder if we could write to EM/Comexim and see if they would be willing to design something to meet these needs since so many of us would like it. I got my Levana order in the mail today finally and as soon as I saw it I wondered if yours was delivered as well. Now that I've seen your reviews for this and the regular biscuit I may have to get one for myself. Do you notice any change in the depth at the wire between the two with the removal of cookie pockets? I would get a nursing bra if I could get a tiny bit more immediate projection.

  • 1

    Alright, here it is. I took the stitching out of the sling attachment to the clips. It works. But the straps are a wee bit short. But, I’m going to get more elastic and make new straps. I might even track down extra clips and make a black pair of straps, as well as make a T-back strap. My wheels are turning with what I can do with this now.

    WildWolff I hope you love it as much as I do. I didn’t notice any difference between the nursing version and the regular Biscuit. But, I feel like I get a little more projection with the Biscuit compared to the Cappuchi-nowy.

  • 1

    Happy2BraShop it looks good! The t-back would work with so many styles of tops/dresses. I was looking at the straps for the Cappuchi-nowy earlier and thinking that bra straps in a similar style would be so useful. Like straps that attach to a ring in the back and then you could add one or two other straps that attach to the back of the band that could be adjusted to fit different tops. You could even do different thickness in the straps, which would affect support, but I would rather have thin straps than no straps under a formal dress or a tank top even. I have bra strap material and notions in my sewing supplies, maybe I will try something.

    And thanks for the projection comments, I will keep them in mind. I have yet to wear the Cappuchi-nowy for more than a few minutes so I'm unsure how the projection will be for longer wear but I'm always looking for a plunge with good projection.

  • 1

    Happy2BraShop forgot to add, there are tons of cheap options for bra parts on Etsy! I see all sorts of findings kits and hardware and underwires for way cheaper than any craft/sewing store that I've found.

  • 1

    WildWolff The possibilities are endless! Your idea is inspiring. I’m even thinking I can add nursing clips to the bottom and make all kinds of fancy backs for it. I might even make a halter strap and use this a backless bra. I don’t always like to wear the sticker/nipple covers, but now I feel like I have an option that can work. I’m glad I took a chance on my bra experiment.

  • 2

    Ok, don't ask me how I got going on this, but there's actual journal articles (lol, I know..) on bra strap design.
    well, this one was for sports bras though. Even though the cross-back was preferred for sports bras (and I agree with that...I prefer a cross-back sports bra, for whatever reason, I think it's less pressure on my shoulders) but they came to the conclusion that the widest width of the straps gives the most comfort. although it was only completed with 23 women, so...
    alisa , weren't you talking about how you dislike the thin straps Bravissimo said their customers "requested".

    Even this article says thin straps are less preferred.

  • 1

    This other article just says that, the cross-back designs just prevents the straps from falling off (Wow, like I could've told u that...) Which I will take as a win, when playing sports, you know. It's one less thing to think about when you're running around! Okay, I will stop posting now!

  • 3

    BraOdyssey Sometimes I wonder where companies get their info. The bra strap thing totally reminds me of women’s clothing and lack of pocket depth in pants/short as well as dresses with that lack pockets. We keep asking for these things, yet they don’t hear us lol.

  • 2

    Ugh, I think Bravissimo is just being cheap! Obviously...I mean, according to research, women with D+ cups don't like thin straps.
    I mean, research and common sense, of course! Lol.

  • 1

    BraOdyssey Yes I saw some reviews on Bravissimo page of customers complaining about bra straps being too wide like luggage straps and that they wish for thinner straps. Often they say these bras are too "matronly" - same topic is the apparently customer -requested 2 hook closures up to L-cup. Some compained about thick bands that are "unsexy" but the supprt of a good bra comes from the band! Also the wider the straps the better they distribute the weight on the shoulders!
    I think these complaints come from customers are very new to bra fitting and know nothing about how a properly fitted bra works and why those bras are so different from whatever crappy bra they wore before that might looked more "sexy" but did give no support.

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